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Lift Your ‘Spirit’ And Take A ‘Sweet Escape’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren – ‘Feel Again, Part 1’

“I’m really excited to announce my upcoming ‘Feel Again’ album series. The past couple of years have been particularly trying for everyone, and I feel it’s time to not only bring my fans together on dance floors again, but also to show the lessons I’ve learned throughout my career and in the past two years in particular. I hope this album trilogy will inspire listeners to come together, seize the moment and, above all else, feel again.”

Armin van Buuren

Talla 2XLC x Ralphie B – ‘Spirit’

The German Talla 2XLC and the Dutch Ralphie B finally collaborate for the sure-fire banger Spirit. This track is truly a classy elegant smooth uplifting trancer with driving kicks, harsh beats and an ethereal breakdown with superb violins, pianos and cinematic strings. The breakdown is long and teasing and will bring warmth to your heart until the kick drum strikes back for the euphoric and spiritually uplifting crescendo moments.

Maxim Lany – ‘Rhapsody & Endgame’

Targeting the underground circles, Maxim Lany brandishes another double offering tailored to the club space. From the dark, suspenseful and at times cinematic ‘Rhapsody’ to the glassy plucks and progressive demeanor of ‘Endgame’, this two-track release is bound to stir up the global nightlife scene.

Conjure One – ‘Innovation Zero’

Across ten atmospherically-charged numbers on ‘Innovation Zero’, Conjure One places mood, ambiance and character before all else. With joined-up lyric writing from a small but dedicated cohort of vocalists, and technique, style and production system beyond measure, the thinking person’s music maker has done it again.

Chicane – ‘Far From The Maddening Crowds (Evolution Mixes)’

“It’s like catching up with a friend, and it’s weird looking back on something you created so long ago. It’s mainly because music evolves, like our memories evolve alongside. I was very aware that touching this album [‘Far From The Maddening Crowds’], re-recording and reworking it, was going to be tricky. I didn’t want to take anything away or add anything unnecessarily into the mix. But all things considered, revisiting my debut album was something I couldn’t not do. I had learned so much over the twenty odd years and I had a recall of the Balearic sound seasoned with time and love.”



Coupling a story of rebirth to a powerful and potent production, KILL SCRIPT and Linney’s first-ever collab expertly embodies the turn of the tide. Reinforced with raw, pulsating bass, quickening arpeggios and contemplative vocals, ‘LINE IN THE SAND’ is a sonic force few can withstand. 

Jamie Jones – ‘Bionic Boy’

We’re graced with Jamie Jones’ techy, groove-laced sound right from the offset, as ‘Bionic Boy’ leads the charge. Packed full of hard-edged percussion and rampant kick-hat pairings, a well-known female vocal takes us to the dancefloor and beyond before ‘Moment Of Clarity’ soon arrives. Euphoric piano stabs live beside Chicago-esque key solos, paving the way for ‘Here Comes The Drums’. Darkened pads, tribal drums and whomping kicks meld to form a late-night, club-driven number that represents the signature Jamie Jones sound that we know and love.

Cat Dealers – ‘Pressure’

Reflecting the evolution of their highly infectious sound, ‘Pressure’ sees Cat Dealers whip up a crowd-thrilling vocal piece designed for the peak time. With a rough-and-tough demeanor and a bass sound that overwhelms the senses, this brand-new cut from the Brazilian brothers calls for one of the sturdiest dance floors known to mankind. 

Kai Wachi – ‘SKINS’

Kai Wachi returns to the release radar with his massive fan-dubbed Cry Wachi project for 2022, the eagerly awaited 8-track ‘SKINS’ EP. Fans and listeners alike can now finally revel in the cinematic and heady bass offering. 

Party Favor x DeathbyRomy – ‘Hollow’

“To me this song [‘Hollow’] perfectly encapsulates the entire album. It’s haunting, it’s dark, it’s big, but there’s still an element of fun in it. In a way I was inspired by the tones and subject matter of 90’s rock. It’s the darker side of the coin that ‘Save Me’ lives on. Once I had most of the ideas down, Romy came in and delivered the most perfect and badass vocal for this song to tie a little black bow on it.”

