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Fresh Music |“The Maze” by Estiva

by Nadine Pasterczyk

“The Maze” by Estiva is a progressive masterpiece that takes you on a journey from beginning to end. At 126 bpm, this track will certainly get you on the dance floor. It’s definitely the perfect song to fire up the night and get people moving. And you don’t have to be a trance elitist (although if you are, you’ll enjoy it too) to jam out to this tune — it has a very dark and techy vibe, which will attract listeners from all spectrums of electronic music.

Estiva was gracious enough to answer a few questions we had about his recent successes and upcoming productions. And let me tell you — 2018 was a great year for this Dutch DJ and producer, but 2019 is going to be huge as well. He travels the globe playing at countless music festivals and club shows, so we had know; how does he balance the touring life and getting enough time in the studio?

Estiva: “Right now I’m in a very comfortable position. I have countless records ready to be released and because I’m extremely inspired I can write new tracks in a short amount of time. Everything seems to flow really well. It’s nice to travel and get back in the studio with fresh inspiration and I also need the shows to figure out what new songs I want to write.”

The song we put in the spotlight this week, “The Maze”, is just one of fourteen other amazing tunes featured on Estiva’s album Spectacle. The track “Rainbow” (also from Spectacle) was announced as number 10 on the ASOT Top 50 of 2018. Fans want to know, what can we expect from you in 2019?

Estiva: “The support has been fantastic which is amazing. A new album is coming out before the summer, at least that’s what we’re aiming at. It’s going to be just as diverse as the 2018 album.”

Listen to Spectacle here

As dance music has expanded in recent years, there are so many new songs released every day, week, month, and year. Giving us as listeners the opportunity to explore new sounds and share what we like with others. So as we explore new music, we want to know what he wants us to say about his music when we share it with new listeners.

Estiva: “I want them to realize that everything they hear is a very true reflection of my mind and mood. Nowadays I really just write whatever comes up in my mind so if you’re hearing my music you’re basically hearing my emotions and thoughts translated to music.”

I think that’s very powerful, because for most of us; music brings out our own emotions and we definitely feel what artists put into their work. That being said, I can’t wait to hear the new sounds that come from Estiva’s ongoing studio work. 2019 is bound to be another big year filled with great tunes from the likes of Estiva and we are all on the edges of our seats awaiting the next release! Check out Estiva’s upcoming tour dates and other information regarding new releases here!

*Featured Photo | Courtesy of Estiva’s Facebook

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