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This Week’s New Music Will Take You Through ‘Deep Space’ To A ‘New World’ Of Sound | Fresh Music Friday

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Armin van Buuren x Shapov – ‘Welcome Home’

After the resounding success of their 2019 ‘Trilogy’ EP, Armin van Buuren and Shapov join forces again to deliver a double offering of scene-thrilling proportions. Played by Armin van Buuren at the mainstage of Ultra Music Festival in Miami and during his mid-April show at the OVO Wembley Arena, the mainstage-tailored ‘Let’s Rave, Make Love’ and the super-melodious title track ‘Welcome Home’ soundtrack one of today’s most top-of-mind sentiments in a way that will resonate strongly with people from all over the world.

Maxim Lany – ‘Beast / Cyclone’

In line with the direction of his upcoming album, Maxim Lany heavily pushes his sound into a club dimension with ‘Cyclone’ and ‘Beast’. A two-tap release loaded up on peak-time potential, this dual offering is bound to make its mark on global club culture.

Showtek x LIIV – ‘Live In A Bubble’

Revered DJ/producer duo Showtek returns this year with ‘Live In A Bubble’, another highly-anticipated single featuring vocals from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter LIIV. The three-minute sonic journey begins with shimmering production elements, lulling the listener into a atmospherically heady daze with each passing second. The textured singing flows throughout the track’s entirety, and is eventually paired alongside a pulsating piano house beat. Rife with emotion from start-to-finish, the song details in-full the fragility of human connectedness and its intricacies — ‘love is a bombshell ready to drop’, and ‘we live in a bubble ready to pop’ is repeated throughout, effectively relaying this core message. Entrancing and rhythmic, the hard-hitting basslines and LIIV’s flawlessly-executed vocal performance round out the remainder of the infectiously enticing original production. In all, the collaborative radio-friendly dance-pop masterpiece serves as an exciting new addition to both prolific artists’ discographies.

Ramin Arab – ‘New World’

The Iranian Ramin Arab presents his come-back single on ZYX Trance under the promising title ‘New World’. It encapsulates his well-known heavy uplifting trance style. This track presents razor sharp bass lines, cracking kicks, acid touches and a long teasing breakdown, loaded to the max with epic synthy themes and punchy drum rolls that build tension until the beats strike back for a euphoric yet hard and uncompromising climax. ‘New World’ is a straight to the point anthem to satisfy trance addicts on ZYX Trance by the trusted Ramin Arab.

Ben Gold – ‘Liberation’

Another belter taken from Ben Gold’s upcoming studio album, ‘Liberation’ captures the essence of quality progressive trance whilst still resonating with modern dance floors. Driven by raw, sidechained bass and synths, this track is exactly the kind of sonic thrill trance-minded clubbers will want to supercharge their night with.

SNBRN x Freak On – ‘I Don’t Think You Do’

“Happy to say this one [‘I Don’t Think You Do’] is finally out of the vault. Started this back in quarantine when I would just go through acapella after acapella for hours over a beat. Been watching Freak On for years and sent him what I had. 2 weeks later we premiered it in Arizona at a show together and knew we had something special.” 


jackLNDN – ‘Deep Space’

Beyond the world of traditional production styles there lies jackLNDN’s latest single rhythmically twisting and turning in ‘Deep Space’. Melding percussive melodies with rolling basslines, we’re taken along on a journey of spacious synths and adventure as the single captures both the mind and soul of the wanderlust traveler. 

Dustin Husain – ‘Switch Up’

Dark yet uplifting, Dustin Husain’s long-anticipated debut release on A State Of Trance is simply overflowing with mainstage potential. From the charged melody to the raw synths, colossal beat drops and contrasting vocal hook, ‘Switch Up’ will have no trouble energizing the crowd.

Jonas Blue & Sam Feldt pres. Endless Summer – ‘Till The End’

Jonas Blue and Dutch DJ/Producer Sam Feldt have come together on a brand-new collaboration project called Endless Summer, which is set to launch, alongside their single ‘Till The End’. ‘Till The End’ will feature vocals courtesy of LA based artist/songwriter Sam DeRosa

Moussa Clarke & Terrafunka – ‘She Wants Him (Alex Sonata & TheRio Remix)’

Putting their hand to Moussa Clarke and Terrafunka’s 2008 release on Armind, Alex Sonata & TheRio delivered yet another stellar record to one of Armin van Buuren’s labels. Marrying the original vocals with techy drops and a melodic hook that oozes with uplifting character, this remix of ‘She Wants Him’ is the track fans will call for at mainstages across the globe.

