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Here Are The FMF Top Picks For the North Coast Music Festival 2022

by Tanya Rincon

As we all lock down our tickets for North Coast Music Festival, it’s time to get planning! We’ve got a handy dandy prep list for you to reference. 

  1. Purchase a weekend pass for the BEST Labor Day yet! You can knock that out HERE!
  2. Book those flights, confirm those hotels, and plan your outfits! 
  3. List out the MUST-SEE sets for your squad’s weekend! 

To give you a head start on number three, we’ve highlighted some highly anticipated sets. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite artist tucked within the explosive lineup North Coast is offering this year! 


Eli & Fur 

The brilliant duo Eli & Fur have struck gold with their latest single “My Shadow”. I have loved running into it on my personal playlist and have marveled over the delicious remixes that have been out in the wild! Their dark and dreamy energy permeates through their smooth transitions and I always find a surprising sample they tuck into every set. 

Eli & Fur – Image via Artist FB

Fisher – Catch and Release Takeover

I’ve said it time and time again, FISHER absolutely exudes top-quality party energy. No matter the venue, the time of day, or the crowd, FISHER is never one to disappoint. Why is this performance going to be extra wild? It’s a Catch and Release Takeover!! FISHER’s own label will be an exciting new flavor to the palette of house specialty bites he’s always serving up. 

Jiuqi b2b Sisto

If house and techno aren’t quite your cup of tea, have no fear!! SISTO and Jiuqi are teaming up for a wompy B2B. While they may be lesser-known names, we have no doubt you’ll remember them well after North Coast. Dubstep brings out all the headbangers and you can count us in for the debauchery!


Tchami x Malaa – No Redemption 

I’m comin’ in hot with a twofer to start off the Saturday recommendations. As standalone artists, Tchami and Malaa are each known for their distinct sounds. When you mix them together it is absolutely UNREAL! The French duo have been performing their No Redemption sets for a few years now and they’ve earned their spot on lineups far and wide! 

Tchami x Malaa – Image via Artist FB


For those looking for driving trance and techno, Yotto is your guy! With a history of releasing incredible tracks under the Anjuna label and Pryda Presents, it’s fair to say Yotto has dialed in the perfect balance between the two worlds. Now, with his own label, Odd One Out, there is no telling how diverse his sample selections and artist collaborations will become! 

Seven Lions

A man who needs no introduction, Seven Lions never misses when taking over the decks. Over the years he has perfected his approach to melodic bass and it reflects in his live performances. Something so unique about his performances is the visuals he pairs to make it a dynamic experience. He’ll take you on a journey of the senses! This is another label takeover with Ophelia Records being featured. I’m already drooling at the new tracks he could be throwing our way! 

Gem & Tauri 

A little bonus callout is Gem & Tauri, who are incredible artists and just so happen to be Seven Lions poly-partners! If you’ve never heard of them, I’d recommend checking out the track “Crash Into Me“. The subtle 90s club energy sparks nostalgia while dragging me onto the dance floor. 


Svdden Death Presents VOYD

For those truly hardcore headbangers, boy does Svdden Death have something spectacular in store!! He’s treating us to an abrasive, powerful, and demonic evening by taking us into the VOYD! Visuals, lasers, drones, and bass make for an intoxicating experience that you could only dream of! Am I a little scared? Maybe…. Will that keep me away? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! 

Svdden Death – Image via Artist FB

Jai Wolf 

Here is a dude who creates and performs from his heart. Jai Wolf communicates such genuine joy through his music. You can’t help but be whisked away on a little cloud of enjoyment! If you’re looking for good vibes and something to dance to, this is the place to be. 

Porter Robinson

This list could not be complete without mentioning Porter Robinson. While he definitely brings the sad boi vibes, it’s a happy kind of sadness, and seeing him at North Coast will be an emotional time. This will be the opportunity to be taken in by his catchy and infectious tracks, but all while knowing that this will be the final set of a truly amazing weekend. Join me here for one last song before the night is over!

This is just a snapshot of the 100+ artists across 5 stages that will be delivering a diverse range of sounds at North Coast! If that isn’t enough, anticipate massive interactive installations that will titillate each of your senses. With a flavor for every raver, what are you waiting for?! GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!! 

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