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Kill The Noise

Kill the Noise and Friends | The Friends Were Better… [Review]

by Meag Bo

Whomp, whomp! This past Friday night I set out to my first show at ACADEMY LA, however, I was totally let down by the headliner! Kill The Noise laid out a combination of old, overplayed songs we have long said we are sick of. Not to mention, he had a ton of unpleasant & harsh transitions. The set in total was everything short of original. I must say, I’m not sure I’d see him again.

The Friends that were better…

With that said, the night by far was not a complete flop. Luckily, I was pushing my way through the crowd just as EPROM was opening for Kill The Noise, and walked out for the night as MADSONIK was wrapping up! 

That just so happened to be the second time I had stumbled upon seeing EPROM perform in the month of December by random chance in Los Angeles! Each performance I witnessed at these two Insomniac hosted events were totally mind-blowing! How rad!

My first experience was at a random underground BASSRUSH event I ended up at in the nooks and crannies of Downtown Los Angeles. That was my first time even hearing of EPROM and his music, at both of these shows his talent was 100% recognized; Thus, making him one of my artists to watch in 2019.

Furthermore, the artist that most caught my eye at ACADEMY LA was, MadSonik. He seriously went so hard I couldn’t help but headbang and dance. His closing bit kept me wanting to party for the night! In addition to his set being out of control, the light set up ACADEMY LA was so epic. Lights lined the top of the ceiling from the back to the front giving a very new age vibe. I spent a lot of my time out on the patio which was far less crowded, and had cute twinkle lights- I am a sucker for those mood setters. At the end of the day, I will be returning to ACADEMY LA for many shows this next year. Special shout out to security guard JJ, he let me attempt to get some dope pictures!

ACADEMY LA, Los Angeles
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