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“We Found Love” Through New Music “Don’t Let It End” | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston – “No One On Earth” (gardenstate Remix)

A trance classic goes breakbeat with gardenstates remix of Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston’s 2004 collaboration, “No One On Earth“, out now on Anjunabeats.  From 2004, “No One On Earth” is the first Above & Beyond track co-written with Zoë Johnston and the beginning of a momentous artistic partnership. The rework has the beauty of the original but with raved-up breakbeat twist!

Steve Brian – “1986”

After several months and four tunes later, Steve Brian has finally put his full-length album “1986 out into the world. The progressive house and trance producer shares his personal story of love, triumph, maturity, and everything in between. The release is an eclectic mix of breaking free and soul-filling moments. Each of the fourteen tracks attributes an essential element to the overall journey Steve Brian takes his listeners on. The album has been crafted into a euphonious journey ranging from Brian’s signature trance to mellow progressive house sounds in addition to groovier and even deep house characteristics.

JES + Oliver Smith – “Don’t Let It End”

Just in time to bring some musical salvation to the strangest of years are JES and Oliver Smith release their emotional banger “Don’t Let It End“. Evoking all the emotions of those late-night festival moments that have become a part of who we are. This release brings you back to a place that may be lost right now, but will never be forgotten. It brings together the power of two fascinating artists and unites them to one meaningful path. Combining Oliver’s deep, layered production with JES’ achingly beautiful vocals, the pounding rhythm, and swelling sentiment will make you feel like you are right back on the dance floor.

Solarstone – “Island”

This summer, Solarstone recorded an album, which served as a sonic storyboard for the first 24hrs of any White Isle trip. Piling poignancy on poignancy and imagery on imagery, the last single to be drawn from it in 2020 is none other than ‘island’ itself. The soundscape-suggestion of the album’s title (and opening) track couldn’t be much clearer. It echoes the inimitable pulse and thrill of arrival over Ibizan airspace, as blue gives way to the beach, sea cedes to sand and rubber greets runway. With a percussive skip to its opening moments’ step, Solarstone underpins ‘island’s wistful guitar lines with coolly grooving and distinctly foot-moving bass. Flute float and other evocative string-strummed instruments give it flight before the majesty of its mainline brings the final encapsulation of its island-arrival theme.

Gerry Read – “Sunshine Kissing”

Gerry Read releases his new single Sunshine Kissing”. This new single has a sense of playfulness chiming high, along with guitars that strut through the track, giving way to sampled vocals and a triumphant horn break. Underneath this joyous atmosphere, there is a huge sense of detail, samples are painstakingly layered upon another, recalling the approach of acclaimed artists such as The Avalanches and DJ Shadow

AFSHEEN – “Happy Tunes”

Multi-talented producer, songwriter, and musician AFSHEEN is bringing some levity to the world, through the release of his new full-length album “Happy Tunes“. The album’s diverse tracks echo optimism, happiness, and gratitude, as AFSHEEN shares his deepest struggles and triumphs with listeners as they journey through the world of Happy tunes!  Each track takes a distinct approach in transporting the listener to the “happiest of places,” something everyone needs right now after a rollercoaster 2020 year. 

Emily Speague – “Chasing Light”

Artist Emily A. Sprague and Moog Music conjure a calming multi-sensory experience in “Chasing Light”. A new ambient piece Sprague composed using the Moog One polyphonic synthesizer. This release is a composition of dreamy soundscapes inspired by the beauty of nature and the joy of connecting with one’s surroundings through sight and sound. Sprague’s music is accompanied by a short film, shot primarily with Super 8mm film, that brings the viewer inside the artist’s world, her home, the ocean, the mountains. See the short film HERE.

Joyia – “Come Down” (Slow Motion Remix)

Slow Motion continues his string of remixes with a solo remixed song Come Down by Toronto based R&B singer, Joyia. As personal fans of each other, the song came about naturally. The song is an upbeat, dance track that starts off slow and bright kicking into a house beat.

R3HAB X Alida – “One More Dance”

Electronic music powerhouse R3HAB teamed up with Norwegian singer/songwriter Alida to create a powerful vocal track that will take all of your troubles away. For their new single “One More Dance“, R3HAB cultivates a danceable vibe with deep undulating basslines and breezy melodies, which serve as the perfect backdrop for Alida’s breathy, soulful vocals. Most listeners will relate to the track’s emotive lyrics, which call to mind having that “one more dance” at your favorite show to gather the strength to face life’s challenges.

Third Party – “We Found Love”

Third Party are back, marking the first official Third Party single in 8 months, We Found Love” is the second single following their hugely successful 2019 album “TOGETHER“. Sprinkling the release with their ever-atmospheric touch, the single also encompasses several elements of old-school house and electro, whilst managing to maintain the signature sound of the pair’s ‘big room’ euphoria.

