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by Meag Bo
SOSUPERSAM by Matt Kaplan
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Wednesday, SOSUPERSAM dropped a new video for her song, “Good For It” directed by Kilo Kish. Her PRIORITY EP, released earlier this year became the highlight of 2018, closing perfectly by releasing this video. Timing is everything, as SOSUPERSAM is preparing new music for 2019. “Good For It” follows Sam on a time-stamped-event-filled day complete with a tripped out kool-aid, impromptu dance numbers, and many other out there scenes as she sings across her production. 

Watch behind the scenes of “Good For It” below after you learn a little more about this accomplished artist, SOSUPERSAM:

SOSUPERSAM, or Samantha Duenas, is a performing artist from Los Angeles. Samantha spent her youth absorbing each aspect of the music industry from piano to choir, and dance classes to theatre. She eventually made her first descent into the entertainment industry as a professional dancer. SOSUPERSAM made herself known in the industry by appearing in music videos, live television, and even a couple national tours. At present, SOSUPERSAM is a member of Soulection, the worldwide record label and collective. Through these various avenues, Sam regularly performs throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

In 2008, Samantha purchased her first DJ equipment set which she has used to drop beats ever since.  She became a seasoned DJ who gained a familiar name in the international music circuit. In 2013, SOSUPERSAM co-founded “143,” a monthly R&B party she hosts and DJ’s in Los Angeles. 143 prides itself in pushing the R&B culture forward, meanwhile bringing in some of the hottest and most legendary names to share the stage. Her versatile range paired with her genre-bending mixing style has given her opportunities to play underground clubs, music festivals, and celebrity/ fashion events alike. 

In 2016, Sam released the “SUP” mixtape series, smartly interweaving her original music in with a curation of her favorite songs.  The mixtapes would culminate in Garden a 6-track EP showcasing her songwriting and R&B vocal styles.  Released independently, Garden includes features from Soulection’s ESTA. and Bay Area rapper P-Lo. In 2018, SOSUPERSAM released her 3 song EP PRIORITY and embarked on a worldwide tourSOSUPERSAM will be closing out the year with her first vocal performances in Asia. Stay tuned for what she has in store in 2019!

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