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We Are Getting “Closer Every Day” To “Falling In” Love With New Music | Fresh Music Friday

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

M&S – “Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)” (Mark Knight Remix)

Almost 20 years to the day that the original Salsoul Nugget (If You Wanna)” was released into the world by the acclaimed UK duo M&S (Ricky Morrison and Fran Sidoli). Now they return to celebrate the anniversary of the early nighties classic. To mark the occasion, the duo went back in the studio and recreated and remastered the record completely! Grammy-nominated producer, and absolute icon of the UK dance scene, Mark Knight injects a new level of groove into the stellar house tune. The release leans into sexy guitar licks and an ever-so-slight swing to really embrace the dancefloor movers, Mark delivers a decadent slice of house music heaven.

Pavel Khvaleev & Blackfeel Wite – “Chasing Dreams”

Pavel Khvaleev’s returns with Blackfeel Wite (aka singer/producer Eugene Gagarin), to create “Chasing Dreamswhich draw you in nature and transcendental haunt will linger immeasurably longer than ‘Dreams’ ephemeral title implies. Across its three original versions, there’s little doubt about the track’s key attribute. Throughout, Pavel & Eugene keep its mesmerizing song front, center, and fully under the production’s spotlight. Blackfeel delivers every emotional beat and lyrical meaning with the absolute conviction of clarity. Between his words, Pavel interweaves understated percussion loops and middle-distance harmonies, while the warmth of the pads keeps the track’s lyrically darker refrains in balance. Long story short: while you might come for Wite’s vocal, you’ll stay for the hazy heat of Khvaleev’s production.

Notaker – “Echelon”

The St. Louis-based producer Notaker is back with another ripping single, “Echelon”. It opens with an impactful electro line and shifts into experimental territory. Proving that versatility is the key to his longevity, this release echoes Notaker’s affinity for glitch-driven melodies and midtempo swirls.

Aparde – “Alliance”

Aparde releases his fourth albumAlliance“. It sees him retreating from his recent experimentations with avant-garde pop back into the world of deep, and often dark, electronica. The release is as impressive sonically as it is technically, Aparde used a mixture of electronic sounds, analog equipment, and his own voice either as a sound element or lyrical component to explore this duality of sound.

Aubrey Fry -“Dystopia”

After 15 years, legendary Brighton DJ Aubrey Fry is making a remarkable comeback. He returns to Bedrock Records for his debut EP “Dystopia on the storied imprint. Staying true to the sounds that first ignited his passion, “Dystopia” provides fresh takes on techno while staying wholly committed to the underground rave sound. From top to bottom Fry’s experience and dedication to his craft are painstakingly apparent, making for a must-listen record for true tech-heads and lovers of the underground.

CloudNone – “Flashlight”

CloudNone is back to offer a second taste of his forthcoming EP with “Flashlight”. Starring vocals from Micah Martin, this single is a multifarious production utilizing inspirations from several unique corners of electronic music as only CloudNone can. The instrumental opens on a chilled-out downtempo note but goes on to employ everything from buzzing synths to swirling subs to delicate xylophone hits. Martin’s performance ranges from subdued lows to provocative highs, making this release an enthralling and intriguing listen top to bottom.

Cosmicat – “Toxic Romance”

Saudi Arabia’s first and leading female DJ and producer Cosmicat makes her stunning debut with the first-ever single “Toxic Romance“. She introduced herself to the global market as a sultry underground queen with both dancefloor and emotive potential. The track uses big-room synths and a rumbling, techno-influenced bassline to contrast exquisitely with her own feathery vocals; in this way, Cosmicat creates a soundscape that is both bold and delicate, personifying her own identity as a female artist who is trailblazing the electronic music scene in a culture that has traditionally forbid women from making any style of music.

Gone – “Saved”

Melodic techno producer and percussionist GONE has released “Saved” off his debut EP, “SOURCES”. Spamming across the web of multiple universes, GONE takes an elegant and refined approach to create the complex set of rhythmic patterns found within the release. Dancing amongst genres and lightly acknowledging each, the EP stands as a testament to the synth-fuelled sounds and deep rolling basslines that drive many a listener into a vibrant haze. The new single is an ear-catching track that will definitely be a fan favorite.

