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Don’t Live In ‘Silence’, Come ‘Alive’ With This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Lange – ‘Drifting Away (GVN Remix)’

Over two decades after the release of 2001’s ‘Drifting Away’, GVN issued an incredible breakbeat remix of Lange’s classic. With warm pads, powerful drums and Skye’s angelic vocals painting a tantalizing sonic picture, this reimagination is a testament to both the timelessness of the original record and the production capabilities of the Northern Irish producer.

Above & Beyond x anamē – ‘Gratitude (anamē Mixes)’

Following the release of their long-awaited collaboration with Above & Beyond, anamē released two remixes of ‘Gratitude (feat. Marty Longstaff)’. Debuted during Above & Beyond’s sold-out London festival at The Drumsheds in 2021, ‘Gratitude’ is both a jubilant vocal ballad and a tough, dancefloor filler.

Riotron – ‘Life Is What We’re Living (Paul Oakenfold Remix)’

Acclaimed Canadian electro-pop act Riotron follows up his eye-popping video of ‘Life Is What We’re Living’ with a new remix of the song by Grammy-nominated dance music legend Paul Oakenfold that both accentuates the uplifting new wave elements of the track, and primes it for this summer’s dancefloors.

The Chainsmokers x Ship Wrek – ‘The Fall’

Fresh off the release of their fourth album ‘So Far So Good’, The Chainsmokers and Ship Wrek have come together to release their new song ‘The Fall’. The track is the first of three to come from The Chainsmokers’ deluxe album ‘So Far So Good (+ The Fall)’. Alongside the song release comes the official lyric video and a trippy, digitized visualizer created by Spencer Miller.

Kavinsky – ‘Cameo (David Guetta Remix)’

“I’m so happy to have remixed this huge track [‘Cameo’] by my good friend Kavinsky. I’ve always loved his music and together we show that the French touch is magical! It’s such an influential sound in dance music, so working this remix was a joy to do. I played it in Vegas and the crowd reaction was amazing, so I’m excited for the whole world to hear it.”

David Guetta

Enrico Sangiuliano – ‘Silence’

A luminary of anthemic and melodic-driven techno, Enrico Sangiuliano’s path to the upper echelon of dance music has been a rapid, yet authentic one. Taking us on his newest exploration into the world of sound design and story-telling, the Emilia-native unveils the first chapter in a series of opuses under his time-limited NINETOZERO record label. The highly-anticipated countdown of releases begins today with number 9; the 4-track ‘Silence’ EP. 

Monolink – ‘Otherside (Fideles Remix)’

Paired with Monolink’s highly emotional lyrics and soothing vocals, Fideles’ heavy bass and melodic riffs have given ‘Otherside’ an energetic, clubby alter-ego that instantly creates dance floor hysteria. Jam-packed with tribalistic synth hooks, the almost seven-minute-long track transcends through a journey of powerful soundscapes. While led by a driving bassline, the Italian duo’s subtle elements layered throughout, gradually building up emotion and energy as it progresses. The remix perfectly resonates with Monolink’s lyrics asking “Am I losing my mind? Welcome to the other side” with the track’s bassline slowly building up until the almost otherworldly hook comes into play.

Seven Lions – ‘10 Years of Seven Lions’

10 Years of Seven Lions’ celebrates melodic dubstep pioneer and leader Seven Lions’ extensive discography, iconic songs, and brand new music. For the campaign, dance music vocal superstar HALIENE recorded a brand new acoustic recording of the massive 2016 classic collaborative track by Illenium, Said The Sky, and Seven Lions ‘Rush Over Me’. Also included is a new remix of Seven Lions and Kill The Noise’s classic ‘The Blood’ by Abraxis, Seven Lions’ psytrance alias with Psy duo Dimibo.

Sil – ‘Blue Oyster (Remixes)’

It’s been thirty years since Olav Basoski took the house realm by storm under his Sil alias, and his 1992 original ‘Blue Oyster’ still holds its own on modern dance floors. So to reignite the flame of the timeless classic, the Dutch DJ and producer took it upon himself to create a fresh, percussion-driven take and drafted in Richy Ahmed to provide an equally iconic remix, resulting in two peak-time anthems that are ready to rumble.

