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‘Don’t Be Afraid’, ‘Run’ Towards This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Gabriel & Dresden – ‘Bias’

After two and a half years away from the label, Gabriel & Dresden (Josh and Dave to their friends) return to Anjunabeats with ‘Bias’, as heard on ‘Anjunabeats Volume 16’. After spending months researching which modules to get, we settled on the relatively modest setup that would be our sound palette for making ‘Bias’. We were excited to take a more stripped-down approach to making music, as well as not being tied to a computer screen while making it.

Kx5 – ‘Take Me High’

deadmau5 and Kaskade – known jointly as Kx5 have released their new single ‘Take Me High’. As the powerhouse club-leaning followup to the duo’s ‘Escape’, this moment has been reserved for those who worship the dance floor. A stomper that features a soaring house vocal sample perfectly timed for the current revival (nodded to recently by Drake and Beyonce). ‘Take Me High’ is a perfect homage to the history of dance music by two of the music’s lifers. 

Will Atkinson – ‘Freak Of The Week’

Touching down on Armind with his label debut, tech trance titan Will Atkinson wreaks havoc in signature fashion. Juggling raw bass blasts, piercing beats, potent synths and even the occasional breakbeat rhythm, ‘Freak Of The Week’ will surely capture any dance music fan’s attention.

Salvatore Ganacci – ‘Let You Do This’

Enigmatic artist Salvatore Ganacci has joined forces with Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello’s alias Buy Now on new single ‘Let You Do This’, out now on MDLBEAST Records. Swedish House Mafia icons Ingrosso and Angello appear as their Buy Now alias, collaborating with Salvatore Ganacci to dispatch ‘Let You Do This’, a vibrant, disco-infused house jam that combines driving synths with hypnotic vocals and a deep, funky bassline.

Diplo – ‘Don’t Be Afraid (DJ Tennis x Carlita Remix)’

Diplo’sLife And Death Remixes’ sees DJ Tennis tap an all-star lineup of artists from his Life and Death label roster to remix tracks from Diplo’s acclaimed new self-titled album, showcasing the synergy and close relationship between Diplo and DJ Tennis and their respective imprints, Higher Ground and Life and Death. One of the highlights of this EP is the suave and expansive sounds of DJ Tennis and Carlita’s remix of ‘Don’t Be Afraid’. 

Allen Watts – ‘Impulse’

Hitting Who’s Afraid Of 138?! with another colossal banger, Allen Watts shows exactly why he remains one of trance’s foremost producers. Captained by devastating beat drops and a compelling melody that oozes with uplifting intent, ‘Impulse’ is everything fans need to make their night out as memorable as can be.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – ‘Run’

Superbly culminating Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s recent studio output, ‘Run’ is without a doubt one of the most standout tracks featured on their upcoming debut album. Sporting a contagious vocal hook and a rolling bassline that can energize both dance floors and airwaves, this track will keep any crowd buzzing across its duration.

Woody van Eyden x IanT – ‘Óskandi’

It’s been a while since Woody van Eyden roughed up the Who’s Afraid Of 138?! imprint, but the Dutchman is back with a vengeance. Made in tandem with Maltese producer IanT, ‘Óskandi’ is one of those epic, hard-hitting stadium anthems that will have the crowd roaring and fist-pumping from start to finish.

Lyke – ‘Far Away’

“I wanted to create something that could serve as an escape from the rush of everyday life. The violins, cellos and voice transport listeners to places that are all unlike the one we call home, and I think that’s where the song’s [‘Far Away’] true power lies. Sometimes, a different atmosphere, foreign scenery or change of pace is all one needs to get inspired, and I hope this song has the same effect on those who listen to it.” 


Kosling – ‘Back To You’

German producer Kosling is back on Nicky Romero’s record label with his new single ‘Back To You’, a progressive gem with some nostalgic progressive big-room roots. The opening notes bring to mind classics from the 2010s, when electronic dance music had its modern rise to fame, with dynamic notes and emotive vocals. Kosling kicks the track into high gear with a euphoric and energetic drop that will induce goosebumps and lead the listener right to the dance floor.

