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What the Festival Essentials Artist Line Up

10 What The Festival Essentials for 2017

by TerraNova.Lov3

By Kelsey Harnisch

Oregon’s premier boutique music and art experience What the Festival is just four weeks away. Whether you’re a first timer or a WTF veteran, we’ve put together this list of essential items to help you make the most of your magical weekend.

In case you’ve never been, What The Festival is a four day immersive arts and music festival held on the Wolf Run Ranch property just east of Mt. Hood National Forest. The festival boasts classic Oregon beauty, all night dance parties and features the Pacific Northwest’s premier woodland pool party!

Check out our list before heading out to be sure you make the most of your experience!

What The Festival App:

Download App Here

Keep track of your must see sets, locations and social media goodies with the What The Festival app. You can even make a personalized schedule so you never miss a beat!
Schedules will be released on there before the festival, and it works in airplane mode onsite!
What the Festival Essentials CashCash:
There are lots of amazing vendors for great local food and original merchandise and you’re going to want a piece of that. ATMs are on site but lines can get long so bring a stash of walkin’ around money in case you see something you just can’t pass up.
Picnic Blankets:
Bring a big ol’ blanket so you and your crew have a comfy spot to lounge by the pool or sprawl out in the grass for afternoon performances.
What the Festival Essentials
Inflatable Pool Toys:
Pizza, flamingos, donuts, pegicorns- they make everything inflatable nowadays so bring something to float on at the pool party!
Face and Body Paint:
Make yourself a work of art! Add to the beauty of the festival by decorating yourself. It’s fun for you and adds to the experience of others!
What the Festival EssentialsLights!:
It gets dark out there in the woods and you want to make sure you’re seen. Adorn your body with lights so you don’t blend into the darkness and so your buddies can identify you at night.
Lights again!:
Nothing’s worse than heading back home to a dark camp and not being totally sure which tent is yours. Solar powered lights are great for easy tent identification and can help you get back safe and sound.
What the Festival Essentials
Emergency Blankets:
Not that you’ll have an emergency but these blankets are great for keeping your tent and cooler cool while the sun is out! Emergency blankets act as insulation that can keep your food and ice cold and make sure your tent isn’t a sweat box.
You know those big sticks with funny stuff at the top? Those are totems. Design and bring your own to make people laugh and to keep track of your crew!
An Open Heart:
Of all of the the things you could bring to What The Festival, this one might be the most important. What The Festival is filled with beautiful energy that you’re going to want to soak up.



What the Festival Essentials

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