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Local and Regional - Spotlight - December 29, 2018

Re:New | Start The New Year With a Naughty Princess

Join a Naughty Princess at Living Prism's Re:New Year's show

Naughty Princess, an up-and-coming female DJ and producer based in LA is returning to Portland to play at Living Prism’s epic New Years Eve 2019 event “Re:New” at the historic Bossanova Ballroom. This will be her second appearance at this fantastic event!

Naughty Princess is known for throwing down unforgettable dancefloor journeys with heavy driving baselines that rumble the sub-stacks, overlaid with beautiful eastern melodies and soaring vocals. She says her goal is first and foremost to create an experience of freedom and dance expression, that magical state where the mind gets out of the way and body and spirit are united with the music and the dancefloor!

Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Gathering, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Northern Nights, Raindance and Burning Man all have shared the Naughty Princess experience. Also known for gracing many Ecstatic Dance events in LA, Oakland, Salt Lake City and Hawaii. And most recently Naughty Princess finished her first tour on the East Coast where she headlined at Alex and Allyson Grey’s Dieties & Demons Masquerade Ball!

Living Prism is an event production family based in Portland OR, who is dedicated to cultivation inspiring and immersive experiences. They are known for their “Down the Rabbit Hole” parties and “Re:New”, their big New Years Eve show. Living Prism events are extravagant and colorful, and are meticulously curated to transport you to a wonderland of creativity and expression. They feature stunning alters covered in crystals and flowers, tea lounges where you can sip exotic teas and make new friends, local art on display and live painting and even a photo booth where you can get that perfect professional shot of you and your friends in your fabulous New Years outfits!

Re:New Naughty Princess
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For this year’s Re:New event, Naughty Princess is joined by an absolute smorgasbord of first class musical talent including Thriftworks, Drumspyder, I Am Halo, VOLO, Dar, Synchromystica, Synergeia, Polyphonix and Inner-G, and there will be eye-dazzling stage performances all night long!

Naughty Princess Plays Re:New | Listen | Naughty Princess

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