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Interview - December 30, 2018

The Freaky Five Q&A | GG Magree | [Decadence AZ Interview]

Our Editor in Chief sat down live at Decadence Arizona with Gg Magree to ask her personal top 5. Sorry pineapple on pizza lovers, you def want to read this!

Five Questions and Answers that Make us Love GG Even More!

Do you feel Sexy? Because you should. If not, Sydney,  Australia DJ/Vocalist GG Magree is here to help. From her intertwining of Music and Fashion you can live your best life with ease.

Whether you’re rocking your “Yeah Pussy” tee at the beach with your crew or banging here lastest mix on your way to work. She is what the trap scene has been missing for years. With celebrity guest appearances and worldwide touring she is sure to get your booty shaking and feeling sexy.

Sometimes you just want to know an artist is just like you. It is refreshing to know that they are human and enjoy the real things in life.

Our Editor in Chief sat down live at Decadence Arizona with GG Magree to ask her five personal questions before that maybe you didn’t know. (Sorry pineapple on pizza lovers.)

FMF: Pineapple on Pizza, Yes or No?

GG: No, big no. You don’t put fruit in salad either. It’s too moist, too much going on.

FMF: Two things that make you happy?

GG: My family and candy.

FMF: Your Favorite Destination?

GG: Bali.

FMF: Really? That’s a REALLY good one.

FMF: Tv Show that you are hyped on?

GG: Game of Thrones. So into it! I know I’m really late to the party, but fuck, I started it a week ago and I’m already on Season three.

FMF: Where have you have had all the time to watch that? Flights?

GG: I flew from Australia to New York, then New York back to L.A, then L.A. to here. That’s about 33 hours of flying I’ve done in two days.

FMF: What’s your favorite color?

GG: Black.

FMF: Black is the absence of all color, or is it all colors mixed together?

GG: I don’t know, there is just something about black I am drawn to. I think it just looks great on everyone. Actually… or red. (laughs) You fucking liar [Gg] you’re wearing all red!

FMF: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

GG: Stay sexy!

Gg Magree
Gg Magree at Decadence Arizona | Photo via Alex Terranova