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Music Festivals - February 21, 2019

Ultra Thursday | Ultra goes Eco-Friendly for Virginia Key

Here's how to do your part and keep Ultra's new venue Clean and Beautiful!

With only FIVE (long) weeks to go till Ultra and the start of festival season, ravers everywhere are making their lineup lists, figuring out what this new venue is going to be like, and gathering all their supplies for the annual trek to Miami. For most of us, Ultra is like Christmas… but in March. I’d take white sandy beaches over snow any day, and Ultra is exactly the reason for the Spring Break season. There is literally nothing better.

There is only one downside to major festivals. TRASH. We consume, we use, and we discard. Every year I walk over a sea of cups and garbage at festivals. In fact, it has been one thing that completely turns me off about attending them. Nothing is worse than walking out of a stage to find trash literally at every turn. We all have to live on this earth, and do our part for mother nature. With the change of venue, comes a huge responsibility for Ultra. As a long time fan and patron, I am not only happy to do my part, but recognize the huge undertaking the new beach side venue will have for trash disposal.

So while you are packing your essential lists for Ultra, make sure to bring your inner nature lover. Hold onto your trash until the end of a set, and throw it in a garbage can. If you see trash, pick it up and throw it away. If you are a smoker, bring a portable ashtray. They are super cheap and effective. There is no reason to not have one. (I quit so for the first time in 15 years, I won’t be needing one!) Check out some suggestions on our Amazon to help keep Ultra clean!

Thank you Ultra for showing your commitment to the environment. We don’t need fireworks. The music is ENOUGH for us! With the addition of a potential 10,000 more festers in the venue, this will hopefully mean an increase in trash cans everywhere to keep up with the increased crowd. If we all do our part, we can make Ultra’s new home brighter, and save the beaches and wildlife for future generations of ravers.

Ultra Music Festival Miami 2019 Phase 2
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