Marshmello X Carnage – “Back In Time”

Genre-blurring global superstar Marshmello, teams with dancefloor destroyer Carnage on the nostalgic rave anthem Back In Time.” This new single is a well-timed return to the club, an ecstatic ode to long nights and good times. The track also arrives alongside a lighthearted, time-traveling video. Watch that HERE.

Hyper – “Impact Weapon”

Hyper debuts on mau5trap with Impact Weapon“. This is his first single ahead of his forthcoming “Control” EP. Inspired by social justice movements in his current home of Seattle, Washington, Hyper details a time of political and racial unrest in the release. Sourcing actual audio from one of the Black Lives Matter protests in his town, Hyper’s mau5trap debut builds impactful tension, unfurling into a cacophony of industrial synth work. Utilizing foreboding instrumentation to masterfully convey feelings of both unrest and empowerment, The release is both reflective and introspective, all the while coated in unique industrial dance flair.

Chris Malinchak – Closer Every Day”

Chris Malinchak has linked up with UK singer-songwriter Stealth on new single Closer Every Day, Steeped in emotion and punctuated by Stealth’s soaring, soul-drenched vocals, the single is an idyllic vocal house creation that sees Chris tap into the chilled-out dance sound that he has made his own in recent years.

NGHTMRE – “Speak Easy”

A true clash between present and future, NGHTMRE reveals his latest single “Speak Easy” in collaboration with emerging duo Alexandar Smash. “‘Speak Easy’ was one of those tracks that really came together quickly in the studio. The creative flow the first day I worked with Alexandar Smash in the studio was awesome and we got most of the idea done. As soon as I heard the vocals I knew how it was going to sound. It’s rare when that happens but it’s the best feeling. We spent months tweaking/adding final touches and I’m extremely proud of how it ended up sounding! Alexandar Smash and Ghostlo have been a pleasure to work with, to say the least.” – NGHTMRE

John Summit & Parachute Youth – “Better Than This”

A decade in the making, John Summit & Parachute Youth’s new record Better Than Thisbreathes new life into the classic hit. Summit’s trademark drum design, with crisp claps and energetic hi-hats, is all held together by an unrelenting yet full-bodied bassline that ensures the vocal is front and center.

Digitalz – “Falling In”

Esteemed French electronic dance music DJ/production pair Digitalz return to the release radar with “Falling In” featuring fellow France-based vocalist TheNamless. Boasting a unique penchant for cinematically atmospheric original productions, the duo’s latest offering is no different, kicking off with calming sounds of nature that effortlessly invoke contemplative feelings of awe and wonder.

Hukae – “Umbra”

Hukae ventures out into new territory on the future bass-gleaning single “Umbra”. Without sacrificing the integrity of his signature sound, the single finds Hukae hitting a new tempo with undeniable style and grace. The nearly three-minute creation slaps with a frothy flair, as thunderous trap drums create a bed for saccharine vocal chops, scampering synth sequences, guttural bass hits, and sweeping melody lines.

Bougenvilla & Mairee – “Bad Option”

Bougenvilla & Mairee team up with Nathalie Blue for the new release “Bad Option”. With a strong vocal bringing in a playful boost to the energy of the track. Despite being‘90s kids, this release starts with an energetic riff throwing it back to the ’80s, giving off incredible Miami Vice vibes. The track is tied back together to the 21st-century with Nathalie Blue’s vocals guiding you through the music.

Wax Motif – “Need You”

Wax Motif is gearing up for his debut artist album, and the first single arrives in the form of his show-stopping collaboration “Need You” alongside Phlegmatic Dogs. This release is a proper bass house single that was well worth the wait. Striking the perfect balance between their hefty tendencies, the track revolves around burly basslines with their rough edges rounded out by an intoxicating combination of shimmery melodies and an alluring R&B vocal hook. 

*Featured image | via Cosmicat, Hyper, Chris Malinchak, and Gone*

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