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‘When Darkness Comes’, This Week’s New Music Is The Fire ‘Burning’ Bright | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

John Askew x Shelby Merry – ‘When Darkness Comes’

The first vanguard single ahead of the release of John Askew’s 2022-upcoming artist album is a tale of two tones, intricately and ingeniously interwoven. ‘When Darkness Comes’ balances thought-provoking lyrics with Askew’s renowned clubfloor force, to bring something truly extraordinary to the fore.

NGHTMRE x SLANDER – ‘Fall Into Me (feat. Dylan Matthew)’

Fall Into Me’ is a true festival classic, incorporating signature elements from each artist, including NGHTMRE’s meticulous production skills and SLANDER’s distinctive sounds with the juxtaposition between peaceful piano chords and melodic bass in the background. Adding to this, the powerful vocals from Dylan Matthew strengthens the already mesmerizing beats of this electric new sound as it takes listeners on this passionate journey.

Amy Wiles x Matt Fax – ‘Remind Me Why (feat. Mirror Machines)’

“When Amy Wiles sent me her idea for a collab [‘Remind Me Why’], I knew it was going to sound special, as all the great ideas were already there. It was super fun to put my touch on this track with her, and the lovely guys at Mirror Machines who nailed the vocals!”

Matt Fax

Chris Padin – ‘Call Me Up’

If you’re lonely, you know you can call up this funky tune! Chris Padin drops a serious dance floor heater with ‘Call Me Up’, which has already taken the world by storm via Spinnin’ Records own playlist. The vocals are so catchy, you’ll need to sing along as you dance the night away. And of course when the beat drops, we can’t help but lose control to the fat bassline and bouncy house vibes. Now, just lose control and light your speakers up with this incredible new tune!

Simas – ‘Benja’

Brazilian producer, Simas, has re-released his track ‘Benja’, out via Dirtybird Records. At only 22 years old, Simas already has a large repertoire of original tracks on respected labels such as Solid Grooves Raw and Parrot Records. His incredible mixing skills often result in a one of a kind connection to the dancefloor while his songs create an engaging atmosphere, filled with crunchy textures and striking baselines, taking listeners on a massive trip each and every time.

ZHU – ‘Sky Is Crying (Kasbo Remix)’

Kasbo’sSky Is Crying’ remix is made for closing your eyes and raising your arms in the open air. While ZHU’s original leans into dark melancholy, this soaring rendition feels cathartic. There’s warmth in the gentle but firm groove, and light in the dancing synth. Despite Yuna’s lyrics about heartbreak and sorrow, his expansive, heaven-scraping chords impart hope for a better future.

Vintage Culture x Maxi Jazz – ‘Commotion’

“The lyrical wizardry of Maxi Jazz has been an inspiration for many years. Few artists can create such a vivid lyrical picture and simultaneously put these words to the melody as Maxi. It is an honor to work with this legend on our new track ‘Commotion’.”

Vintage Culture

Mabel x Jax Jones x Galantis – ‘Good Luck’

Good Luck’ is the brilliant new single from Brit Award-winner Mabel, Jax Jones and Galantis available now on Capitol Records. Inspiration for ‘Good Luck’ ran deeper for Mabel than the imagined dancefloor: she avidly watched and re-watched ‘Paris Is Burning’, ‘Pose’ and ‘Drag Race’ between writing songs, reflecting on how dance music became a generational hub for expression, liberation and inclusion.

Tensnake – ‘L.A. Noir’

Today marks the long-awaited release of Tensnake’s remix album of last year’s ‘L.A.’ Converting the catchy radio hits of the original album to irresistible club bangers. ‘L.A. Noir’ is a crossover between the Californian days and nights the artist fell so deeply in love with during his time in the city.


Being one of the first acts to bridge the gap between metal and dubstep, SVDDEN DEATH’s creativity spans across multiple subgenres of electronic music, drawing in a diverse group of listeners who fondly refer to his music and performances as “a brain melting experience like no other.” They’ll be ecstatic upon discovering that he is finally releasing thirteen new songs, some of which have been teased to massive fanfare over the years. And during this process, VOYD has grown into so much more than just the music. Masterfully curated with skits and classic VOYD speeches, ‘VOYD II is flawlessly mixed with his signature experimental and heavy bass sound. 

