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You ‘Need 2 Know’ That You’ll Want To Hear This Week’s New Music ‘One More Time’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Armin van Buuren – ‘One More Time (feat. Maia Wright)’

Ready to conquer airwaves and festival grounds alike, Armin van Buuren’sOne More Time’ is an anthem to staying the course and never giving up. Coupling Maia Wright’s blazing vocals with rousing harmonies and euphoric beat drops, this single from the upcoming ‘Feel Again’ album trilogy will keep listeners hitting repeat for a long time to come.

Dom Dolla – ‘Miracle Maker’

“I decided I wanted to try my hand and write a timeless rave record [‘Miracle Maker’] that not only made listeners nostalgic for the past but excited about the celebrations we all have to come.”

Dom Dolla 

Lee Burridge – ‘Les Voyeurs De La Nuit’

Lee Burridge has teamed up with longtime collaborator Lost Desert for a 4-track, groove-exuding EP, titled ‘Les Voyeurs De La Nuit’ on All Day I Dream. Here fans find the producers reconjuring their penchant for entrancing dancefloors around the world, adding further hype for the producers iconic All Day I Dream World Tour stops this Summer.

ReOrder x Jordan Tobias pres. Crowd+Ctrl – Tokyo (feat. JESSCA)’

The fourth release of ReOrder and Jordan Tobias under their Crowd+Ctrl moniker, ‘Tokyo’ shows just how versatile these two creators are. Bridging the gap between uplifting trance and today’s melodic techno sound with a masterful production that underlines the warmth of JESSCA’s impeccable vocals, this track truly counts as a best-of-both-worlds listening experience.

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano – ‘Truth Of The Mind’

The ‘Truth Of The Mind’ EP is laced with the club sounds Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano have been infusing their recent performances with. Designed to decimate sound systems, this EP will surely supercharge the Dutch duo’s mainstage shows and festival sets throughout the summer season.

Emma Hewitt – ‘Into My Arms’

Emma Hewitt returns to Black Hole Recordings with her stunning new single and music video ‘Into My Arms’, featuring Emma’s beloved vocals, as well as her on drums and piano. ‘Into My Arms’ was written during the peak of the pandemic when Emma’s distance from relatives and other loved ones grew vaster, and for longer than ever before. She sheds some light on what inspired the evocative release. 

Rub!k – ‘Love In My Heart’

Love In My Heart’ is the next stadium-quivering anthem from U.K. producer Rub!k. A fusion of slamming kick drums, anthemic synths and a beat drop harboring the might of a tempest, this track brings nothing but absolute mainstage carnage.

deadmau5 – ‘My Heart Has Teeth (feat. Skylar Grey)’

“Dystopian suburbia is the kind of vibe I had in mind when making this song [‘My Heart Has Teeth’].  It’s been pretty cool because I like that weird, corporate overtone of this entity that owns the village if you would. I just imagine what that would be like while roughly composing the song with of course the vocal accoutrement of Ms. Skylar Grey.  She’s an amazing talent to work with and she just nailed the lyrics.”


Slushii – ‘Forgive Me’

A Slushii Summer’ continues with this week’s single, ‘Forgive Me’, an explosive track packed with eerie soundscape using powerful drops, chords, and Slushii’s own signature vocal chops.

MK x BURNS – ‘Better (feat. Teddy Swims)’

MK brings BURNS and Teddy Swims together in the uplifting new single ‘Better’, out via Ultra Records. Uniting soulful sounds with signature stabs of euphoric piano chords, MK and BURNS bring their classic melodic sensibilities to the track, amplified by a kicking bassline. Teddy Swims lends his viral vocal chops to the tune to create an energy that celebrates the house and soul roots of MK’s native Detroit, with lyrics that spread a hopeful message of a brighter future ahead.  

Skream – ‘The Attention Deficit EP’

UK dance music icon Skream is back on the release radar with ‘The Attention Deficit EP’ on CircoLoco Records. One of the most sought after dance releases of 2022, ‘The Attention Deficit EP’ and its main single ‘The Attention Deficit Track’ pairs infectious Italian vocal fragments with punchy, Deeon-evoking drums – a club cut that goes for the jugular.

