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HVDES dark queen of electro

#WCW | HVDES | The Dark Queen of Underground Electro Music

by Fresh Music Freaks Staff

This Woman Crush Wednesday is not for the faint of heart!

From the depths of inner-city Los Angeles, emerges a dark entity in electronic dance music. HVDES is not just the ruler of the underworld, but a goddess of the underground electro scene. For those that aren’t familiar, electro is a sub-genre of edm with drum kicks on every beat. To put it simply, it’s like a slightly more aggressive version of house music. Stay with me here. Ranging from electro bass, like Black Tiger Sex Machine, to electro house, like Wolfgang Gartner, the tempos are similar to house music but with buzzing basslines and groovy yet distorted synths. Thanks for hanging in there. Now, back to our girl HVDES!

HVDES brings macabre sound design and downright sinister vocal samples together to make malevolent sounding tracks. The beats will make you want to dance, but the dark vibes will send a cold chill down your spine. HVDES track “Fvck My Nose Up” has become an anthem among my friend group and it’s time to shine a light on our dark queen of electro.

Finding Strength in Music

Savannah has turned a troubled past into a promising future in producing. Struggling with drug abuse and depression at a young age, a stint in rehab was what fueled HVDES passion for electronic dance music:

“After [rehab], I think I just really fell in love with electronic music because of how infinite it is. There are endless possibilities to what you can do with sound, and that was really what was so intriguing to me. I grew up playing classical piano, boxed in by the structure of music theory and the “rules” of where and how everything should be, musically. So to work within a medium where those “rules” didn’t necessarily need to be followed was very inspiring for me.”

-HVDES, edm.com

Though it’s hard to nail down a genre to such a unique sound, the unmistakable influence of industrial and midtempo electro is most prominent with a little bit of house and trap thrown in the mix. You can hear the hours of dedication and raw intensity Savannah puts in every song she produces. Music is all about creating a vibe to the listener and HVDES vibes will take you to the fiery depths of your edm-loving soul.

The Road So Far

Her first big release, the aforementioned anthem “Fvck My Nose Up”, was what sparked my interest in her style. It’s clearly about an unrelenting common cold right? Let’s say yes. Her distorted female vocals, recorded by the woman herself, laid over a hard-hitting midtempo beat caught my attention immediately and she’s been my lady crush ever since.

HVDES is building her empire higher and higher with every release increasing in intensity and she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. “FMNU” is just my favorite but her list of electro bangers runs long including an EP on Kannibalen Records and a new collab with ATLAST titled “Mind Control”. I’m always on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what HVDES will come up with next and at the rate she’s going these days, she’s going to make 2019 her bitch.

Now, I’m not fortunate enough to live on the west coast where the majority of her shows are held so I have yet to see what she’s like on the decks. But hopefully, praying to my dark queen, she will be on the road soon. Until then, I’ll just be here waiting with her songs on repeat with “my dark shades, in the back of the club, disassociating”.

Listen to “Fvck My Nose Up” and check out HVDES on Spotify!

HVDES Fvck My Nose Up
*”Fvck My Nose Up” | Image Via HVDES Ghosts Facebook*

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