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I’ve ‘Lost My Mind’ With The ‘Wild Feelings’ This Week’s New Music Is Giving Me | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Above & Beyond – ‘Morning In Deira / Time Heals’

Reflections is the third label under the Anjuna umbrella, the company founded by two-time Grammy-nominated trio Above & Beyond in 2000 to release their music and home to two flagship labels, Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep. Reflections launches with two tracks from Above & Beyond – ‘Morning In Deira / Time Heals’. The former was Above & Beyond’s opening track during their acclaimed January 2022 performance on the Rock of Guatapé at La Piedra del Peñol Guatapé in Colombia, for live streaming platform Cercle. Not only was the rippling piano instrumental – a near-six-minute quiet-is-the-new-loud anthem – a freshly written composition from a beloved band with 2.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. It would also be the flagship song for a new venture under the Anjuna umbrella, the company founded by Above & Beyond in 2000 to release their music and home to two labels, Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep. Five months on, ‘Morning In Deira’, backed by another new Above & Beyond song ‘Time Heals’, is the launch release of Reflections. The songs deftly set the tone for this new, third label from the Anjunafamily.

Giuseppe Ottaviani – ‘Horizons [Part 1]’

With his artistic taps wide-open, Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Horizons’ productions became an outpour. To such a degree in fact, that it quickly spilled the banks of the conventional album and was divided, naturally enough, into two. Through its advance-word singles, ‘Horizons [Part 1]’ has already outlined a cooler, deeper, more mindful tone to fans. That – often for the first time – has brought voices well known in other electronic music quarters to trance’s door. Among them have been songstresses like Monika Santucci, April Bender, Mila Josef and Natalie Shay. Giuseppe’s also draws on deeper tones from vocalists like Jan Burton and Dan Soleil, all of who collectively shape the unique sound of ‘Horizons [Part 1]’. 

Alok – ‘The Club Is Jumpin’’

“Now that the pandemic seems to be easing up and clubs are re-opened, ‘The Club is Jumpin’’ is my party anthem for the summer. I always was a fan of Destiny’s Child’s original when I was younger, and I wanted to take a classic like that and put a fresh electronic spin on it. I hope everyone enjoys it as well as my next releases under the new ‘future-tech’ style.”


Andrew Rayel – ‘Wild Feelings (feat. Sam Gray)’

Speaking of uncontrollable desire and overwhelming passion, Andrew Rayel’s brand-new single bears all the hallmarks of a summer anthem. From the sun-kissed chord progression to the uplifting melody and Sam Gray’s radiant vocals, ‘Wild Feelings’ will steal the hearts of listeners from all over the globe.

Dan Iwan – ‘Lost My Mind’

The up and coming German, Daniel Iwanicki aka Dan Iwan lands on ZYX Trance with ‘Lost My Mind’. This track is an epic 8 minutes of feel-good, euphoric, prog-lifting trance — reminiscent of late 90’s trance. ‘Lost My Mind’ is filled with driving basslines, wobbly grooves, galloping kicks, haunting acid lines that lead on an emotional breakdown with a cinematic atmosphere, epic strings and an uplifting theme. The epic, hands-in-the-air climax is very euphoric and is sprinkled with cool piano chords that enhance its touching theme even more so. 

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano x YAX.X – ‘You Got Me Calling (feat. SABRI)’

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, YAX.X and SABRI deliver their second-ever collab on SONO Music. A super-catchy, vocal-infused house anthem, ‘You Got Me Calling’ wastes no time in hitting the sweet spot between sexiness and club appeal.

Spor – ‘Cave’

“My career as Spor ultimately was what led me to meeting Joel in London and signing with mau5trap, something that was a huge catalyst and substantially altered my life. It made sense to me to finally bring these two entities together with a release. ‘Cave’ was the Latin motto of my hometown at that time, as well as a refuge, solitude, fortification, and a creative space. Holed up, nocturnal, pushing for driving energy and exploring with sound- that is a location I can always come back to.”

— Spor

Insomniac Music Group – ‘EDC Las Vegas 2022’

Insomniac Music Group is releasing the official ‘EDC Las Vegas 2022’ compilation, which includes a total of 70 tracks pulled from a slew of artists slated to perform at this year’s festival. 

Pablo Nouvelle – ‘Das Elementarteilchen’

Putting into sound the notion that there wouldn’t be a greater picture without a framework of tiny bits and pieces, ‘Das Elementarteilchen’ has got to be one of Pablo Nouvelle’s most avant-garde cuts to date. From the organic strings, glimmering plucks and dreamy vocal elements to the hypnotic drum patterns, sonic twists and little sound artifacts adding life and character, this track perfectly captures the essence of overwhelming beauty.