Maarten de Jong – ‘Atom (138 Mix)’

Dutch producer Maarten de Jong strikes again with a stunning rendition of his track ‘Atom (138 Mix)’ on Armind. Transporting listeners straight onto the dancefloor within moments of play, this masterful cut fuses hard-hitting bass and soaring synths, resulting in a euphoric and captivating creation that will take listeners on an unforgettable trip.

Forester – ‘All I Need’

All I Need’ takes a sharp turn from previous Forester releases, bringing a dose of filtered house and an irresistible chorus sample to the duo’s signature organic electronic production. It’s a summertime hit and then some. The accompanying music video shows the duo performing on an idyllic beach, and as the daylight turns into a picturesque sunset, the video follows a couple through a trippy and passionate dance party in the sand as the song’s lyrics “You Are All I Need” echo behind them. 

SAINT – ‘Poison’

Brand-new UK musical talent SAINT has unveiled his debut single ‘Poison’, out on D4 D4NCE. ‘Poison’ takes listeners on a journey, flaunting SAINT’s finely tuned production skills while illustrating a fresh signature sound. Powered by certified club muscle, it is set to become an essential dancefloor heater for years to come.

Chemikkal – ‘Mine’

“I am back again with a huge electro/future rave-styled record called ‘Mine’. This record has massive melodic undertones that are mixed with the fast-moving dance lead elements making it the perfect record for edition playlists like Beast Mode. Mine was such an interesting track to create, I was able to blend in trap elements, and half-tempo productions with huge wide leads bringing the whole track together.” 


Joe Smooth – ‘Hush Money (feat. Irene Michaels)’

One of the most unique releases of the year, ‘Hush Money’, pairs the incomparable talents of Chicago house music legend Joe Smooth with dazzling newcomer Irene Michaels. ‘Hush Money’ is a soulful and propulsive funky house concoction with an unmistakable Broadway flair.

Lubelski – ‘Vowels’

Straight in off the leftfield with a lolloping, quirky, bass-ravaged groove, Lubelski’sVowels’ fully fixes our focus on the humanized vocal rhythmic shots that weave, bob, twist and writhe around the loose, swaggering drums and rump-shaking subs. Gradually building in momentum, there’s an infectiousness here that doesn’t quit until the final a, e, i, o and indeed u slurs and croaks out of the speakers.

AIR APPARENT – ‘Chromatic’

Rising San Francisco-based DJ and producer, AIR APPARENT, shares his long-awaited debut LP, ‘Chromatic’. The bright and bouncy 12 tracks build an uplifting dreamscape featuring appearances from vocalists like Constance, Kcdeeya, GESS, Ellie Jones, and more.

Young Franco – ‘Get Your Money’

Get Your Money’ showcases a distinct musicality presented through Young Franco’s production. The track’s rhythmic section smoothly sets the tone with live drums combining perfectly with a slap bass line. Melodically, it includes a tapped keyboard and its sliding string sections act as nods to the great era of 70s disco.

HOLLY – ‘Minha Vida – Love’

“This EP [‘Minha Vida – Love’] is a project where I just wanted to represent how my current life sounds. I wanted to create a project where it’s just me being creative and expressing myself without having other people interfering with it creatively. I feel like in the past years I haven’t been totally honest with the way I sound, since a lot of my work ends up being with other people and I felt like my life was calling me to do a project where I’m just sharing the sounds and ideas of my mind. Most of the EP was created while I was still in Portugal during the peak of the pandemic. It was a time of a lot of thinking about the world and life so I wanted to bring all these stories and concepts into each song and let it talk for itself.”


Moonbean – ‘Moontunes’

Moontunes’ is the debut heavy-hitting, experimental synth-pop release from Moonbean. It explores texture and tone through a wide selection of hardware synthesizers and driving drum machines. Paying homage to 80’s new wave, acid-house, techno and disco with a whimsical twist, this EP packs in a powerful combination of nostalgia and imagination. 

*Featured image via Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, DJ Tennis, Diplo and Will Atkinson*

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