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North Coast Music Festival 2022 is Almost Upon Us

by Tanya Rincon

My fellow festie people! Am I counting down the days until North Coast Music Festal kicks off? Absolutely not…I am counting every single second that stands between me and a weekend of festival bliss! With less than two weeks until we gather for three nights of dancing, North Coast has us locked and loaded with information! Check out the festival map to take a peek into what you can expect from this incredible experience. 

At first glance, I am stoked to see lots of water stations! We all know one of the cardinal rules of raving is staying hydrated. North Coast is making it super easy with plenty of water stations across the festival grounds. North Coast also boasts a wonderful selection of experiences peppered throughout the fest. Will there be trippy art that pushes our sensory boundaries? Or perhaps a walk-through experience that defies gravity? You can bet I will be spinning wild ideas in anticipation of the surprises that will be tucked throughout our weekend.

As a disabled raver, I am positively elated to see how central our experience has been in all the prep North Coast has put in place. This fest map shows ADA spaces at all the stages, which will provide the most inclusive experience I have come across in all my years navigating events as a disabled person. Beyond that, the logistics team has a robust information section specifically for us disabled festie goers. Check out the extensive FAQ section to ensure you’re all prepared to dive into the weekend! 

With such a killer lineup, there is something for everyone. Some of my top DJs will be there, and a few new ones that I can’t wait to experience. Make sure you have your walking shoes on because you’ll be certain to get your steps going between the six unique stages.

With Chicago ready to welcome us with gorgeous temps in the mid-60s and -70s, I’m sure the outfits are going to be superb! If you haven’t locked in your hotel, flights, or tickets, you better get on it because we are coming down to the wire. Will I see you on the dancefloor? Unforgettable nights are right around the corner! 

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