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Liquid Stranger

Liquid Man and Chubby Slug | Through the Eyes of a Wook

by Erik Sisco
Liquid Stranger | Live | The Shell Tour 2.0 | Terminal | 12/01/2018 |Erik Sisco

Twas on a cold winter’s eve (December the 1st, to be exact) that this wook and his lady ventured into Manhattan to be taken on a ride through the musical spectrum by one of our favorite artists: Liquid Stranger.

In our eyes, there was only one small problem; that the Space Boss of Wakaan was there to open for Snails on his Shell tour 2.0, and, as such, the crowd would be just a bit different than what we are accustomed to. In other words, we anticipated the presence of more Kandi and fewer pashminas than our usual show.

Given that the other supporting acts that evening were Hekler and Svdden Death, we expected lots of moshing and plenty of sweaty headbangers. This prediction proved to be right on the money, but what we didn’t expect was just how friendly such an otherwise intense crowd could be! Every Snails fan I spoke with was beaming with excitement and their energy was contagious!

To finish setting the scene, we were lucky to be catching one of our favorite artists with a full light and visual display at Terminal 5, a venue many readers in NYC are likely familiar with.

After Svdden Death concluded a very riddim-heavy set, we were treated to an absolute delight: Martin Staaf, aka Liquid Stranger, with all the production value that accompany performing on tour with Snails at a large venue. Things opened similarly to how Svdden Death ended; very riddim-heavy with moshing abound.

Thankfully, Martin soon transitioned into his signature blend of the weird and wonderful; moving gracefully between rumbling space bass and frenetic D&B. Liquid Stranger decided to bless us even further by dropping Space Jesus’ remix of Spacejam, an absolute banger that any fan of Wakaan (like this guy) knows and loves. We were also delighted to hear Martin play Ripple, a classic track of his back from 2011.

Liquid Stranger made a short 60 minutes feel a whole lot shorter with a dynamic set featuring a range of subgenres within bass music topped with master-class mixing skills. All I was left with, aside from the smile on my face, was a desire to see Liquid Stranger play again and again!

Get on Wakaan Family!

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