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Wedding at EDC

Wedding Bells At EDC LV

by Jennifer Fall

EDC means many things to many people. Home, Fun, Magic, and my personal favorite, Love. There is nothing more romantic than a wedding, but a wedding at EDC? Well, that takes the cake quite literally. When I met Nate and Tim at Ultra 2016, I was completely blown away by how quickly they brought me into their festival family. In just the short time of a year, we have fested at least every other month together and created a bond that has made us less than just festival buddies, but true family members.

When they mentioned that they were getting married at EDC, I changed my plans and booked the flights to Vegas. (I am the flower girl after all). I couldn’t wait to hear their story from then to now and to share it with all of you.


It is my pleasure to introduce the world to Nate and Tim, my festival partners in fabulousness.

Nate and Tim EDC LV Wedding

Photo Courtesy | Nate and Tim

Can you give us a little background on your lives together?

Nate: On November 3, 2012, I received a message on Growlr, a gay dating app asking if I wanted to get a drink. I was at my dad’s helping him install a hot water heater, I wasn’t sure about meeting the guy because his profile said he lived in Hollywood FL. My dad said it had been 5 years since my last relationship and it was time to get back on the horse, after all, it was only a drink. I decided to meet the guy.

I met him at his hotel on the beach. We had a couple beers, ok it was more than a couple lol, had some great conversation. I ended up staying in his room with him, I’d had too much to drink to drive home. We snuggled all night while we slept, and it was the best sleep I had had in a really long time.

The next morning we traded numbers and I headed home. We texted over the next week. He said he was going to be back in the area for the weekend and asked if I wanted to get together again. I said sure and offered to let him stay with me instead of paying for a hotel.

Over the next couple weeks, we continued to talk and he said he was moving back to the area. We talked more and 5 years later we are still together. He has made me the happiest man. I am very lucky to have met him and very happy that I decided to meet him. I am looking forward to marrying Tim on May 19th under the electric sky at EDC Las Vegas!

Tim: It all started when I asked Nate to meet for a coffee one day over five years ago on a dating app. He was a little reluctant at first to meet in person but after a bit of encouragement, he agreed. I couldn’t help but want to meet with this Seth Rogan looking ginger fro at the time, he looked so adorable.

When we first met we realized we had an instant connection with our sick senses of humor and nerdy ways.It started as some harmless dating with some fun thrown in, then one day Nate asked if we could be boyfriends.I had no reason to say no and haven’t looked back since.

Over the last 5 years have built a deep love for Nate and couldn’t imagine my life without him. He is a loving, caring and deeply passionate person with a great big heart. We have had some ups and downs as any couple goes through but nothing that Nate and I haven’t been able to work through.

Nate popped the question on Valentine’s Day 3 years ago, I said yes without hesitation. It has taken 3 years to get everything together to tie the knot at EDC Vegas, our favorite place on earth.


What is the most romantic moment you have shared?

Nate: I think the most romantic moment was when Tim came home from his first trip to Australia. We were so happy to see each other that we didn’t care that we were still in the airport. When I saw him I started to cry and ran to him gave him a big hug and kiss and didn’t want to let go.

Tim: EDC Las Vegas 2017 watching Alison Wonderland from the Grandstand.

What made you chose EDC as the venue to get married?

Nate:  We love to go to raves. We thought it would be a very memorable wedding to get married where we can be ourselves. We also wanted our fest family to be there, and what better place than a fest! We are getting married at the Tech Chapel on May 19th at 7:30.

Tim: Have always been a fan of EDC and EDC Vegas is my favorite place on earth. Couldn’t think of any better place to tie the knot.


Tell us about your EDC wedding?

Nate: Our wedding colors are our favorite colors, red and blue. The first people we met at a fest that are in our fest family, Jilly, and Farah, will be our best women.

Tim: We wanted to get married early in the night shortly after EDC starts so everyone could enjoy their entire night of EDC without having to stick to a schedule later in the night. EDC is about exploring and meeting new people and not sticking to a schedule. We decided our colors are tie die.

What do you love most about EDC?

Nate:  The thing I love most about EDC is All Are Welcome. Race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation none of that matters at EDC. You can feel the love and acceptance in the air!

Tim: The people, amazing vibes, and production value.


What does love mean to you?

Nate: To be in love means to share your entire life and person with someone. To never have to be alone, to always have someone there for you to pick you up when you fall down, to pick them up when they fall.

Tim: Knowing I always have my best friend with me, unconditionally and to go through life’s journey together.

I can’t wait to see my two boys get married and share the love of their special day under the electric sky. Congratulations angels. I can’t wait to witness such a beautiful milestone in your lives together!

You too can marry the love of your life at EDC. Find more information here.

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