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What the festival

What The Festival! | My First Festival Experience

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Waiting on What the Festival!

Looking at the calendar this morning and realizing my first festival ever, What The Festival, is literally right around the corner, I am excited and totally overwhelmed at the same time.

This opportunity to become apart of a family as positive and uplifting as the festival family is something I’ll forever cherish. With so much going on at What the Festival, I’ve had to do my research to prepare myself for what’s to come. 

10 What The Festival Essentials for 2017

When I first heard about What the Festival, I thought it was going to be a small weekend festival with maybe a few vendors and some music on the side, as a Noob in the festival world I actually have no idea about the amazingly magical world I am getting myself into. I mean I listen to the music and am learning the artists more and more each day but at 24 years old this is all very new to me. So…after hours of looking into What the Festival, and finding out all the adventures I’m about to explore, I’m excited to know it’s going to be like a summer camp for adults…I think.

What the Festival 2017 | Who I Am Excited to See!!!!

I’m definitely going to be spending a lot of time in the pool and getting lost in the Illuminated Forrest; yoga and face painting will be on my list of everyday activities along with exploring the amazing art filling the entire festival! But I think indulging in the nature, enjoying the landscape surrounding Wolf Run Ranch, and meeting new friends from all over will be the top three highlight of my first festival experience.

I’m excited to see all of you there!




What the Festival Essentials

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