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This Week’s New Music Will Make You ‘Move It’ And ‘Sway My Way’ | New Tunes Tuesday

by Guest Contributor

Kx5 – ‘Escape (Spencer Brown Remix)’

“As a teenager, deadmau5 and Kaskade were two pioneers that got me into dance music. ‘I Remember’ was one of the tracks that changed everything for me in high school. Fast forward a decade and I was absolutely honored to be asked to remix ‘Escape’. I spent months working and submitted the final product. Rejected. Feeling down, I whipped up another from scratch while touring. Rejected. Last shot. I booked a flight home with the intention of making a harder-edged version for my sets. 16 hours of work later, the third attempt was born. The next thing I know, one of the hardest to please (deadmau5) was thrilled with it. So much so that he plays it in all of his sets, including the Kx5 debut with Kaskade at EDC. What an honor! Taking a step back, the remix proves that when you fail, sometimes it’s meant to be. This is one of my favorite productions I’ve made in my career. If I gave up after the first two attempts, it wouldn’t exist. The track has been a mega-bomb in my own sets and I can’t wait for the world to hear it.”

Spencer Brown

Kryder – ‘Breathe Deep (feat. Richard Walters)’

Instantly charming its way into the hearts of listeners, ‘Breathe Deep’ sees English DJ and producer Kryder deliver a truly mesmerizing cut to Armada Music. From Richard Walters’ inspired vocal performance to the luminescent melodies and subtle bass growls, ‘Breathe Deep’ serves as a reminder to appreciate all good things in life.

Prismo – ‘Home’

Prismo is looping back around to issue his sophomore single on the Lost In Dreams imprint with ‘Home’, a nerve-wracking electropop song devoted to the thought of seeking refuge. 

Kasztan – ‘Unbleach’

Pierre-Marie’s Kasztan sound profile serves as a grand apex between the world’s of electronica and techno, intertwined with textured cinematic sensibilities and the post-rock sonic experience. Kasztan presents the third and final part of his inaugural triptych. Inspired by the hybrid projects of electronic music and his expansive music consumption, the latest 3-track ‘Unbleach’ EP tells an exciting narrative — Kasztan’s transformation as a musician who fell in love with electronic music and integrates the richness and variety of the scene’s past and present into his work. 

R3HAB x Amy Shark – ‘Sway My Way’

Multi-Platinum producer R3HAB joins forces with one of Australia’s most formidable singers/songwriters Amy Shark for ‘Sway My Way’, an organic take on Bic Runga’s renowned song ‘Sway’. The new single marks a creative departure from R3HAB’s signature high-energy dance music style with a more laid-back feel. Riding on organic instrumentals and Shark’s crystalline vocals, the two artists create a cathartic and emotive sonic energy that still pays homage to the original version.

Big Gigantic – ‘Brighter Future 2’

Genre-bending Boulder, CO-based duo Big Gigantic release their long-awaited eighth studio album, ‘Brighter Future 2’, available at all DSPs and streaming services. In addition, a limited-edition double LP printed on 180g light blue galaxy vinyl is available exclusively at the official Big Gigantic webstore.

Tech Panda x Kenzani – ‘Khoyo (Kahani Remix)’

Kahani’s rework of ‘Khoyo’ is out now via his Indo Warehouse imprint. Kicking off with a strong and infiltrating rhythm, the rework transports listeners to a seductive sonic sphere rife with intricate instrumentation and textures. Transforming the original South Asian folk song into a thumping, floor-primed slice of organic house, the heady remix ups the ante with Kahani’s signature flair.  Building to a hypnotic beat drop, the track captivates eardrums with a pulsating ambiance that is maintained throughout its entirety. 

Lufthaus – ‘To The Light (Matador Remix)’

Living up to his reputation as a standout artist, Irish DJ and producer Matador delivers a brilliant rendition of Lufthaus’To The Light’. Opting for an early-night club approach that brings out the sovereign vocal presence with mellow chords and an unhurried rhythm, this remix beautifully complements the original release and the recent rework of Italian duo Fideles.

sumthin sumthin – ‘Speak’

Chiming in with his debut single on Bassrush Records, sumthin sumthin articulates a heavenly halftime single arriving in the form of ‘Speak’. 

Bok Nero – ‘Move It’

Fusing together the impactful elements of rap, the hype of trap, and the energy of house music – Bok Nero offers up his latest single ‘Move It’ – out now on Dim Mak.

LINK – ‘I Belong To You’

LINK makes a blinding proclamation on ‘I Belong To You’, a hyper-focused hybrid track that spills its heart out on the eighth season of release for the NIGHTMODE imprint.

Myd – ‘Domino’

Domino’ is the new single by French indie-dance artist Myd, and it features production courtesy of Tom MacFarland from the acclaimed UK duo Jungle. It is out via Ed Banger Records / Because Music.

if found x WISNER – ‘Away From Me’

The booming electronic artist if found joins forces with WISNER on their new single ‘Away From Me’, marking the former’s third single on SLANDER’s ever-expanding Heaven Sent imprint. 

Muzi – ‘A Day In Chicago’

Following the trailblazing release of his collaborative NFT music video with Thingdoms, Muzi has dropped a special single to commemorate his North American tour stop in Chicago titled, ‘A Day in Chicago’. A sonic ode to the Windy City, ‘A Day In Chicago’ is a refreshing instrumental driven by funky basslines and eclectic percussion. Referencing his inspirations from the Chicago house music scene, Muzi has put his unique stamp on the iconic regional sound.

Pablo Nouvelle – ‘You Make My Days Better’

Uplifting, heartening and delightfully vibey, Pablo Nouvelle’s You Make My Days Better’ is that sonic silver lining every dance music lover needs to hear once in a while. Helmed by organic pads, unhurried grooves and a contemplative low-register vocal, this track is a slow-house anthem to overcoming struggles with the help of that special person you always welcome with open arms.

Dark Heart – ‘Get Down Low (feat. Mia Marvelous)’

“I grew up listening to the original Freak Nasty version of ‘Da’ Dip’, and as I started making music, I always knew I had to flip this one. Everything aligned sonically on the production and then I brought Mia Marvelous in to re-vocal and make it from a female perspective too, which felt like a nice point of difference to the original.”

Dark Heart on ‘Get Down Low

*Featured image via Spencer Brown, R3HAB, Bok Nero and Kasztan*

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