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We’re Going To ‘Keep On Trying’ To Make You Go ‘Wilde’ With This Week’s New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & Ronski Speed – ‘Prey’

Talla 2XLC is collaborating with Ronski Speed who is associated for many years with Euphonic Records, but lately he has many successful releases on top labels like FSOE, Nocturnal Animals, Subculture and countless others. Their common fruit of success is the exceptional ‘Prey’. There’s a solid, hard bassline, rough kicks and an incredible palette of colorful synths. The emotional piano chords and warm strings along with ethereal vocals beautifully paint its magical atmosphere. Blessed with a melody that will be impossible to forget easily, ‘Prey’ by Talla 2XLC and Ronski Speed is a future trance classic in the making and is out now on That’s Trance.

Rub!k – ‘Outbound’

London producer Rub!k is rapidly turning into a regular on the A State Of Trance label, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to hear why. From the high-impact sound set to the anthemic melody to the stadium-quaking beat drop, ‘Outbound’ is a sonic thrill designed to pulverize sound systems. 

David Forbes x Davey Asprey – ‘Lonach’

Audacious, resilient and not afraid to get into the thick of the action, ‘Lonach’ brings with it an unparalleled drive to dominate the dance floor. Shaped to melodic perfection by power trancers David Forbes and Davey Asprey, this Who’s Afraid of 138?! release proudly takes a stand as one of the year’s most stadium-quacking speaker busters. 

Siskin – ‘Electric Love’

As with its predecessor, the drive generated by the power of its bass and drum is beautifully camouflaged by refinements taking place higher up ‘Electric Love’s range. Trading not in the melancholic, the euphoric, or even – strictly speaking – the harmonic, it exists in its own musical space – a captivatingly transcendent sound hovering elusively shy of definition by Siskin

Bedrock Records – ‘Quattro Artists’

“‘Quattro Artists’ features four very unique and different albums from Quivver, Captain Mustache, Satoshi Fumi, and Lopezhouse in one limited edition 4 x CD box set. Bedrock Records always tries to do things differently so incorporating four original artist albums into one box set is a great way to experience and support some very talented musicians all in one go. I hope you enjoy this project.”

John Digweed

Cubicore x Oliver Moss – ‘Keep On Trying (feat. July Mell)’

Linking up with Oliver Moss and songstress July Mell, Kyiv-based hotshot Cubicore lands on Armind again to push his new-found progressive flavor into the limelight again. From the melodic splendor to the vocal-infused breakdown building suspense toward the euphoric beat drop, ‘Keep On Trying’ is all the reason dance fans need to smile from ear to ear. 

Jerome Isma-Ae x Alastor – ‘Wilde (Paul Thomas & Fuenka Remix)’

Reimagining one of Jerome Isma-Ae and Alastor’s most standout productions, Paul Thomas and Fuenka unleash their collaborative remix skills to bring out the true power of progressive. Building out of a captivating chord progression and ditto synth plucks, this version of ‘Wilde’ can set any dance floor ablaze with ease.

Party Favor x MASN – ‘Anxious’

“‘Anxious’ was born out of a desire to express my feelings towards anxiety in a song. I struggle with anxiety and I know a lot of other people do as well. I had wanted to work with MASN for a while, I knew he would be so perfect for this song. His vocals are incredible and I hope you enjoy it. This is one of the more mellow songs I’ve made and I’m excited to try something different.”

Party Favor

KARMACODA – ‘Make Me The One (Lycoriscoris Remix)’

Lycoriscoris’ take on ‘Make Me The One’ calls to mind the likes of Nicolas Jaar, Kiasmos and Ben Bohmer. Beyond the realm of regular life lies a new journey upon which we will embark on, with the mournful vocals found within KARMACODA ringing in our ears and a rolling ambient bassline to carry us along. It’s deep within the organic and the mists of the unknown that we’ll find the remix residing, shielding itself from the common world and gently luring the listener forward into the new.

Rules Don’t Apply – ‘SPLITS 002’

Walker & Royce have long conjured excitement with their every move – and their budding label, Rules Don’t Apply, has delivered the same buzz and brilliance. Now, the label presents its latest release in its two-track EP series, SPLITS. ‘SPLITS 002 reignites the groovy, club-friendly vibes with charming features from fresh-faced club wizard, Luke Andy, and Canadian nightlife messiahs, Smalltown DJs.

Joris Delacroix – ‘Homie’

“‘Homie’ is the kind of music I enjoy producing the most. It’s all about mixing peaceful and dreamy vibes with powerful and uplifting sensations in a constantly evolving way. This contradictory feeling resonates deep inside in me and I still need to express it through my music. The style is between House music and Electronica and the main theme takes influences from Stephan Bodzin and Vitalic.”

Joris Delacroix 

*Featured image via Cubicore, Paul Thomas, Fuenka and Siskin*

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