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by Darla Kogan

As a pillar of the underground Dance Music movement, Chad Ian Belbey perfected his skills as both a DJ and Turntablist for over two and a half decades. Known in the late ’90s and mid 2000s by his previous moniker SoundVictim, Chad was easily a standout among the Midwest’s Jungle, Drum and Bass, as well as Turntablisim scene. A few short years before passing, Chad (aka Aseity), rose from the ashes of his career spanning those decades, to deliver the forgotten sounds of Drum and Rattle. His music will always live on as Aseity has become familiar to his followers as “a Timeless Being of Forgotten Frequency.” Chad shared the stage with world renowned Artists such as DJ Soul Slinger, DJ Starscream (of Slipknot fame), DJ Rap, DJ Dara, DJ Qbert, Phantom 45, Biz Markie, and DJ Baby Anne just to name a few. 

Aseity was a celebrated showman. Aseity shepherded fans (new and old), into the future of Drum and Bass by delivering his old school synthesis containing Hardcore, Breaks, Jungle, and Neurofunk with a dark and ominous depth. Aseity was well respected for his expert grasp of Drum and Bass production. Since his 2018 resurrection, Aseity has released over ninety tracks on numerous recording labels. Several with Raveskool Recordings, have entered top 10 on Juno RecordsUK Hardcore charts, along with Beatport’s Breaks, Breakbeat, and UK Bass Top 100 Tracks. Additionally, NYC‘s very first Drum and Bass label Jungle Sky Records, teamed up with RCRDSHP and Chad to present EXCLUSIVE Aseity digital collectibles! 

Jungle Sky Records & Liquid Sky NYC presents ASEITY, THE GEMINI PROJECT.

The recently released part two of Aseity’s ‘THE GEMINI PROJECT: ORIGINS’ on Jungle Sky Records is available only at RCRDSHP and is very limited at twentyfive of each of the nine NFT cards. Followers can collect all ten cards, one Artist & nine music. Each NFT card has a remixed track from the first album with red cover art, Aseity: THE GEMINI PROJECT (available on all digital platforms), that has been remixed plus . . .  bonus tracks in NFT form. Both the NFT and the second album with green cover art will be limited in quantity. Due to his passing mid release, on April 19, 2022 . . . Jungle Sky Records has announced that all proceeds from ‘THE GEMINI PROJECT: ORIGINS’ will go directly to Aseity’s parents, Caren and John. The first in the NFT card series released May 30th, so be sure to go to RCRDSHP to get yours while they last. The best part is that RCRDSHP is a hybrid site, meaning you do not have to possess a crypto wallet. You can buy with either crypto, or a credit / debit card! This makes for a smooth transaction. Another cool thing about RCRDSHP, is even in the second hand market (when a holder of a card sells their card to another party), the original Artist gets a portion of the second hand profit. This ensures the Artist is still getting paid from other sales of the NFT.

Jungle Sky Records & Liquid Sky NYC presents ASEITY, THE GEMINI PROJECT: ORIGINS.

Of the known designs in ‘THE GEMINI PROJECT: ORIGINS’ NFT set by Liquid Sky NYC, ‘Good Good’ sees a revisit to old school elements and manages to come across as current as ever. In ‘The Witching Hour’, Aseity crafts a darkside soundscape from which a syncopated drum beat emerges, at first in short bursts. The crisp sound design and inventive changes make it a formidable weapon in any DJ arsenal. This collection includes the late DJ and producer’s singles ‘One More’, ‘We Are’, and ‘Getting Fired‘. The next collectible includes the singles ‘Pusher’ (a darkside DNB smasher proving deep knowledge of production), ‘Mr. Shifty’, and ‘Run It’. Palpitating Breakbeats underscore psychedelic sonics with an analog bass line to tie it together. ‘Mr. Shifty’ offers up a more intense experience delivering an unexpected halftime shift, hence the title. Basslines that twist the stereo image and expand the mind. ‘Run It’ highlights darker, heavier elements and forms of Neurofunk we mentioned. The collection also includes ‘Spade One’, ‘Weapon’ (our personal favorite), and ‘Pull Up’. ‘Hallucination’ and ‘Music Makes Me’ accompany the video by Ruth Slinger. There is also ‘Position’, ‘Star Gate’, and ‘Messenger‘. Another NFT includes more of our favorites ‘The Dirty’ and ‘Room 202‘, which hit Apple and Beatport charts among others. ‘Disorder’, ‘Totem’, and ‘Shadow Self‘ take a deep dive while ‘Cut Off’ and ‘Castle of Crossing’ pay homage to Aseity’s beginnings with DJ Soul Slinger

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