Zomboy – ‘Desperado’

Desperado’ is a deep dive into the vast possibilities of the complex and technical dubstep and house genres. With a male vocal hypnotically repeating the phrase, “men, always a dead man”, Zomboy instantly draws listeners in. Razor sharp turns and fanatical drops take the listener on a sonic experience of dynamic proportions. Experimenting as he usually does, Zomboy approaches the track with a bold yet subtle touch as he embraces the groovier side of house, a style he isn’t necessarily known for.

SNAILS – ‘ALIVE (feat. Craig Mabbitt)’

“‘ALIVE’ is the first single from my upcoming new album ‘HELIX’. Coming from a Metal – screamo background, I wanted to hit hard with this one and show this influence in my life into this song. The idea is to mix a big festival anthem with an intense and energetic SNAILS signature bassline. This upcoming album blends many different genres that made me become who I am as an artist and sound designer today. With the catchy hook from Craig Mabbitt (lead singer of Escape The Fate), the melodic aspect and my soundscape, ‘ALIVE’ is here to mark the beginning of ‘HELIX’ in a powerful way. The intense chord melodies bring the listener into the new world of SNAILS and tease the direction of the whole body of work.”


Draeden – ‘Revelation’

Get ready for a bang — Draeden brings his bombshell EP ‘Revelation’ to the masses! Bringing together four huge tracks, this project is the product of months of work, featuring the recent singles ‘Six Feet (feat. NEWYON)’, ‘Warn You (feat. Garret Raff)’, and a massive Draeden take on Flux Pavilion’s I Will Stay (feat. Turin Brakes)’. 

DIM KELLY – ‘Mangrove’

Winding through magical soundscapes and classic, organic instrumentation, the ‘Mangrove’ EP revisit’s DIM KELLY’s subtle, yet potent melodies and dance arrangements. The producer utilizes warm tones and pleasant bass lines to consistently offer a welcoming, pleasant aesthetic to his music.

4B x Damian Avila – ‘Drum’

4B is back with his new track ‘Drum’, for which he teamed up with newcomer Damian Avila. It doesn’t take long to realize that the title is very appropriate as the catchy vocal monologue of a sultry female voice takes over shortly after the opening beats begin; anticipation builds as 4B coaxes listeners closer to “the sound of the beating drum”. Its drop is equally minimalistic and hard-hitting, sonically throwing back to 4B’s original sound. 

Mindchatter – ‘Here I Go Again (Slow Motion & Duarte Remix)’

Here I Go Again (Slow Motion & Duarte Remix)’ is a bouncy reimagination of the original’s swirling psychedelia. Slow Motion and promising up-and-comer Duarte approach Mindchatter’s mind-bending, vocal-driven electronica with a characteristic Brazilian tech-house sound.

Messer – ‘Leather’

Leather’ is a sludgy minimal dance track about yearning for a lover that struggles to open themselves up to being loved. This song is the after-hours antithesis to the brighter, more energetic dance tracks on the ‘Roses’ EP.”


Starya – ‘The Garden’

The Garden’ is a mystical, blog house-inspired track that showcases Starya’s knack for vivid world-building. As the primary beat-maker, singer, and mixer behind all of her own work, she is a one-stop-shop for creating dreamy, vocal-driven dance music.

Jerry Folk – ‘U Got It’

Luring with its reoccurring trap rhythms, Jerry Folk’s latest single, ‘U Got It’ refines simplistic beauty to the T. Opening with a bold harpsichord, the attention is immediately drawn to the track. As it fades out, we’re introduced to more modern elements meeting overlaid vocals. The contrast between the modern and the classic creates a unique mix that defies expectation.

Will Joseph Cook – ‘Every Single Thing’

After a string of singles pulled from Will Joseph Cook’s new album, today the UK indie-pop darling has released his third full-length ‘Every Single Thing via Bad Hotel / The Vertex. The 10-track collection is an exercise in joy: a collection of unashamed love songs. It’s a bubbling and exuberant reminder to cherish the present and accept the past. The album’s ten meticulously crafted pop songs are a celebration of love that acknowledges the often-tumultuous journey that life can take us on.


“‘The One’ really gives me a nostalgic feeling while listening to it. We tried to capture that in the video as well. The vibe is a nostalgic day skating around the DRMVRSE with friends. The directing of James Winterhalter and VFX done by Ryan Johnston on this are truly insane! He is an absolute beast and crushed it on this video. If you pay attention closely, You’ll start to notice recurring characters in all the DRMVRSE videos. I’m extremely excited to release this piece of the story.”


*Featured image via Enrico Sangiuliano, SNAILS, David Guetta and Seven Lions*

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