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Groove Cruise Miami | Sun, Sea, Song

by Tigerlily

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As I look out my office window at the snow-covered Mount Hood in the distance, I dream of Groove Cruise Miami.  Though the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day, I know that means it’s freezing cold outside. So this Hawaii girl is having visions of dancing in a bikini under the warm sun to the fabulous tunes of so many talented artists.  I can already smell the salt in the air and the sunscreen on all the gyrating bodies. Can it please be January already?!?

One of my favorite things about raves back in the day in dark and dingy warehouses was that they were almost always themed.  And I LOVE dressing up. For Halloween I usually have at least 2 costumes, so my collection is constantly growing. So for this Groove Cruise virgin, it was a dream come true seeing that there’s a theme for every day AND every night!  When I dress in theme, I take on that personality, so I’m especially excited for the Wild Wild West and Egyptian Nights.

With 8 stages bumping 24 hours a day, this girl is gonna keep on pounding the pavement and start hitting the gym.  Although my friends think I’m the Energizer Bunny cause I’m the last one dancing at 4:30 am, I have a feeling this is going to require Ibiza-level endurance.  At Dreamstate SoCal this year, myself and my buddy Tristan were #TeamNoSleep and I had no clue this was a Groove Cruise thing. So I guess I’ve already started practicing?

I was asked recently what my favorite season is, and without a doubt, it’s summer.  Growing up in Hawaii, the only seasons we had were wet or dry, and Humpback whale season.  Now that I’m in Portland, OR, I can’t wait for those 75+ degree days where I leave work without a jacket, hit a block party with friends, and make it home before the sun goes down at 10pm.  So to get 4 days of sunshine and warmth mid-winter sounds divine.

Groove Cruise Miami Dancing in the Sand
Dancing in the Sand | Photo Credit Groove Cruise

The Pacific was a daily sight in Hawaii, but I’ve never lived in a place that I couldn’t see a large body of water every day.  So here’s to rocking and rolling on the waves of the high seas.  Fingers crossed for some beautiful sunsets from the pool on Groove Cruise.   And then I’ll be able to jump in the ocean for my dose of saltwater once we hit Cozumel, and it’s going to be GLORIOUS.

Last, but most definitely not least, I LOVE TO DANCE.  And the lineup for Groove Cruise Miami is wicked! We get BlackGummy who brings his own brand of electro, industrial, tech house that makes that dark side of me feel all twisty and evil.  DJ Lestat should be a surprise… will we get melodic trance or his Talamasca psychedelic trance alias? I’m praying for some psytrance as I’ve developed a love for it of late and getting a bit of Sanskrit chanting in the sun would be fantastic!  When I want some lush, progressive trance, I’ll find myself dancing to Kristina Sky. Her b2b set with Orla Feeney at Dreamstate SoCal this year was technically stunning and I could tell they put in some serious time and effort into making it a journey for their audience. Don’t kill me, but I’m not a huge Kaskade fan.  But my girl Marina routinely travels to see him and she’s got great taste, so I’ll be watching his set to see if my mind can be changed. I’ve always told people that DJs play vastly different sets, so I’m going to see him with an open heart and mind! I’m always ready to be surprised!

But the duo I’m really dying to see is Chus & Ceballos, creators of the Iberican Sound and that hip-shaking, feet-moving, sexy as fuck tribal house.  Their blend of techno and house are like Ben & Jerry’s. You’d think a blend of so many amazing flavors would be too much, but it’s truly mind-blowing perfection.  They throw in those salsa vibes with the Spanish lyrics and all of the sudden I’m Shakira on the dance floor cause my Hips Don’t Lie. And their Stereo Productions label is hosting a stage, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for quite a bit of bumping tribal house!

So how are you preparing yourself for this journey?  Who are you most excited to see? Is your crew getting their themed costumes together?  Are you as hyped for Sun, Sea, and Song as I am?!? Sailing from Fort Lauderdale on Jan 10, 2019 to Key West and Cozumel and returning on Jan 14, 2019, rooms are almost 98% sold out, so get your tickets ASAP!!!  Let’s get our Groove Cruise on!

Groove Cruise Miami Lineup
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