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“We Will Always Love You” So “Pour All Night” And Take In the New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

ilan Bluestone – “Rule The World”

Anjunabeats favorite ilan Bluestone releases his new single “Rule The World” featuring Jan Burton. This track is a fresh Bluestone anthem, roadtested in front of a sellout crowd during his Group Therapy 350 set in Prague last October. “Rule The World” is a hypnotic throbbing gem and the perfect song to dance to in your living room and rage to when the clubs are back open!

Estiva – “Rush Hour”

Dutch-born DJ/producer Estiva releases the enlivening single “Rush Hour”. His progressive mindset is reflected in his ethereal blend of melodic techno, trance sounds, and more throughout the new track. This release picks up effortlessly taking the listeners on an intimate and spiritual journey to a place of transcendence in their minds.

deadmau5 & Kiesza – “Bridged by a Lightwave” (Tommy Trash Remix)

mau5trap released the first of several remixes of deadmau5 & Kiesza’s “Bridged By A Lightwave”. This release is a seven-minute musical odyssey and Kiesza’s first-ever collaboration with deadmau5. Australian electro-house DJ and producer Tommy Trash creates an intense driving rework that totally compliments the original track.

Steve Brian – “Another Youth” (Matt Fax Remix)

Steve Brian‘s second album 1986” was released over a month ago and “Another Youth” is a stellar single from the release. It was the album’s standout heavy-hitter, a powerful progressive trance banger that featured all the hallmarks of a dynamic Steve Brian production including gargantuan bass and wall-of-sound synths. The Matt Fax remix of “Another Youth” is a masterful interpretation from the French producer, his trailblazing sound is on fine display on a deftly-produced, euphoric version of the track that is a must-listen!

Loris Buono & Alexander Cruel – “Drifting Away”

Loris Buono & Alexander Cruel team up on vibrant new banger “Drifting Away”. Blending elements of tech-house, bass, and Latin groove, the track fuses a high-energy build-up with an explosive club-ready drop to cement a reputation as one of this year’s most exciting releases!

Teddy Killerz – ‘Nerd Starter Pack”

Drum & bass trio from Russia / Ukraine Teddy Killerz release a mental three-track drum & Bass EP by the name of “Nerd Starter Pack“.  This brutal three-tracker will school heads once again with their massive sound!

Juelz – “Pour All Night”

Canadian producer Juelz is touching down on the gamer-centric imprint Night Mode with his label debut “Pour All Night” featuring Thelonius. This new release is a hyped electro-fueled hip-hop heater!

The Avalanches – “We Will Always Love You”

The Avalanches release their new album, “We Will Always Love You”. This release is an exploration of the vibrational relationship between light, sound, and spirit, it doubles as an examination of the human voice and spiritual reckoning. They have moved beyond the party-up exuberance of their youthful music to a tender, reflective sound infused with hard-earned life wisdom.

Keshi – “Right Here” (Snakehips Remix)

Enigmatic singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Keshi’s hit single “Right Herejust released a new official remix by London Duo Snakehips. This rework is a catchy electro-pop tune that will definitely be a new fan favorite!

Snowk – “I’m Lost”

Rising DJs and production duo, Snowk shared their latest single, I’m Lostft. J.O.Y. The track is part of a series of releases taken from their upcoming album, “Powder” which will be released in January. The single open with mellowed tones, best suited for a relaxing Saturday afternoon spent in the sun, Snowk gently guides their listeners along on blissful melodies that keep the positive vibes following. J.O.Y’s smooth vocals praise a mysterious woman that he can’t get off of his mind, creating a flirty atmosphere in the glistening single.

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DVRKO, BIJOU & Damon Sharpe – “Sushi”

Dynamic producer/DJ DVRKO has linked up with producer/DJ BIJOU, along with GRAMMY-award winning producer and DJ, Damon Sharpe, for an original, unforgettable G-house collaboration, “Sushi”. The trio have come together to build a certifiable heater with a catchy baseline, captivating kicks, and a memorable hook that conjures serious after-hours vibes. The sexy, breathy vocals and contagious lyrics reinforce the undeniable earworm of a tune, one which fans are unlikely to forget long after the night is over.

Feather & Lostboycrow – “Smoke”

Kyle Featherstone, more commonly known as Feather is back on the release radar with his highly-anticipated sophomore single “Smoke” featuring vocals from famed L.A. based artist Lostboycrow. This release opens with an atmospheric melody as the resonating vocals quickly flood the soundscape. The commanding vocals captivate the listener as the track swells with tension, steadily building into a whirlwind of emotive instrumentals. The four-minute offering engulfs the listener from start to finish with a high-octane production.

Nurko – “Blindspot”

Talented producer and DJ, Jack Leech, known professionally as Nurko releases his new track “Blindspot”. His final offering of the year, Nurko will be releasing “Blindspot” with Devon Baldwin in a multipart series. Nurko takes you into an entirely new sonic space, trading melancholic notes for uplifting chord arrangements and synth stabs. Reflecting on past relationships, lyrically the single paints a tumultuous picture of weaknesses colliding with substances and raw unfiltered emotion.

Alexander Komarov – “Second Way”

Alexander Komarov releases his newest track “Second Way”. This release is an energized and hypnotic single that will surely be a new fan favorite!

Vessbroz – “Sun Goes Down”

Persian powerhouse Vessbroz’s release their mammoth new single. ”Sun Goes Down” featuring singer/songwriter Nick McWilliams. A production that packs a punch from the opening note, the duo seamlessly combine Middle Eastern elements with a hard-hitting big room sound, delivering yet another larger-than-life sonic creation. Crafted with the Main Stage in mind, this sensational cut longs to be played out from festival speakers around the globe once the world gets back to what it once was.

The Pride – “Too Damn Late”

Los Angeles alternative rock band The Pride release their second EP Too Damn Late. The infectious riffs, catchy melodies, and introspective lyrics channel the heyday of early 2000’s pop-punk and emo.

Morelia – “Damage Control”

Morelia is slithering back over to IN / ROTATION with his next release, a vicious tech-house two-tracker by the name of “Damage Control“. Morelia cleans up on the title cut, as he constructs a snarling groove marked by hefty basslines, punchy drum programming, panting breath samples, and a slinky synth lead that will tickle the frontal cortex. On the flip, “All Night” is an ode to the late-night dwellers of the dancefloor. A hypnotic vocal refrain keeps the vibe locked in its loopy daze, while fidgety croaks maneuver restlessly over a shuffling rhythm.

MYD – “Moving Men” (Gaspard Auge and Victor Le Masne Remix)

French producer/DJ Myd released his hit track “Moving Men” earlier this year and just release the latest juicy remix from Gaspard Auge (of Justice) and Victor Le Masne. Auge and Le Masne’s remix certainly ratchets up the energy, perhaps better suited for dancefloors than the whimsical original which exemplifies the broad range of Myd’s production. Forgoing verses and focusing on the catchy “Moving Men” refrain, Auge and Le Masne cleverly reimagine elements of the original record for this upbeat remix.

*Featured image | via ilan Bluestone, Morelia, Feather, and Estiva*

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