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‘Are You Down’ To ‘BOP’ To This Week’s New Music | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

RÜFÜS DU SOL – ‘On My Knees (Cassian Remix)’

“I heard the first demo of ‘On My Knees’ towards the end of 2020. It had a wildness and darkness that I loved immediately. It wasn’t until about a year later that I’d finished mixing it along with the rest of RÜFÜS DU SOL’s Surrender’. Once the album was finished I knew I wanted to remix ‘On My Knees’ and started playing around with the stems with the intention of having a remix ready to play at Sundream in March. Fast forward to the end of February and I hadn’t worked on the remix at all. Amongst the madness of preparing for my DJ and live sets I somehow managed to put the remix together. One comment I’d gotten from a few friends about the mix on the original was how much they loved the low end. For the remix I really just wanted to take the subs to the next level and arrange it in a way that would work in a DJ set while keeping as many elements from the original as possible. Playing it for the first time at Sundream was a surreal moment and the reaction from the crowd cemented the direction I had taken with the remix. I purely made it to be something special and unique to play during my DJ sets so for it to be getting an official release feels amazing.”


Lustral – ‘Everytime (Danny Stubbs Remix)’

Turning his hand to the first and most successful single released by Ricky Simmonds and Steve Jones as Lustral, British producer and audio engineer Danny Stubbs chimes in with an incredible remix of ’Everytime’ to celebrate The Space Brothers’ 25th anniversary album project. A reimagination that expertly complements the nostalgia-steeped original version, this modern rendition is an excellent tribute to one of trance music’s most beloved classics.

Mark Sixma x Willem de Roo – ‘Revolt’

An all-Dutch link-up of considerable magnitude, Mark Sixma and Willem de Roo’s first-ever collab immediately calls the crowd into action. Armed with a full-force drop and an iconic melody narrated by massive synths, ‘Revolt’ is both a mainstage anthem and a sonic game changer.

Bob Moses – ‘Love Brand New (Vintage Culture Remix)’

In a striking departure from the original version of ‘Love Brand New’ — a moody and mercurial track — Vintage Culture’s high-energy remix strips away the Bob Moses’ brooding guitar tones and accelerates the tempo to a thrilling velocity. Building to a wild intensity in its first minute, the remix then bursts into a dizzying explosion of pulsating beats and potent grooves — all while expertly preserving the song’s indelible melodies and raw emotion.

Anyma x Chris Avantgarde – ‘Consciousness’

“‘Consciousness’ came about as Chris Avantgarde and I’s musical interpolation to connect the real and virtual world. Our sonic bridge between web3 and web2. The future and the past.”


Hel:sløwed – ‘In Silence (feat. That Girl)’

Hel:sløwed (Misja Helsloot and Michael de Kooker) deliver this incredible, modern and nostalgia-infused version of Randy Katana’s 1999 classic ‘In Silence’. Marrying the iconic melody to a slower bpm and a gorgeous vocal performance from South African singer-songwriter That Girl, this rendition is sure to wow fans new and old at mainstages all over the world.

Snakehips – ‘WATER. (Remixes)’

Snakehips and Bryce Vine debut the remixes for their collaborative single ‘WATER.’ on Helix Records. The song got a rework from QuarterHeadFerreck Dawn, and Torren Foot, with each producer bringing their own house music sounds forward into the groove. QuarterHead’s ebullient four-to-the-floor reimagining brings piano chords and pulsating rhythms to the stage, while Ferreck Dawn chooses the scenic route with a remix meant for breezy days by the pool. Torren Foot kicks up the energy to close out the remixes, giving ‘WATER.’ an extra splash of percussive elements and isolated vocals. 

Fluencee – ‘Are You Down’

Pull out your sunglasses and pump up the speakers — Fluencee drops one more addictive track before the EP ‘Frozen In Bliss’ releases! ‘Are You Down is an injection of sunshine and future pop that will get you geared up for the summer. This seductive beat and killer hook is perfect for rolling down the windows and letting loose all season long. So the only question this May is, ‘Are You Down’?