SCHALA – ‘Rebirth’

Debuting on Armin van Buuren’s Armind imprint, U.S. DJ and producer SCHALA issues a hard-hitting record destined to rock stadiums. From the big-synth melody to the hammering kick drum and slamming beat drop, ‘Rebirth’ is a sonic tremor few sound systems can withstand.

Tasadi – ‘Sirena (Tasadi 2022 Mix)’

On the heels of his return to dance music after a decade away, Tasadi delivers a brilliant reinterpretation of his acclaimed single ‘Sirena’. It’s a propulsive house tune that blends deep percussion with ethereal synths and angelic vocal touches, giving the track an otherworldly presence with the power to take listeners away on a celestial journey. As an electronic music veteran, Tasadi is still challenging sonic boundaries and it shines through on his 2022 ‘Sirena’ mix.

Tasso – ‘Fetic’

Slamming down hard with his label debut, U.K. producer Tasso delivers absolute tech-trance mayhem to Armada Captivating. A sonic tremor able to reach the darkest depths of the club space, ‘Fetic’ effortlessly pushes the crowd to the brink of insanity.

Bigtopo – ‘Angel’

Spanish DJ and producer Bigtopo graces the imprint with another magnificent production. Evoking a celestial atmosphere with its seraphic melodies and wonderful harmonies, ‘Angel’ has a more-than-welcome presence on Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State Of Trance 2022’ mix album.

Miraclis – ‘Scienter’

“‘Scienter’ is a track that means a lot to me. I didn’t have any intention or any story to tell at the beginning – I just wanted to do something really cinematographic, where you could imagine yourself in a ‘dramatic’ or ‘painful’ situation. A pad gave the track this certain atmosphere, to which I added the vocals. It’s one of my favourite tracks of the album I must say.”


NXNJAS – ‘Trinity’

Up-and-coming dance act NXNJAS makes an unforgettable debut with their brand-new dancefloor weapon, ‘Trinity’. Joining forces with established Brazilian native and Musical Freedom mainstay Felguk, Andrew Chen and Steven Wright, NXNJAS give electronic music lovers a taste of their take on House and Brazilian Bass in their first-ever offering. The slick, hypnotic Bass House cut is out via Musical Freedom.

BURNR – ‘Need 2 Know’

When Dutch dynamo BURNR mixes Latin breezes with straight-down-the-line beats, you’re getting a soundclash for under the sun and deep down in the basement. ‘Need 2 Know’ caters for all comers with its hybrid parts smoothly switching between the exotic and hard-bodied, with a catchy-as-hell vocal asking questions of the dancefloor to ensure energy levels never drop. A checklist of fiesta pianos and horns, tech touches and a breakdown sent into orbit, track the movements of a space cruiser landing slap bang in the middle of carnival season – because BURNR likes it like that.

Micke – ‘Stung’

Micke joins Dissident Music for his second release, ‘Stung’. This honey-sweet progressive breaks outing was originally pollinated in Micke’s D.C. studio, with a nod to the apiary theme. ‘Stung’ is an unofficial tribute to the clubbing brand that helped launch his career, Buzzlife, and its founder (another US Rave pioneer), Scott Henry. ‘Stung’ first appeared on ‘Dissident Miami 2021’. Now, ‘Stung’ sees a full release with some well-suited and amazing remixes!

Lewis OfMan – ‘Move Me’

Lewis OfMan has joined forces with multi-platinum singer/songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen on new single ‘Move Me’, out via Profil de Face. Pairing classic house music piano chords with rich vocal melodies, ‘Move Me’ is an infectious dose of slick dance-pop. The result of Lewis and Carly connecting over Zoom during the pandemic, this fresh, feelgood jam is destined to go down as one of the tracks of summer 2022.

Mason – ‘The Wicked (feat. Afrika Baby Bam)’

“I felt like creating a block party jam with a lil’ homage to oldskool hip-hop, as I was working with Jungle Brothers MC Afrika Baby Bam on this [‘The Wicked’]. Enjoy kids, put it on 11!”


*Featured image via Armin van Buuren, BURNR, Lee Burridge and Dom Dolla*

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