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It’s ‘Not Too Late’ To ‘Step To’ The Beat Of This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & Alex M.O.R.P.H. – ‘Afterlife’

That’s Trance proudly presents the stand out collaboration between Talla 2XLC & Alex M.O.R.P.H. called ‘Afterlife’. This one will become an instant favorite and future classic as it contains in its nearly 7 minutes of feel-good and euphoric trance vibes. This track’s intense drive, pumping sound design and brilliantly moody breakdown with female vocals and a touching melody provide a sad yet optimistic feeling. The climax resolves the darkness with an epic, hands-in-the-air, light at the end of the tunnel blast of emotion. 

Jon Gurd – ‘Phoenix (Remixes)’

UK-based DJ and producer Jon Gurd shares his ‘Phoenix’ remix package, featuring new mixes from Swedish techno star Ida Engberg, renowned producer and engineer Steven Weston and Anjunadeep label up-and-comer Tagavaka.

Somna – ‘Not Too Late (feat. Sarah de Warren)’

Somna now debuts with another producer/vocalist pairing with an English singer-songwriter. Together with Sarah de Warren, he conspired to give our heartstrings the mightiest of tugs with the beautiful, epochal ‘Not Too Late’.

Autograf – ‘High On That New Love (feat. Tiina)’

High On That New Love’ sees Autograf and Finnish singer-songwriter Tiina whip up another crazily infectious love song. With outspoken vocals, uplifting piano chords and some club appeal mixed in, this track is bound to grace every dance music’s fan’s shortlist.

Avian Grays x Aztec – ‘Endlessly (Club Mix)’

Supercharging their 2020 collab, AVIAN GRAYS and Azteck go deep and dirty with their contemporary edit of ‘Endlessly’. From the chunky percussion and burrowing bass to the reverb-heavy vocals and snappy melody, this Club Mix is the sole reason fans won’t want the night to end.

Matt Sassari – ‘Step To’

“Super pumped to be returning to There Is A Light Records with my newest EP [‘Step To’]. This one is geared towards those late night warriors who love breaking it down on the dancefloor. Now stop reading and get to moving!” 

Matt Sassari

Carola x Gui2in – ‘Paralyzed (feat. Jordan Grace)’

Raw, impactful and sophisticated, ‘Paralyzed’ marks Carola’s next collaborative offering on Armada Music. A massive club record made in tandem with Gui2in and Jordan Grace, this track hooks listeners from the very first second and doesn’t let go until the final beat dies down.

ATLiens – ‘Obsidian Vortex’

ATLiens are flying into the Bassrush Records orbit once again, as they make their highly anticipated return to the label with their new single ‘Obsidian Vortex’. 

Thomas Newson – ‘Lick It’

With contagious grooves and a highly recognizable vocal hook from 20 Fingers’ ‘90s hit ‘Lick It’, Thomas Newson’s debut release on Armada Subjekt can only be described as straight-up bangin’. Bearing all the hallmarks of a bona fide floor-thriller, ‘Lick It’ means clubbers from all over the world are in for a crazy night.

k?d – ‘THREE IN THE MORNING (feat. Cecelia Gault)’

The genre-bending artist k?d offers up his latest single on HARD Recs with ‘THREE IN THE MORNING’, a late-night vocal number featuring singer-songwriter Cecilia Gault.

Maddy O’Neal – ‘Ricochet’

“The experimentation and full trust in my own creative choices were huge in bringing this album [‘Ricochet’] to life. I had to break through the noise that was serving as resistance to growth, and I’m so proud of this body of work. It really feels like a journey covering all my artistic bases, from start to finish.”

Maddy O’Neal

N3WPORT – ‘Shade Of You (feat. babe. x Kevin Wolfe)’

N3WPORT offers up his first standalone single on Lost In Dreams Records with ‘Shade Of You’, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of babe. and Kevin Wolfe.

Cristina Lazic – ‘Personal’

Cristina Lazic flexes her production skills on Rebellion as she delivers a minimal techno-flavoured EP titled ‘Personal’. She teams up with Italian-born vocalist Shar to pen a beautiful, dancefloor-driven EP, conveying emotive vocals paired with smooth and sleek production.

The Wulf x Andrea Godin x NYCK – ‘Late Night’

Andrea Godin teams up with The Wulf and NYCK for this stellar new deep house vocal record. This tracks features a dark and mysterious, yet chill mood which is an ideal sound for ‘Late Night’ listening. 

Westend x Role-Models x Eluera – ‘Moderation (At Night)’

Westend, Role-Models, and Eluera unite on their new single ‘Moderation (At Night)’, a remarkable melodic house creation slated for release on Insomniac Records

220 Kid x S1MBA – ‘Lose Control’

“‘Lose Control’ came about when S1MBA, Grades and I were messing around whilst finishing another song. The bassline was the first thing and soon we were jamming and jumping around to something that felt like a big track. It’s about going out and causing some chaos and letting loose. We all have that dark side that loves having fun at night. It’s about those huge nights out with your best mates that you’ll never forget.”

220 Kid

Venture 5 – ‘First Connection’

Venture 5 delivers his debut EP, ‘First Connection — including 4 emotion-packed tracks that take listeners on a cruise through classic dubstep and innovative, adventurous sound design.

Renaissance Records – ‘Merin Vol. 5’

Merin’ turns five and continues its remit to showcase the world’s best production talent across genres. Renaissance returning VA series has built a real following in its 18 month life; although a platform with a more experimental ethos at heart, designed to focus on exciting, emerging talent, it’s now met with the same eager anticipation as their marquee releases – and Volume 5 does not disappoint.

Myd – ‘I Made It’

An upbeat piano driven indie dance track, ‘I Made It’, celebrates Myd’s successes while offering feelings of inspiration to all listeners. With funky ‘80s throwback synthesizers paired with infectious vocals, the track comes to a crescendo creating the ultimate high energy end of summer anthem. ‘I Made It’ continues themes of unity, togetherness, sunshine and nonconformity which flow throughout Myd’s music.

Skysia x illoh – ‘Fragments’

Gathering inspiration from nature, Denver-based producer Skysia fuses organic sounds with deep bass to create tasteful sonic journeys. For his latest release, the producer teams up with illoh on new single, ‘Fragments’. Together their harmonious blend of experimental bass with ethereal soundscapes takes listeners on a mystifying trip through the forest.

*Featured image via Somna, Matt Sassari, Talla 2XLC and Alex M.O.R.P.H.*

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