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Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Shuttle Stations | Wifi, Restrooms, and AC Oh MY!

by Jennifer Fall

The question on everyone’s mind has been answered, and Ultra Music Festival is pulling out all the stops, no pun intended. With the loss of the iconic Bayfront Park venue, many Ultranauts have pondered the logistics of getting to and from Virginia Key.

With only one bridge being a point of entry, would water taxis be involved? How many shuttle stops would there be? What locations? What would the transportation be like? With no parking allowed for patrons on Virginia Key, shuttles are essential. Late last night, Ultra answered all of our questions with an easy to read guide located below.

That’s right Ultranauts, it doesn’t sound like these are your run of the mill shuttles… we get wifi, bathrooms, and A.C. on these bad boys. It looks like our comfort is of the utmost importance for the 21st edition.

Speculation as to the addition of a shuttle stop in the Miami Beach area or the use of water taxis has already begun. Ultra has been quick to mention that this is only the “first wave” of transportation information, so stay tuned to Fresh Music Freaks for all things Ultra! Maybe we will get lucky and they will search prior to shuttle boarding for easy lines into the festival this year!

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