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Tipper and Friends

Tipper and Friends Full Moon Gathering | The Return

by Erik Sisco

Tipper and Friends anyone? I bet my 4/20 plans are better than yours! That’s because I’ll be spending that weekend this year with 7,499 of my favorite people at my favorite outdoor music venue on the east coast.

Taking place from 4/19-4/21 at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park in Northern Florida, the Full Moon Return is one of the most exciting music events of 2019. Dave Tipper, while likely unfamiliar to many of our FMF readers, is a mainstay for fans of less conventional forms of electronic music. He is known best for his talented CD scratching as well as his cerebral production of immersive sound, which, when combined, take shape into remarkably different sounding sets. Tipper has a distinct sound and his fanbase is absolutely ravenous; solidifying his unique position within the larger electronic scene.

Aside from the 3 sets scheduled for the man himself, attendees can look forward to a 4 hour Slug Wife Takeover on Saturday, featuring Kursa, Seppa, K.L.O, and Reso. Also sure to excite many is a chance to brush their teeth with Psy-Dub legend Ott. Personally, the inclusion of Malakai on bicycle day (4/19) promises to be especially enjoyable (Click here to listen to my favorite Malakai release)!

Smaller, family festivals are always my favorites when it’s time to reflect on the past festival season. With ticket sales capped at 7,500 for a venue that regularly houses 3x as many attendees, this event will feel small and intimate. The Tipper and Friends family is very tightly knit and obsessed with their leader with a tenacity unmatched by most other followings. Those readers who think bassheads are crazy in their devotion should speak with some of the folks who’ve been following Tipper for 5 (or more) years.

This will certainly be one for the books!

Tipper and Friends

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