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Of Course I Still Love You

New Video “Of Course I Still Love You” | Dylan Brady’s Creative Masterpiece

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

LA-based producer and songwriter Dylan Brady is sharing a new video. “Of Course I Still Love You” is the closing track on Dylan’s recently-released Peace & Love EP, which serves as a showcase of Dylan’s broad vision for the future of pop music. The video, directed by Dylan himself, finds him wandering aimlessly through department stores, exemplifying the drawl of his vocals on the melancholy track. Dylan recently spoke with Pigeons & Planes for a profile about his new EP and the growing network of musicians in his orbit.

Dylan’s “Of Course I still Love You” comes off of his Peace & Love EP which spans across a diverse bed of genres and sounds that includes elements of alternative rock, dance music, pop, and rap. This release follows his previous releases Dog ShowChoker, and All I Ever Wanted, which were all uniquely progressive in their own right. As a producer, Dylan has received praise from artists like Charli XCX and has worked with BROCKHAMPTON’s Kevin Abstract, Night Lovell, and The Neighbourhood’s Jesse Rutherford.  His music and videos offer an array of blueprints of how pop music will sound in the future.  

Dylan Brady is an American producer, songwriter, and artist born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and currently based in Los Angeles, California. He has a broad sonic palette and produces eclectic music ranging from rap to rock to pop, big room, and stadium dance music, though he considers everything he makes to be “pop.” He’s built an extensive network of internet-based artists and has become one of the most sought-after producers of the SoundCloud era. Brady’s new Peace & Love EP shows the world through his unique musical lens and displays the diversity of his talents as both a producer and performer.  While overall the EP feels cohesively happier and fun compared to some of his darker solo efforts, each song feels like an introduction into an entirely different part of Dylan’s brain. Through his own groundbreaking work for his artist project and in his productions and songwriting for others, Dylan is prime to set the tone for what pop music will sound like for years to come. If “Of Course I Still Love You” is any indication, then pop music is in for a creative turn-around soon. I can’t wait to hear what Dylan has in store for us in the future!

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