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Malaa Illegal Tour | Malaa is Illegal in 2018

by Taylor Morgan & Joshua Andrews

Who is Malaa? On December 7th, we invite you to find out. Deep into his Illegal Tour 2018, he returns to the Arizona desert for a house experience unlike any other.  With 14 unlawful stops throughout the United States and Canada, Arizona fans are lucky to snag him once again before the end of the year.

Last time Malaa came to Arizona, we witnessed him at Goldrush in 2017. More recently, we personally caught the master himself on the second weekend of Electric Forest and it was bonkers. Despite his slightly more chill, vibey sounds when it comes to his original songs and mixes, his sets are always astonishingly packed with energy. The sheer amount of ski masks and relentless bass was more than enough to hold us over until the next criminally good time.

Unlike producers such as Marshmello and deadmau5, Malaa has been able to keep his identity completely unknown to the general population. The mysterious nature of this masked man has put fans into a dance-induced trance and made a name for himself in the scene with his dark, ghetto house. Backed by artists such as Tchami, Mercer, and DJ Snake, Malaa has become a staple in playlists for fans of all electronic genres. We recommend the classic Notorious if you have not heard it yet.

Phoenix is no stranger when it comes to passion for house music and Malaa is definitely going to handcuff our souls. With penetrative basslines and dominating bossy lyrics, Malaa is out to let the world know what he is about, even if we have no idea who he is. And in music, isn’t that really all that matters anyway?



Click to get tickets for the Illegal Tour 2018.


Bring your ski masks and dancing shoes, and meet us at The Pressroom for a squad pic! Naughty or nice, we consider this night as an early Christmas present from Relentless Beats. Get ready for an illicitly fun night, Freaks!


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