Cristina Lazic – ‘Burning’

“‘Burning’ is an EP that will accompany people in a variety of situations – from introspective journeys in moments of reflection, to social gatherings with friends and all the way to the dance floor. It consists of three tracks that contain a mix of minimal sounds with groovy bass, with female / male catchy vocals and unique elements full of surprises.”

Cristina Lazic

ReauBeau – ‘Outerspace’

ReauBeau is here and shooting for the stars with his debut LP, ‘Outerspace’! His biggest and boldest work to date, ‘Outerspace’ is bringing ReauBeau’s euphoric blend of trap and future bass to places unknown. In this album of galactic proportions,we’ll see new dimensions explored and legends made, like a message from a future just around the corner. 

Kastra – ‘What U Need’

Ahead of his upcoming performance during Miami Music Week, Kastra drops ‘What U Need’, a massive single meant for soundtracking the scorching hot nightlife of the city. The song is included on Revealed Records’ Miami Sampler 2022’ compilation. 

Manu Dia – ‘Often Inside’

Manu Dia’sOften Inside’ emits rays of bright, warm synths and fuzzy, lived-in textures. It’s an ode to the power of imagination and the rebirth of the self, both creatively and metaphorically, following two years of being stuck indoors.

Elektro Guzzi – ‘Triangle’

“With ‘Triangle’, we have managed to concentrate on the core competence of Elektro Guzzi. To generate the energy of techno live with bass guitar and drums. No overdubs, no cuts, everything is created at the moment.”

Elektro Guzzi

Stavroz – ‘Wintergreen’

Opening with a smooth jazz element, we’re quickly introduced to the deep, gently rolling basslines of Stavroz’sWintergreen’ that make themselves at home in the listener’s chest cavity. There’s a step away from the expected Western influences and into the Eastern world where a hot breath of air greets the wanderer and the rewarding rhythmic flow finds itself at home.

SIPPY x Virus Syndicate – ‘Who’s In Charge’

SIPPY and Virus Syndicate combine forces on their new collab ‘Who’s In Charge’, an ungovernable dubstep single that finds them asserting their authority with the Bassrush Records crew.  

Pete K – ‘Someone That I Used To Know’

A Miami Music Week big-tune contender, Pete K brings his unique ability to weave progressive arrangements with classic melodics, a track that epitomises the sound of peak time Deep State Recordings with ‘Someone That I Used To Know’. 

dj poolboi – ‘stay just a little while longer’

“I wanted this album [‘stay just a little while longer’] to be my most ambitious and diverse work to date and it was. It has been over two years of hard work in collaboration with artists in more than 10 different countries.  Genre-wise this has been a big step forward from the more niche lo-fi house and ambient music that I’ve made previously. One of my goals is to score films but with this album, there are at least 14 different music videos done now or in the works for a 12 song LP with remixes. We’ve shot in South Korea, Zambia, Canada, the UK, Germany and France all safe during the pandemic working with different film making teams for each.”

dj poolboi

Toby Romeo – ‘Devil’s Cup’

Kicking off with a hypnotic vocal cut and driving rhythm from the start, ‘Devils Cup’ showcases Toby Romeo’s stunning production prowess. Taking listeners into a lush soundscape, the propelling sonic gem features palpably raw, textured synths paired with an irresistible groove. Primed to take over dance floors, ‘Devils Cup’ swells with a pulsating bass and atmospherically entrancing production elements. Sporting high energy sensibilities and a propulsive flair, Romeo’s latest endeavor serves a sound that’ll leave one wanting more from the talent.

Subjective – ‘Breakout (LaMeduza)’

Subjective’sBreakout’, leading with a bouncing 90s rave piano line and pulling in mesmerising vocals from soul singer LaMeduza, surges towards the sunlight and lifts the listener higher and higher throughout its 4 minute runtime. Set to be a live favourite, the track stands out on the record as a nostalgic nod to a previous decade but as with the entire album, incorporates modern influences and techniques to keep it very much future facing.

*Featured image via John Askew, Tensnake, Matt Fax and Amy Wiles*

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