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Armin Van Burren

ASOT | Tune of the Year Countdown | LIVE

by Nadine Pasterczyk

Ah yes, it’s that time of the year again… Christmas trees are up, festive lights are strung, holiday music fills the air, and the scent of gingerbread lingers about. The only thing that could mean is that the holiday season is upon us! …WRONG! Well, technically right; but it’s also almost time for the A State of Trance: Tune of the Year Countdown!!!

Check out last year’s Top 50 Countdown here. 

For trance fans around the world, this is a much anticipated event. This year-end countdown is streamed live to millions of viewers every year. Hosts, Armin Van Buuren and Ruben de Ronde put together this amazing show which showcases the top 50 trance tunes released that year. These tracks are actually chosen by you, the viewers by casting your vote here

2018 is going to make for an extremely special show and let me tell you why. Normally, this special episode doesn’t allow for any fans to have access to the live radio studio. However, this year, fans are able to enter to win a chance to be invited to the ASOT studio in Amsterdam! Coming from someone who has actually visited the studio before; it is an absolutely incredible feeling to be there. Meeting the guest DJs, listening to amazing live music, having premier access, and of course, hanging out with the legend, Armin Van Buuren were surely some of the highlights of being there. But it wasn’t all about that. The fans that are invited get to meet one another and talk about their favorite artists, events, songs, etc. and we truly got to connect with one another and definitely extended our trance family by meeting each other. That is the true meaning behind trance and electronic music; unity amongst all of us. Music brings us together and for some lucky individuals, this event will too. If you hope to gain access to this special event, enter here.

Armin Van buuren in the ASOT studio with dozens of trance fans in Amsterdam.
Armin Van Buuren in his studio with dozens of adoring fans | Photo by Floris Heuer

No matter where you’re from though, you can view the event live from home by tuning in to Armin Van Buuren’s YouTube page on Thursday, December 20th at 12:00 pm EST. 

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