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Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten and Ilan Bluestone Bring Euphoria | “We’re Not Going Home”

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

And no one wants them to! Can I have an album PLEASE? 

As the year draws to a close, Ferry Corsten returns for the final UNITY release of 2018.  The highly anticipated ‘We’re Not Going Home’  with Anjunabeats star Ilan Bluestone will hopefully become a Unity album!  I, for one sure hope so! The two have been working on the track for a number of months and their commitment to perfection shows. ‘We’re Not Going Home’ displays an accomplished and aesthetically happy and pleasing result, something you’d expect from the union of such experienced and creative musical minds.

Having been invited to perform at recent UNITY shows across the US, along with countless time spent together behind DJ booths in festivals and clubs worldwide; Ilan Bluestone is the perfect fit for the next release in the UNITY chapter. The harmony Ilan and Ferry have created with We’re Not Going Home’  blend their trademark sounds perfectly to create a synergy that makes the most of each artist’s strengths. They think outside the box, which listeners can hear by the breaks in the build which provide the platform for the multiple melodic layers to intricately weave together. The feeling is one that can only be described as euphoria, which propels the track to the next level–a perfect way to close out a year of releases for the UNITY project. When asked about the collaboration for UNITY with Ferry Corsten, Ilan Bluestone said: 

“I’ve always looked up to Ferry as an absolute legend. To be invited to his home and spend time with him and his family and studio has been one of the most surreal moments of my life. We have always wanted to do a song together after touring, and this track naturally was a combination of my sound with ferry’s legendary sounds.”

After launching the UNITY project early in the year with Paul Oakenfold collaboration ‘A Slice Of Heaven,’ which was well received in the Trance community.  Ferry has also teamed up with DIM3NSION, Jordan Suckley, and Saad Ayub before this collaboration with Ilan Bluestone. Making the most of his privileged position as one of the top producers in the Trance community, Ferry has decided to give back to the cause that has given him so much. He recently made his first donation to VH1’s Save The Music Foundation, an educational program that gives youth the chance to explore music in the form of the organization’s Music Tech Grant programme. Ferry doesn’t just give his listeners the best musical experience possible, by donating to this cause he is making sure that the future of music is safe. We only hope as fans that these kids love Trance as much as us one day. Trance will never die as long as we have artists like Corsten and Bluestone staying true to themselves. Which they do in ‘We’re Not Going Home.’ It is the perfect blend of Ferry perfection with Bluestone energy. Fans could not be more excited to hear this A LOT during the festival season next year.  

Ferry Corsten and Ilan Bluestone We're Not Going Home
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