Party Favor


With the release of ‘BING BONG’, the highly energetic bass house cut displays the potential these two wield when working together. Incorporating a viral TikTok sample, SAYMYNITTI flips the video’s playful energy into an undeniable festival anthem. 

syence x MGRD – ‘sweet escape’

syence releases ‘sweet escape’ on the international Heartfeldt label. The dance-pop hybrid features vocals from newcomer MGRD, crooning romantic, soaring lyrics over the duo’s delicate synth droplet melody. As pioneers of the bass pop sound, syence proves their sonic experiments are irresistible with ‘sweet escape’.

ReUnited x Mashti x Deep Dive Corp. – ‘In The Air Tonight’

ReUnited, Mashti and Deep Dive Corp.’s In The Air Tonight’ is a brilliant reimagination of Phil Collins’ 1981 classic of the same name. Adopting a slow, deliberate beat as the backbone rhythm to the unfolding chords, plodding vocals and iconic lyrics, this rendition is destined to be played on repeat for hours on end.

SAY SAY – ‘Jump (Julien Fade Remix)’

The winner of the ‘Jump’ remix contest on Armada University, German DJ and producer Julien Fade delivers an incredible rework of SAY SAY’s most lauded production to date. Starting off gently with crystalline guitar licks and EEVA’s emotion-laden vocals before targeting global dance floors, this remix shows that taking the leap could pay off big time. 

Ultra Naté – ‘MIRACLE’

“I wrote ‘MIRACLE’ for women, especially Black women like myself, as an affirmation and validation of our strength and power. We are constantly seeing events and images of social and racial injustices, it’s not only heart-breaking in that moment but also leaves a lasting stain. During lockdown was no different, even with a full-scale pandemic happening, so much negative messaging was highlighted. I wanted to speak to my sisters, and possibly inspire women and young girls from all walks of life. I wanted ‘MIRACLE’ to speak to our divine being within, in the hopes that we fully understand and appreciate our greatness.”

Ultra Naté

Danny Olson x Highlnd – ‘Not Letting Go (feat. Micah Martin)’

Danny Olson and Highlnd converge on their first-ever co-produced track together, ‘Not Letting Go’, featuring lauded singer-songwriter Micah Martin, joining forces on an invigorating melodic bass single issued on the ever-expanding Lost In Dreams imprint. 

Nora Van Elken – ‘Celebration’

Producer/DJ Nora Van Elken brings a refreshing, feminine edge to the global dance music landscape. Celebrated worldwide, Nora’s music inspires crowds from all walks of life. Following her single ‘Satellites’ and its forthcoming remix by DubVision, Nora Van Elken delivers her new original single ‘Celebration’ via Eternal Nights

Joeski – ‘Rude Boy / Stick Up!’

Joeski’s Rude Boy’ sets the tone, leading the way with vintage instrumentals and a punchy bassline underneath. Featuring salsa-like elements throughout, we’re transported to far-flung realms courtesy of shimmering vocal tones, before ‘Stick Up!’ brings things to a close. It’s a hard-hitting house cut, driven by thick kick-hat combos and the occasional pulse of whirring synth tones to form a no-nonsense piece of contemporary dance music.

Parallels – ‘Ashes Of Snow’

“In May 2021 a devastating fire destroyed Yamba, one of our favourite beach clubs in Caparica (Lisbon), where we often performed. Yamba’s journey through the flames has become an inspiration to us and so we decided to compose ‘Ashes of Snow’. It represents the story of the phoenix as it finally rises from its ashes and morphs into a new form, with renewed wings taking flight towards a new adventure. ‘On The Banks of The River’ is a continuation of ‘Ashes of Snow’, where love flows from Lisbon’s river to the Atlantic Ocean for a night full of emotions in Caparica.”


Badxyou – ‘Discord Nitro’

While no names are given to protect the innocent, we will let you in on the fact that ‘Discord Nitro’ is based on a true story. BxY sound designer Connor actually met a girl on Discord and made her a mod, so they wrote a song about it. Badxyou also made history today by creating the first music video ever made on Discord for this single.

*Featured image via Talla 2XLC, Ralphie B, syence and Jamie Jones*

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