THEMBA – ‘Izindlu Live (feat. Lizwi)’

THEMBA and Lizwi bring to light a live version of ‘Izindlu’. Helmed by ethnic percussion, soulful vocals and incredible piano chords, ‘Izindlu Live’ beautifully showcases the magic of great dance music.

Digital Farm Animals – ‘Streets Of Gold (feat. Kelli-Leigh)’

“I’m so excited for the release of my new single ‘Streets Of Gold’. The one took a lot of influence from the sound of deep house that I grew up loving and makes me think of the Summer! I hope it brings you good vibes too.”

Digital Farm Animals

Kai Wachi – ‘Eternity (feat. Calivania)’

Making his way into the release trenches once more, Kai Wachi continues his EP rollout with yet another subsonic offering. Teaming up with anonymous talent Calivania, the duo unleash a soul-rendering soundscape with the powerful single ‘Eternity’. 

French Braids x Lizzy Land – ‘Future High’

Fresh, upbeat and as addictive as a warm summer sun, French Braids and Lizzy Land’s Future High’ is the anthem of good times and living in the moment. Encouraging listeners to embrace the things that excite, inspire and already make life worthwhile, this sun-kissed track will make you dance without a care in the world.

R Plus – ‘U Disappear’

Oozing with soul across its duration, R Plus’U Disappear’ instantly makes for a peerless listening experience. From Amelia Fox’s wistful vocals to the gentle rhythm, organic flow and gripping, ever-evolving atmosphere, this track is exactly what repeat mode was invented for.


“I wrote ‘DISRUPTOR’ about the distinctions and attributes that I’m striving to establish as REAPER. I want to be remembered as a force that eternalized the drum and bass movement. The songs and stories I’m sharing are intended to create an unstoppable movement to bring people together.”


MYRNE – ‘Circles’

Singaporean producer and DJ, MYRNE, rounds off his string of recent singles with a brand-new EP titled ‘Circles’. A seamless reinvention of MYRNE’s approach to melody, texture and composition, results in a record that radiates joy and restoration in 2022.

Tidal Waves x Rosette – ‘Dreamer’

Telling a story of yearning, affection and devotion, Tidal Waves and Rosette’sDreamer’ is love at first listen. Pulling people in with its gentle piano twinkles and charming vocals, this is the kind of track you’ll treasure always and forever.

Fabio Neural x DJ Fronter – ‘Ding Dong’

Hot Creations welcome back Fabio Neural and DJ Fronter who join forces once again for their second release on the label titled ‘Ding Dong’. Following on from their success with the first release, the eagerly anticipated second drops in May.

nøll – ‘Afterlife’

“‘Afterlife’ tells the story descending into the deepest part of purgatory but still finding the path to redemption. Do we have a chance to change for the better or are we doomed to repeat our past mistakes?”


Vita V – ‘Inspiratu’

Renaissance debuts another rising Spanish star, Vita V, with a mammoth 5-track EP — ‘Inspiratu’. For an electronic label finding fresh, exciting talent is always a thrill. And with Vita V, Renaissance has firmly hit the jackpot. Another product of the burgeoning Spanish scene, Vita comes from a school of producers who constantly blur the lines between the edgier side of melodic house, indie dance, techno and electronica.

Nora Van Elken – ‘Satellites’

Producer/DJ Nora Van Elken brings a refreshing, feminine edge to the global dance music landscape. Celebrated from Stockholm to San Francisco and everywhere in between, Nora’s music inspires crowds from all walks of life. Back with a new electro-pop anthem, Nora Van Elken unveils her fiery new single ‘Satellites’ via Eternal Nights

Maglia – ‘Chouia’

Crosstown Rebels’ Rebellion imprint welcomes a debut outing from French artist Joseph Maglia, AKA Maglia. Co-founder of and resident at the Mykonos based Moni nightclub and studio, Maglia delivers the four track ‘Chouia’ EP that pays homage to sounds that have inspired him through his years in music.

Allegories – ‘Endless’

“There’s a moment during the making of an album where you don’t know if you’ll finish it. ‘Endless’ was riddled with these cynical epiphanies. It’s unavoidable when you’ve spent over half a decade tinkering away. But as we closed in on the finish line, there was a sense that this could be the last work you ever complete. That spurs the process on, giving urgency. If you spend 14 years between albums, you want to make every note count.”


*Featured image via Ramin Arab, jackLNDN, Maxim Lany and Showtek*

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