United States of Bass 2018


by Meag Bo

On December 13th, 2018, Red Bull Music Presents a celebration of bass sounds from across the country at Cervantes’ Masterpiece in Denver, CO. Planning a take over of both rooms of the iconic venue (The Ballroom and The Other Side), Red Bull Music is bringing together the pioneers and trailblazers of America’s most influential regional bass music styles from the East Coast, West Coast and Midwest for an unforgettable night in Denver.

The lineup features DJ Craze (Miami), Daddy Kev (Los Angeles), UNIIQU3 (New Jersey), Jubilee (Miami), Dieselboy (New York), Arabian Prince (Los Angeles), DJ Deeon (Chicago), and DJ Taye (Chicago). Additionally, Red Bull Music has curated set takeovers from four of Denver’s most exciting crews, VIBeRATION, Souls in Action, Sub.mission, and Recon DNB, with each representing their own distinct genre within bass. Presenting us with everyone from footwork and juke, to dubstep and drum and bass, these crews uniquely celebrate, highlight, and extend the rich culture of Denver’s booming bass scene. Continuously filling club rooms with sounds of the best bass music innovators in the country,  this scene has truly thrived for over a decade.

Nicole Cacciavillano, founder of Sub.Mission, explains, “Denver is the bass capital of America…The amazing thing about this city, is that in each genre of bass, we have incredible teams running things properly and doing it for the music. It is inspiring being a part of a city that is always pushing things forward.”

Valerie Molano, of VIBeRATION, doubles down on this sentiment, stating, “Denver is a huge hub for electronic music because of the support in the community for talent and good music. There’s a lot of love and educated bass heads in this city and it’s attracting people from all over the nation and the world.”

Tickets are available for purchase now. They run as $10 in advance, or $15 at the door. Click the photo below to make your way there; Save yourself the $5 and plan ahead!!
Please see below for more information about the artist line-up:

Recon DNB 

Representing Denver DNB for over 14 years, Recon DNB is a DJ/Production team devoted to providing a launch pad for forward thinking drum and bass music in the US. Dedicated to drum and bass music for the heads: past, present and future. https://soundcloud.com/recon-dnb


Sub.mission exists today for the same reason it began in 2007: dubstep. Powered by a passion for sounds that often elude the mainstream, Sub.mission carves a home for underground sounds at the foundation of Denver’s booming electronic music landscape. “The Potential for Moving People Thru Sound, Not Hype” is the collective’s motto and mission.  https://twitter.com/subdotmission

Souls in Action

Souls in Action was created in 2009 as an artist collective and community driven project to change things and boost Denver’s music scene. https://soundcloud.com/milky-wav


In 2013, Valerie Molano created a weekly underground party called VIBeRATION in a grimy, little basement in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Molano and her crew managed to stuff in as many subs and bass heads as possible, creating a VIBeRANT buzz in the underground bass scene. Molano brough the party to Denver and has been vibin’ at The Black Box for the last year and a half. https://soundcloud.com/valerie-molano

DJ Craze

DJ Craze plays hip hop, breaks, drum n bass and practices turntablism. He is the only solo DJ in history to claim the World DMC Champion title three times consecutively. Originally from Nicaragua, he now lives in Miami. Initially influenced by the Miami Bass movement when he was younger, Craze has gone on to incorporate elements of hip hop, drum n bass and breaks in his turntable routines. The style of his music carries many of his past musical influences. https://soundcloud.com/crazearoni

Daddy Kev

Kevin Marques Moo, better known as Daddy Kev, is a Grammy-nominated mixer, mastering engineer and prolific underground hip hop and electronic producer from Los Angeles.  He is the owner of Alpha Pup Records and founder of Low End Theory.  https://soundcloud.com/daddykev


First lady of the Jersey Club movement; UNIIQU3 began her music career as a sought-after vocalist in the club scene and recently solidified herself as one of the most electrifying producers in the game. https://soundcloud.com/uniiqu3


Jess Gentile is known to the music world as the first lady of Miami bass. As a prominent member of the Mixpak Collective, she helped the Brooklyn-based dancehall crew win Red Bull Culture Clash 2016. https://soundcloud.com/jubileedj

Arabian Prince

Arabian Prince was an early West Coast electro pioneer and one of the founding members of NWA.  A rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer and DJ – he’s been in the scene for more than 30 years. https://open.spotify.com/artist/5NMN8ahOjFuRoyYVjKGFGq

DJ Deeon

Aa a legend of the Chicago house scene and a career of collaborations that read like the who’swho of dance music history, DJ Deeon has captivated crowds all over the globe with his remixes. https://soundcloud.com/djdeeon

DJ Taye

Chicago footwork producer DJ Taye made his name as one of the youngest artists affiliated with the Teklife crew. https://soundcloud.com/djtaye

United States of Bass, December 2018
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