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Martin Jensen

Martin Jensen Drops ‘Somebody I’m Not’ Music Video and it’s Okay

by TerraNova.Lov3
Martin Jensen | ‘Somebody I’m Not’ Out Today

Martin Jensen is excited to share the music video for his latest single “Somebody I’m Not.” Starring Martin Jensen and collaborator Bjørnskov, the video opens up to Bjørnskov performing in an ominous warehouse, while Martin pensively makes his way across a scenic beach – filled with flares, drones, and gorgeous views. The two eventually find one another in the dark, hazy warehouse. 

“Somebody I’m Not” comes from the same team that co-wrote some of Martin Jensen’s biggest hits –“Solo Dance,”“Wait,” and “All I Wanna Do.” The 26 year old DJ reunited with longtime friend and collaborator Peter Bjørnskov, who supplied vocals for the bubbly track. “Somebody I’m Not” shines a light on today’s social media and status obsessed nature, with lines like, ‘She said you’re rich and famous / And that’s all I need to know.’

In October 2018, Martin Jensen was named one of DJ MAG’s Top 100 DJs in the world for the third year in a row – the first time ever for a Danish DJ! He also celebrated 1 billion Spotify streams, a massive feat for any artist in any genre. With live performances at Wembley Stadium andTomorrowland, Martin Jensen is one of the most exciting DJs in today’s landscape. 

Martin Jensen recently shared his Club EP ‘World,’ a musical exploration that was inspired by his travels around the world. “Somebody I’m Not” returns to Martin’s pop roots and is the first commercial single since his summer bop “16 Steps,” which featured American singer and actress Olivia Holt

“Somebody I’m Not” is the definition of the classic Martin Jensen sound, where pop and electronic dance melts together, and Martin is thrilled to bring new life to the single with this captivating music video. 

Martin Jensen
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