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Focus on Fashion | A Small Biz Boost

by Tanya Rincon
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The Electronic Dance Music scene is limitlessly diverse in every aspect of its character. From the music, the people, and the locations, EDM continues to push the boundaries each and every day. With complete acceptance being the foundation of this community, festival and rave fashion has grown without the rules that govern everyday society’s “mainstream” clothing trends. So when Fresh Music Freaks saw our favorite festival fashion small businesses hurting due to the cancelations and postponements COVID-19 has caused, we knew we had to jump into action. We’ll be putting a Focus on Fashion to showcase the beautiful outfits, individuals, and brands that have clothed us for so long. If we can use our platform and our voices to aid in the rescue of brands we love, is that not what our community is all about?

Something that you can expect at any event is over the top outfits and head-turning fashion wherever you look. Many in the rave community view the festival world as our escape from reality and an opportunity to truly be ourselves. Expression through fashion knows no bounds on the dance floor and members of the community have been taking advantage for decades. As the scene has grown and evolved over the decades, the fashion trends have grown alongside, but what never changes is the essence of EDM culture: acceptance and exploration. From JNCO Jeans and Kangols to pasties and tutus, EDM fashion has gone through a multitude of phases, waxing and waning like the moon.

Small business efforts have been the very source of the current EDM scene we indulge in today. Warehouse parties and the underground scene existed thanks to the efforts of a small handful of dedicated ravers who put every penny they had into throwing amazing parties without making a penny. In the 90s, those homegrown events were the antitheses of everything mainstream, and while EDM is now known worldwide with enormous events like Ultra and Tomorrowland, there is still a feeling of bucking the norm at any festival you can attend. In much the same way, small festival fashion businesses want to dress you as fabulously as possible, and the options are endless! Don’t believe me? Simply search “festival fashion” on Etsy and see how many vivacious and off the wall styles come up.

The essence of EDM culture is one of creativity, acceptance, and exploration. That attitude has spilled over into fashion and so many of us beautiful ravers rely on our creative peers to deck us out in unique clothing. While COVID-19 has postponed our festival season, it hasn’t taken away the PLUR vibes us ravers try to carry with us in our daily lives. Fresh Music Freaks will be introducing our favorite small businesses focused on festival fashion so you can shop from your couch. Use your purchasing power to snag some funky fresh festival couture in-between Netflix marathons and watering the plants. Stay tuned for our Fresh Music Freaks Focus on Fashion articles that will begin starting Wednesday, April 7th!

*Featured Image on Left Via Far and Wide | Featured Image on Right Via Speed Raver*

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