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Tomorrowland 2019 | Ready to Snag Your Global Journey Travel Package?

by TerraNova.Lov3

Global Journey Travel Packages for Tomorrowland’s 15 year anniversary are on sale Saturday January 19th at 11am ET

This Saturday, January 19th, is the day festival goers around the globe have been impatiently waiting for.  Pre-sales for the Tomorrowland 2019 Global Journey Travel Packages open at 11 am EST to those who have pre-registered.  I’ve personally been waiting for this day to arrive since my return from weekend two last July. Tomorrowland is truly a bucket list festival for electronic music lovers worldwide.

In case you missed it, 2019 is the 15 year anniversary of one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world.  Rather than celebrating with an unexpected theme, Tomorrowland 2019 chose a fan favorite from years past: The Book of Wisdom.  This holds a special place in my heart as an avid reader. There is nothing about this theme that I don’t love, and I can’t wait to see how Tomorrowland updates it for the anniversary.  

For those who aren’t “in the know,” Global Journey travel packages are the only way to securing a ticket to Tomorrowland without having the luck of the luckiest Irishman on Earth.  To say these tickets are hard to come by is a massive understatement. 250,000 attendees and tickets sell out in MINUTES. The good news is, if you are pre-registered for Global Journey, your odds get a bit better, even if your trip gets a bit more expensive.

I was one of the lucky Americans who managed to snag a ticket to both weekends of Tomorrowland 2018 aka Planaxis.  I ended up “yoloing” the second weekend due to a surprise announcement of one of my bucket list artists, Underworld.  It’s this type of surprise, along with 17 stages and the best production value I have ever seen that makes the Tomorrowland festival experience incomparable to any other.

Saturday simply can’t get here fast enough.  Good Luck fellow festival travelers! May the PLUR be with you!

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