KH – ‘Looking At Your Pager’

“This track [‘Looking At Your Pager’] was made in the summer last year just before my first festival set in a long time. I wanted something new to play that would feel universal, positive and futuristic and this is what I came up with.  Since then I think more people have asked me about this track than for anything else I’ve ever made and I’ve had amazing times playing it to the best crowds you could ask for. It took quite a while to get approval for the vocal sample but it finally happened recently and now the music is out in the world for everyone.”


H3NRY THR!LL – ‘Ruin (feat. Ella Beyer)’

A reverberating organ immediately sets the sombre tone for ‘Ruin’, which is soon layered with pedalling hi-hats, a distorted cymbal and futuristic percussion. H3NRY THR!LL carefully builds the intensity with a clock-like castanet sound and a drawn-out horn, generating a dystopian atmosphere which leads to a rumbling 808 and an array of dramatic synths and samples. Matching perfectly with the calamitous tone of the instrumental are the emotive lyrics from Ella Beyer, whose soulful vocal manages to perfectly capture the pain and ruin as a relationship falls apart.

Will Joseph Cook – ‘BOP’

Will Joseph Cook shares his contagiously hypnotic new single ‘BOP’ — a summer-streaked anthem steeped in bouncy choruses detailing feverish young love and taking a chance.

Editors – ‘Heart Attack (Phase Fatale Remix)’

“We wanted someone to take ‘Heart Attack’ to the club floor. As a fan of Phase Fatale’s Industrial EBM styled Techno we thought it would be a great synergy with the darker elements of ‘Heart Attack’. His mix manages to retain the melodica euphoria of the original while turning the industrial tension up to 11.”


Honey Dijon – ‘Love Is A State Of Mind (feat. Ramona Renea)’

Love Is A State Of Mind’ is a pairing of Honey Dijon’s signature super-tight production and Ramona Renea’s soaring vocal working harmoniously, the result is a feel-good club record for the times delivering all the energy of a dance floor in full flow.


After a slew of speaker-shattering releases on Dim Mak, including ‘Gawt Dat’ with BERNZIKIAL, ‘Own The Night’ with Crankdat, and ‘Bussin Bussin’ with SubDocta, Riot Ten delivers a 10-track EP, ‘AD INFINITUM’. Spanning all bass genres including dubstep, riddim, experimental, trap, and everything in between – ‘AD INFINITUM’ is an elite offering from Riot Ten. The six fiery new songs include the abrasive ‘G.T.F.O.T.W.’, a wonky riddim track ‘Slabz’, ‘Pickles Belong On Pizza’ (a cause near and dear to Riot Ten’s heart), ‘Shut TF UP’ and more. 

Calcou – ‘Places’

The ‘Places’ EP takes the listener on an adventure through rolling basslines and into organic elements. Calcou’s work swings like a pendulum, at times resonating with ethereal, otherworldly tones and at other moments poignantly cheerful.


“This past year has been all about growth. Growth as an artist, growth in my relationships, growth in my self-care and self-talk routine. I am a people pleaser at heart but I have been learning to draw my boundaries and advocate for myself. ‘RABBIT HOLE’ is about not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Believing in your path even if others don’t see it. Challenging the phrase: ‘but that’s how it’s always been done.’ Manifesting the way YOU want your future to look. The sky’s the limit when you’re in this mindset. I’m so excited to share this song with the world. Go get what you want!”


Subjective – ‘The Start Of No Regret’

Today production duo and electronic virtuosos Subjective – comprised of legendary DJ and producer Goldie and acclaimed engineer and producer James Davidson – release the brand-new album ‘The Start Of No Regret’ via Three Six Zero Recordings/Sony Music.

Hannah Laing – ‘Climax’

Scottish rising star Hannah Laing returns to WUGD with ‘Climax’ – the first in a series of dancefloor singles planned for 2022. A slowly building slice of dancefloor deliciousness – tension and release are the key to ‘Climax’, unravelling with waves of gently euphoric keys and grounding vocal samples.

*Featured image via Will Joseph Cook, Fluencee, RÜFÜS DU SOL and Cassian*

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