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Phoenix Lights Spaceship

The Electric Sky Drowns Out Phoenix Lights

by Eric Valencia

With nearly all festivals canceled through spring as a result of COVID-19, the fall season is becoming ridiculously stacked. Promoters and attendees are now quickly realizing that there are not enough weekends and DJs to go around. So, when one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals announces its rescheduled dates, it becomes time to reconsider yours.

Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) has announced that it will now be holding its 2020 Las Vegas event from October 2nd-4th. With the festival in driving distance to those local in Arizona, it creates an economical opportunity to travel there since the cost of gas for 4 people is significantly cheaper than 4 airline tickets would be. For smaller festivals in the Southwest that were planning on hosting their event on that weekend, this creates a potential problem. What are you to do for your festival-goers who had tickets for festivals that previously did not conflict but do now? If you are Relentless Beats, then the answer was simple: be flexible with options and just roll with the punches.

Those in Phoenix know that Phoenix Lights is always one of the highlight spring festivals in Arizona. The weather is beautiful and the artists are always on point. Thomas Turner, the founder of Relentless Beats, having rescheduled this festival to the same weekend as EDC (though, weeks prior to the EDC announcement), has made the decision to reschedule Phoenix Lights 2020 once again.

Those who have already purchased their tickets will have three options available to them: 1. Attend the rescheduled Phoenix Lights 2020 event, 2. Convert the Phoenix Lights 2020 tickets for Decadence Arizona 2020 tickets, or 3. Receive a full refund, as long as you request the refund by April 17th. Each choice comes with a gamble since who will be playing and when it will happen is still to be decided. Regardless, I have full faith that Relentless Beats will come through with an amazing Phoenix Lights, as they nearly always do.

Relentless Beats Phoenix Lights 20202 Rescheduled Announcement
Phoenix Lights Rescheduled Announcement | Image Via Twitter

*Featured Image Via Official Site*

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