Pines – “Tell Me” (Align Remix)

Palm Tree Records enlists ALIGN to remix PINES‘ “Tell Me. as part of their Dreamcycle Remixed package. A beautiful, uplifting tune, ALIGN shines in his take on PINES’ hit single. Twinkling synths set the stage early on as ALIGN quickly pulls listeners into sweet serenity. Keeping time with a powerful kick, ALIGN crafts a wondrous melody atop a stirring back sound. Full-bodied and full of tropical house flare, ALIGN’s re-imagination of the hit single is a powerful standout on the release.

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Saint Punk – “Light Em Up”

Saint Punk delivers another grunge house heater to Thrive Music with his latest release Light ‘Em Up”. This high-octane track kicks off with a heavy 4/4 beat before descending into deep vocals that blast off into a frenzy of racing rhythms and pounding grunge house thumps.

Slow Magic – “Breathless”

 Slow Magic unveils “Breathless” featuring Runn. Serving as the second single from his forthcoming “it’s the end of the world, but it’s ok“. Slow Magic presents a more introspective view of living in today’s tumultuous times with his new single. Featuring a timeless vocal and lyrical performance by Runn, this release takes a deeper look at the wavering emotions felt while breaking out of comfort zones and into this new world. Runn’s soothing vocals topping Slow Magic’s stirring soundscapes are juxtaposed with lyrics exploring the duo’s experiences facing their own anxieties both personally and existentially while underlining the importance of stopping and taking a breath.

Mako – “Ocelot”

Mako returns with another intriguing offering “Ocelot“. The release is an indie-dance track with pop sensibilities that continues to paint a vivid picture of what is to come on his forthcoming sophomore album, “Fable“, slated for release in early December. The high-octane record opens with a stunningly memorable acoustic guitar riff propelled by a catchy soundscape of handclaps and percussion. Mako’s emotively saccharine vocal effortlessly glides, as the track builds with a driving four-on-the-floor rhythm into an electro-pop anthem. This release serves as a true testament to Mako’s unique artistic vision, as well as his ever-evolving sound as a producer.

Eulene – “Working on a Train”

Electro-pop songstress, Eulene releases her latest track, Working On A Train“. The song is taken from her long-awaited self-titled EP that will be released in December. Eulene creates her music by channeling emotional pulls that tinker with concepts and feelings. Her new release is bold with intermittent basslines that meet seductive vocals while angular beats meet instrumental landscapes that open up to a world of pop-laden mystery and fiery independence. A strong attitude permeates most of the song while a balance is reached with a smoldering slow-burn vocal that dances their way through as the song oozes with soulful dynamic touches.

DVRKO X KILLWILL – “Broken Famous”

Dynamic producer/DJ DVRKO and singer-songwriter KillWill, release a powerful, country-inspired, dance-pop single, “Broken Famous”. The single details the struggles of chasing fame and living life in the fast lane under a façade that the city of Los Angeles affords a dreamer. Opening with a poignant ballad, the spine-tingling tune is cemented by powerful synths, seminal guitar riffs, and striking melodies.

Rob Tirea – “Deaf & Stellar”

Rob Tirea release his debut project’s second single. “Deaf And Stellar“. This is also the title track of the EP, which will arrive in December.  Championing his own uniquely mesmeric perspective and format to the dance music landscape, with scope across an array of musical outlets, from vocals and guitar to bass, piano, and drums. Tirea elicits his own compelling strain of electronic music through the authenticity of these traditional instruments.

Katy Perry – “Resilient” (Tiësto Remix)

Katy Perry and Coca-Cola announced the launch of a new music project, seeing the two very different pop icons joining forces to refresh the world. They have come together to re-imagine “Resilient”, a song from the global superstar’s new album, Smile“. Partnering with critically acclaimed DJ/producer Tiësto and introducing the vocal stylings of rising star Aitana, the remix is an uplifting, inclusive anthem for our times. A new video also accompanies this remix which can be found HERE.

Jace Mek – “Groovinator”

Jace Mek serves up his first standalone single on Insomniac‘s house-centric imprint IN / ROTATION with a wacky number by the name of “Grooveinator 5000.” In an age where the musical landscape has become littered with cookie-cutter sounds, Jace Mek has proven himself to be an aural diamond in the rough. His first solo single takes the shape of a punchy and humming beast of a tech-house track. He kicks things off a hissing hat and crispy snare combo that works around a string of two-toned bleeps underscoring an obscure vocal sample foreshadowing the impending wackiness with the words “when the sound system drops the bass, you can feel it from your feet… right up to your belly.” Once those last words hit, modulating lines worm their way through a robust rolling bassline and off-kilter stabs and hums that color the number with his singular style.

FIIN – “Days Like This”

Miami’s FIIN returns with his new single Days Like This.” This release is a euphonious house track perfect for those after-hours vibes. Opening with a steady four on the floor bassline, FIIN weaves in enigmatic melodies and cinematic synths over a sultry vocal sampling; the result is both, emotive and dancefloor-friendly.

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