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Marc Kinchen

Marc Kinchen | Threw glorious beats at Exchange LA [Review]

by Meag Bo

Saturday, December 15th was my first experience not only at Exchange LA, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles but, it was also my first-time seeing DJ MK (Marc Kinchen) perform live. From beginning to end his set was completely captivating. As well, his light display followed each of his epic drops beautifully. Exchange LA was packed on both dance floors meanwhile, VIP was a more intimate scene. MK had everyone going until the finish where he went off stage front into the crowd, proceeding to take pictures, in addition to having small talk with numerous show-goers well into the closing DJ’s set.

Following Saturday night’s show, Marc showed love to some of his fans, including myself, by reposting their memories of the night! It is nice to see a DJ giving love back to those who support him. Overall, MK’s show will be a night that does not fade with age. His most glorious song drop was “17”; The entire crowd chimed in to sing the lyrics well above the song volume.

The Venue

Exchange LA is a venue I will be frequenting in the coming months for the various artists they have lined up. For those of you who are a bit newer to this club: There is the main dance floor, as well as an upstairs dance floor that wraps around the edges of the club- This is where the bottle service tables are featured giving them an uninterrupted view. When you first walk in, there is a small studio dance floor space where throughout the night Exchange LA gives back to the local artists by providing them a place to shine. I felt very safe, and secure being there alone as a tiny woman. The staff treated me with respect and made a lasting impression. I am very much looking forward to my next adventure there.

Check out MK on Spotify! I find it a perfect way to wake up my hungover friends and get them pumped for Sunday Funday rallying!

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