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Wellness4Humanity Introduces An Innovation Like No Other To Help Us Reunite On The Dancefloor | Interview

by Nadine Pasterczyk

The new year has finally begun and there is one question that is on all of our minds… When will we be able to go to shows and festivals again?!

We all want to be together again watching our favorite artists, listening to awe-inspiring music on incredible sound systems and experiencing what brings us all joy in life. I have high hopes in 2021 marking the moment when we see the light at the end of this seemingly never-ending tunnel. And this is all because of Wellness4Humanity and their innovative way to create a safe way to party together once again. 

We spoke with Pavel Stuchlik, co-founder of Wellness4Humanity about this magnificent process that will be brought to the electronic music festival scene in just a few months. 

FMF: As an avid festival and club-goer, reading about this innovative way to reunite us on the dancefloor has made me very excited. How did you come up with the idea to put together this extensive process that will soon enable us to be back together, listening to live music?

Pavel Stuchlik (Wellness4Humanity): It started with me as an artist canceling 40 shows in the first quarter, then coming together under one roof with a group of other impact investors and entrepreneurs to figure out how do we pivot. And once we pivot, we want to spread love to everybody else. It was out of that urgent need for everyone to thrive, we decided to create this company.

As much as we all want to head out to clubs and festivals again, there are certainly people that will still be hesitant about doing so. What are some ways that you can assure everyone that this is a safe way to party together again?

Our latest announcement is that we now offer a NEW antibody test from Helogen. The results of our antibody test also get automatically reported into our TRUSTPASSTM app. Our antibody test will show if someone’s been vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine, or if they’re organically contracted COVID-19 and acquired immunity as a result of having recovered from the infection. Either way, our antibody test will show if someone currently has immunity. This will be critical as approved vaccines become widely available.

Our full protocol can be tailored to the event, whatever the event size, depending on if it’s a festival or a venue or a bar. For information on our TRUSTPASSTM system: 

Click the image for more information.

One of the things that I particularly like about the whole process is the use of your mobile application, TRUSTPASSTM. Can you tell us a little more about how that works and how it adds an extra layer of safety?

TRUSTPASSTM is our convenient and highly effective four-step test that has F.D.A. Emergency Use Authorization (E.U.A.) This mirrors our at-home test, which is one of the only at-home tests approved for use in all 50 States. Our antigen test comes with a QR Code that accesses your health records. That communicates directly with our app. You simply present your QR Code at the entrance to an event; the code is scanned and the event organizers will know instantly if you’re cleared or not. This adds an extra layer of protection. All of our tests are F.D.A. E.U.A.-approved. Seventy-two hours before an event, you take the at-home P.C.R. test (the “gold standard” of COVID-19 tests) and return it in the secure packaging. Your P.C.R. results are obtained from our labs and the results go directly into your TRUSTPASSTM app. Then on the day-of-show, you take the rapid onsite antigen test (with results delivered in about 15-minutes), and those results present a QR Code if both your P.C.R. and antigen tests come back negative. That QR Code serves as your entry to the event. It’s up to each individual event organizer how secure they want to be. For instance, some promoters may choose to use only the onsite antigen test and skip the P.C.R. test. Or other promoters may want the P.C.R. test plus the antigen test, plus the new antibody test to see if people have been vaccinated. We tailor it to the event organizer’s needs.

This isn’t the only thing that you’re doing that’s different from what I’ve seen other events do though. You’ve also implemented a 4-part virus detection method, which includes an at-home PCR test, a safe entry station and an antigen test. Can you tell us a little bit more about each of these phases?

We don’t leave any guesswork! All four of these processes, they eliminate any failures, so the venue becomes a 99.99% COVID-19-free zone. Our new antibody test is critically important because it will show if someone’s been vaccinated or otherwise has antibodies as a result of natural immunity (i.e. if someone has been ill with COVID-19 but has recovered).

All of this AI-driven, cutting-edge biotechnology is going to be implemented for the upcoming EDM tour, Spread Love Not Covid. When does this tour plan to kick off?

It’ll kick-off in approximately March, 2021.

Where will the tour be stopping?

We’re securing the venues as we speak. We’re looking to include Miami, Atlanta, New York City, and more. Any venues or promoters interested in becoming part of the Spread Love Not Covid Tour should contact us at Wellness4Humanity or message us on social media.

Lastly, (assuming you’re a music lover as well) what do you miss most about the live music experience that we’ve all been longing for since March?

What I miss most is the community, the sense of human connection that people are lacking the most, right now. As a DJ/producer, I go by NOA | AON, and I’ve had to cancel more than 40 gigs when COVID-19 first hit. Our new antibodies testing detects if someone has immunity either from having had a COVID-19 vaccine, or from having contracted the virus naturally and recovered from it. The important thing to remember is that even after vaccines are widely available, frequent and accurate testing will always be crucial. The daily need for testing will become routine.

Click the image more information on Wellness4Humanity.

*Featured image via Wellness4Humanity*

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