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Tchami | Image Via Tchami Press Release

Tchami’s Elevation Tour 2020 Lifted Me!

by RiMo

Tchami‘s Elevation Tour started on February 25th with a stop in New York on March 7, 2020. With an impressive career including working with music’s elite and industry legends, producing standalone hits, and producing songs garnering over a billion streams, Tchami is a star with a unique style and well sought after music flair. His New York show at Terminal 5 displayed the best elements of his repertoire giving attendees a show they would never forget.

The phenomenal accomplishments of Tchami are awe-inspiring. The French music producer and DJ is beginning another remarkable year which includes producing Lady Gaga‘s latest track “Stupid Love and performing both weekends at Coachella 2020. Tchami’s newly released singles Proud and “Ghosts from his forthcoming debut album set for release this year have reaffirmed him as the master of Future House as he continues to run his successful CONFESSION label which includes artists Malaa, Dombresky, and Brohug along with other top-genre producers Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo, EDX, and Valentino Khan. His collaborative Pardon My French collective alongside DJ Snake, Malaa and Mercer, has provided a brand that brings French artists together under the Electronic Dance Music umbrella.

Tchami | Image Via RiMo
Tchami | Image Via RiMo

If ever I needed to see an artist that promoted the idea of a spiritual connection, it was now. Arriving at a pumped-up club, the sets from DMLT and QRTR were the perfect openers with DMLT closing out his set playing “Call On Me” by Prydz. The crowd eagerly awaited the arrival of Tchami who arrived as if he were answering a request from the last song. Tchami was eager to show the crowd all he produced for his Elevation Tour. Already announcing his new songs “Proud” and “Ghosts”, this performance would set the tone for the night which was monumental. Tchami’s decks (turntable) rose above the stage like an altar covered in white. At that moment, I realized this would be a performance that would move me in the right direction. I stood there ready to be schooled by a master.  At some points in the production, I felt like the decks looked like they were made out of glass or ice. Nevertheless, the tour was called Elevation for a reason and I was about to find out why.

Tchami addressed the crowd and asked “Yo! How you feelin’?” A loud cry from the audience let him know he had our complete attention. We were ready for a badass, ultra inspiring, funky fresh sermon of Tchami in the house. As his followers listened to the baddest produced music out there, we felt elated with his delivery of notes filling our souls and coming in hard as we bowed to his altar. Deep down low we went while Tchami gave us the set we all wanted and needed as he stood at his turntable/altar raising the spirit of House. The bell-like effects in his tunes evoked an angelic feeling that gave the crowd a sense of euphoria. The focus on the idea of revelation and the heavens were apparent with vocals that alluded to the deliverance of a spiritual connection. I was awestruck by the beautiful visuals during the performance. A multilayered light show with spiritual themes and thought-provoking concepts along with heat thermal screens in real-time pixelation created a 3D effect that was realistic feeling and somewhat more intimate in nature.

Then Tchami played “Adieu” as if by cue which brought the crowd to its knees with praise upon hearing its amazing tribal beats. The repetitive lyrics of “You Tell Me to Leave You Alone” were somewhat ironic since for many of us, this would be our last night out in a while. I was lucky to go to this uplifting show and I can’t stop thinking about how fortunate I was to see the inspiring church visuals that mirrored the beauty and love Tchami’s had for his work. In an emotional and revealing tour performance, Tchami gave us his all as we jammed to the beat and reveled in the moment.
Staying true to his roots, Tchami provided a show that was experimental and spiritual with a special message that unbeknownst to me at the time would be welcome in the days and weeks to come.

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