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This Week’s New Music Will Make You ‘Drift Off’ Into A Realm Where ‘Nobody’ Else Exists But You | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Talla 2XLC & Pulsedriver – ‘Technoclub Vol. 63’

It’s been 21 years since these two DJ legends met in the Technoclub series. Now it comes to the big rematch. Talla 2XLC and Pulsedriver mix ‘Technoclub Vol. 63’! What a hammer! Both are now hardcore streamers on Twitch and have developed strong synergies with new trance sounds to repeat their battle from back then! Look forward to ‘Technoclub Volume 63’! As a special gift there will be 2 keychains exclusively in this CD box! Almost 160 minutes of trance power with the finest beats of the scene, from Talla 2XLC and Pulsedriver for all Technoclub fans!

Noel Holler x Fedde Le Grand – ‘Tokyo Lights (feat. French Original)’

Returning to the release radar with a stunning collaborative release, flourishing German DJ and producer Noel Holler and renowned talent Fedde Le Grand collectively deliver a stellar sonic masterpiece in the form of ‘Tokyo Lights’. The dancefloor hit is a blend of both their iconic signature sounds mixed together to effortlessly cultivate an addictive pop-leaning hit.

Trance Wax – ‘El Nido (Skream Remix)’

Oliver Jones, aka Skream, has been at the leading edge of UK dance music for fifteen years. His versatility can be seen in his recent releases. Now he has remixed Trance Wax’sEl Nido’ for his first release on Anjunabeats, and we are delighted to welcome him to the family.

Shadient – ‘Crash / Roadworks’

Electronic mastermind Shadient is back with a double release of ‘Crash / Roadworks’. These releases are the final tastes of what’s to come from Shadient’s full length album, which is coming out later in the fall. Both ‘Crash’ and ‘Roadworks’ are fine testaments to Shadient’s superior sound design, and also show off his ever growing production versatility.

Jerro – ‘Subtleties’

Jerro’s newest single starts off with a tantalizing cinematic build-up. ‘Subtleties’ slowly unfolds into a massively melodic and hypnotizing soundscape, rife with layered instrumentation from beginning-to-end. Serving as the fourth lead single, ‘Subtleties’ rounds out Jerro’s debut album rollout, and takes listeners into the entrancing, downtempo world of the highly anticipated LP, ‘Coming Home’. The rapturous progression of the track captivates listeners and serves as another showcasing of Jerro’s masterful sound design. ‘Subtleties’ is an awe-inspiring, final look into Jerro’s debut album, and primes fans for its impeccable, highly dynamic sound.

Tommy La Croix † – ‘Requiem D’amour’ 

Providing a glimpse of what was to come from his debut LP offering, each of the lead singles showcased Tommy La Croix †’s musical prowess and keen ear for sultry downtempo productions. After stirring anticipation amongst his burgeoning fanbase, the Canadian artist finally unveils his long-awaited debut album, ‘Requiem D’amour’, out via Aquarius Records.

Doctor P x FuntCase – ‘Arcade Fire’

Getting back on the road has energised both Doctor P and FuntCase, their blistering b2b sets leaving venues flattened and the creative juices flowing. Itching to get back in the studio they’ve put the finishing touches on a visionary system shocker like no other – think Mortal Kombat meets Street Fighter meets Tekken in a smoke-filled neon Akihabara arcade and you’re not even halfway there. After crackin’ heads on dubplate for many years and building up a fearsome reputation, it’s creators have decided it’s time to unleash the beast. Beware, once ‘Arcade Fire’ is finally at large there will be nowhere to hide.

Rêve – ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL’

Today, breakout pop-EDM songstress Rêve unveils her latest track, ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL’, produced by Montreal production duo Banx & Ranx. Drawing inspiration from the heydays of 90s sophisticated Euro sound, the lyrically clever ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL’ arrives just in time as the perfect end-of-summer anthem. “CTRL + ALT + DELETE ‘EM. Ain’t got time for this on the weekend”. 

Cryan – ‘Forever Far Away’

You just can’t hold Cyran back. In difficult times, his sunny demeanour shines through. Combining a love of 80s classics, 90s pop and modern EDM with musical virtuosity and an infectious smile, he’s here to light up our lives and whisk us away to brighter climbs. Now it’s high time to reveal his destination — ‘Forever Far Away’. A place we all dream of, time for a break and a switch of pace with Cyran’s always distinctive take on future pop as the soundtrack. If like us (and millions of others) you’ve been yearning to escape the daily grind, hearing this you’ll be halfway to paradise already. If not, get yourself a ticket – the flight is boarding now!

Jake Bowen – ‘I Am Error (feat. Elliot Coleman)’

“I’ve known Elliot Coleman for 14 years and we’ve always wanted to work together on a song or project. Elliot has such a unique style and he’s fronted some amazing bands. We’ve been working on songs together for a really long time and nothing has really stuck until now – almost like we were waiting for the right time and the right song. Another cool thing about this track [‘I Am Error’] is that it was done completely remotely so for me it’s really special to see a song come together that way since I usually prefer working in person.”

Jake Bowen 

PLSMA x VLCN – ‘Pling Plong’

It is finally time to release the highly anticipated track ‘Pling Plong’ to the world — of not only dubstep, but all music lovers! Florida DJs and producers, PLSMA and VLCN, teamed up and produced their version of the 2007 Huey hit ‘Pop, Lock, and Drop It’. Believe it or not, it is the first track the two have produced together! This track is unique as it is for all bass AND hip hop lovers. It is a track for fans of all kinds to come together, forget about reality, and party. It brings nostalgia and chaos and is guaranteed to put you on your feet. It is undeniable that this track’s heavy bass, unique drops, and nostalgic pre-chorus will have you feeling madness — the good kind.

Astralwerks x Blue Note Records – ‘Bluewerks Vol. 4: Drift Off’

Astralwerks and Blue Note Records have released the fourth installment of Bluewerks, the iconic labels’ collaborative Lo-Fi series where downtempo electronica meets jazz-infused sounds. ‘Bluewerks Vol. 4: Drift Off is a calming collection that is a fresh reset for Fall. Arbour’sNear Dark’ sets the scene for this serene EP, which presents some of Lo-Fi’s latest and greatest artists such as Wun Two, Flughand, Ymori, SCayos, Mark Raggio and TV Culture. As we drift off into a change of season, let Bluewerks bring the coming Autumn months into focus with a sense of calm and hope.

John Roberts – ‘Nobody’

Beth Ditto’s voice is church-like. It’s an uplifting song. When I was a kid, I used to jump on a mini trampoline in front of the mirror to Janet Jackson and it just reminds me of being alone with yourself, spazzing, and dancing. It’s about showing the world that you’re kind of capable of things that they don’t expect. It’s having those moments alone with yourself where you kind of gain confidence, then bring it out to the rest of the world, and just being a little different, confident, and knowing there’s other freaks out there.”

John Roberts on ‘Nobody

*Featured image via John Roberts, Skream, Cyran and Fedde Le Grand*

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