MADEAUX – ‘Revolution’

Miami-based maestro MADEAUX creates music for physical transcendence. A singer, songwriter, producer, and all-around sonic visionary, MADEAUX returns with the sophomore single to his forthcoming album ‘Near Life Experience’. ‘Revolution’ is out via Limbo Records

Chapter & Verse – ‘Ready For The Rave’

“I wanted to create a track which incorporates old-school rave along with modern-day tech house. I found and modified an old rave stab to create the sound heard throughout the 90s. I added a vintage Chapter & Verse bassline, an old-school vocal and ‘Ready For The Rave’ was born.”

— Chapter & Verse

Steve Darko – ‘Abyss’

Boston-based producer, instrumentalist, and DJ Steve Darko, releases his dynamic two-track ‘Abyss’ EP, out via Dirtybird. The aptly named title track of Steve Darko’s latest Dirtybird EP is as haunting as it is riveting. Layered with analog synths to create an eerily lush atmosphere, ‘Abyss’ showcases Darko’s depth as a producer. ‘Stay Awake’ blasts into a tech-house banger with more upbeat percussion and a creative build up. 

Disco Fries x HARBER x Luxtides – ‘Nothing’

Nothing’ is an entrancing electronic dance pop record that proves its addictibility from the very start. Undeniably catchy, ‘Nothing’ makes light of authentic, relatable, raw experiences. Disco Fries and HARBER captivating production coupled with a stunning vocal performance from Luxtides makes for a seamlessly blended pop dance fusion. They each come together to bring the very best elements of their artistry to ‘Nothing’, which is composed of mesmerizing builds, and an enrapturing, unforgettable hook. ‘Nothing’ is infectious and high-energy, while showcasing deeper, gripping lyrics, hypnotizing melodies, and one thing’s certain – you’ve heard nothing quite like it. 

QUIX x Cyclops – ‘Pompeii (feat. Crooked Bangs)’

The haunting vocals from Crooked Bangs find a perfect home in the hybrid trap production from QUIX and Cyclops. Future-bass meets trap and riddim in ‘Pompeii’, as the track is equipped with an echoing and wonky bassline as well as bright and mysterious vocals.

Luke Brancaccio x Gai Barone – ‘Brokheimer’

Gai Barone and I have been working together for about two years [on ‘Brokheimer’ EP], but it may surprise people to learn we have never actually met in person, which is weird because I’ve never been able to work remotely with anyone before, but there’s something about our relationship that just clicks; the process is quite simple, normally one of us comes up with an idea and then we kick it back and forth till we both agree we have something special.”

Luke Brancaccio

Eliminate – ‘Open Your Eyes’

Eliminate returns to NIGHTMODE with his sophomore single, ‘Open Your Eyes’, an enlightening four-on-the-floor offering pulled from the eighth season of releases from the label.


Fresh off of the electrified PEACE LOVE & WUBZ tour, producers INZO and LSDream aren’t yet finished blessing our ears with their mind-melting beats and earth-shattering basslines. ‘BLASTA’ is the perfect culmination of all the ways INZO and LSDream complement each other as musicians and innovators and is also INZO’s first original release since 2020. The rejection of genre barriers and the exploration of the intersections between funk, dreamy synth, and of course, wubs on wubs on wubs, make ‘BLASTA’ the perfect kickoff to this upcoming series and encapsulation of what the PEACE LOVE & WUBS tour was.

Saka – ‘Anti-Hero’

Saka walks down the path of the outcast on his new five-track ‘Anti-Hero’ EP, an immersive and imaginative bass music offering released on NGHTMRE and SLANDER’s Gud Vibrations imprint. 

Manda Moor – ‘The Climax’

“This release [‘The Climax’] is the fruit of inspirations from the pure energy of Burning Man, a tribal reconnection to our primitive selves, spices from the 90s era, warm and trippy rhythms. It’s all about love, unity, releasing good vibrations and embracing our weirdness.”

Manda Moor

STIKMATIK – ‘Reasons’

London-based producer STIKMATIK offers up a forward-thinking blend of R&B vocal samples and futuristic house flair on ‘Reasons’. Blending an impassioned topline with propulsive bass tailor-made for the dancefloor, it finds STIKMATIK bridging music’s past and present with irresistible results as he continues to establish a signature sound.

*Featured image via Dan Iwan, Andrew Rayel, Steve Darko and Giuseppe Ottaviani*

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