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This Week’s New Music Will Have You ‘Dreaming’ Of Getting On The ‘Dance’ Floor | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Will Sparks – ‘Dreaming’

In ‘Dreaming’, Will Sparks flips the traditional concept of a rave anthem on its head. Combining pounding kicks, acid overtones, and expansive synths, the new release is an absolute dancefloor dominator from start to finish.  Whether you’re swerving alone under flashing strobes or surrounded by thousands of fellow partygoers, ‘Dreaming’ is exhilaration in its purest sonic form. The strength of Sparks’ latest release will come as no surprise to fans of the Australian mainstay, as he’s steadily built his reputation on artistic electronic visions and truly unapologetic beats. 

Ghastly x Lil’ Jon – ‘Dance’

“After a late night of raging with Lil’ Jon, we had a long conversation about house music, and that night planted the seed that grew into this track [‘Dance’].”


Ciaran McAuley x Clara Yates – ‘Anything’

The fact that Ciaran McAuley and Clara Yates have chosen to collaborate again so swiftly says as much about their studio chemistry as it does the singer’s storied song cupboard. With ‘Anything’, Ciaran delivers something primetime-facing, that has spirit to spare and a near boundless uplift to it. Through a song that speaks of a love challenged by both physical & emotional divides, Clara balances out that tone with just a hint of lament.  An impossibly touching heart-on-sleeve style trancer right here!

MxNxSTxR x DESTRUCTO – ‘All Of Me’

The house jam, ‘All Of Me’ is a co-production between DESTRUCTO and MxNxSTxR creating a fresh set of intoxicating melodies and basslines for the place where the two artists share their passion: the dancefloor.

Alison Wonderland – ‘Loner’

Astralwerks has released Alison Wonderland’s new album, ‘Loner’. ‘Loner’ captures the triple threat producer-singer-songwriter at her best; an exhilarating juxtaposition of lyrics and sound, it’s as bright as it is brash.

Elephante x SABAI – ‘Love Again’

“‘Love Again’ is a song about recovering from a broken heart and all the trauma that comes with it. It’s about climbing out of that darkness, and putting yourself out there despite the fear of getting hurt again.”


Lufthaus – ‘To The Light (Fideles Remix)’

Just as their debut release on Armada Music, Lufthaus’ second single ‘To The Light’ has incentivized a share of underground experts to showcase their remixing abilities, with Italian duo Fideles providing the kickoff. The pair have somehow dimmed the sonic light in the track itself by highlighting its more obscure elements and adding their signature sub-zero-fueled ingredients to make it a distinctly Fideles remix.

biskuwi – ‘Blind Man’s Labyrinth’

biskuwi creates musical elements that twist and wrap organically around each other, forming into a living and evolving being with a glowing soul. Finding a middle ground between distinctively melancholic and exotic, ‘Blind Man’s Labyrinth adheres to its own fierce independence, denying allegiance to any aesthetic or genre while the rolling beats keep you coming back for more.

Cosmo’s Midnight – ‘Bang My Line (feat. Tkay Maidza)’

A silken and smooth slice of West-Coast funk, ‘Bang My Line’ will transplant you directly to the hazy glitz of a palm-tree lined LA. A slapping bass line calls for a subtle head nod, as a falsetto of ooh’s serenade the chorus. Tkay Maidza’s unmistakable flow coolly enters to effortlessly match the energy drummed up by the twins, atop a pastiche of live instrumentation and an organic peachy beat. Today’s accompanying video, directed by Harry Scott, sees Cosmo’s Midnight grooving beachside. Walkie talkie in hand, Cosmo waits for a call from his crush. Tkay Maidza next appears as a stylistic vision, lime green eyeshadow matching a technicolour array of effects as she seamlessly delivers her verses.

Robbie Rivera x Cat Dealers – ‘Funkatron’

We were searching for a track to work on and create a new version of with a sound that’s more current. During our research, we stumbled onto this huge electronic music classic called ‘Funkatron’, which our label, Armada Music, very conveniently had the rights of. So we brought that idea to the A&R team and they told us to work on it. When we had our first demo, they sent it to Robbie Rivera and he liked it and approved it! We then managed to make multiple versions of the song to test in our shows, and it became the track we were able to test the most since the comeback of the shows. We are super excited about this track and the feedback from the fans has been amazing, both on the dance floor and on social media.”

Cat Dealers

Dillon Marinez – ‘Wormhole’

San Diego born and raised DJ/Producer, Dillon Marinez, today releases his latest EP ‘Wormhole’, out now on Dirtybird. Curated by Claude VonStroke, the compelling two-track project presents a dynamic soundscape showcasing the sonic duality of one of Dirtybird’s newest rising stars. The chaotic, high-energy sound of its titular track ‘Wormhole’ is instantly mesmerizing, while its companion ‘Facelift’ is a deep, rolling burner. 

WizG – ‘Don’t Wanna Need You Now’

Forging a sound rooted in nostalgic synth work and spirited sonic atmospheres, WizG has spent the past few years curating his infectious sound. Now, the LA-based artist emerges with his new dance-pop single, ‘Don’t Wanna Need You Now’. 

Hermitude – ‘Mirror Mountain’

Acclaimed Australian electronic duo Hermitude have unveiled their hotly-anticipated new album ‘Mirror Mountain’. An eight-track release, ‘Mirror Mountain’ was recorded at Angus’ home on the outskirts of the Blue Mountain town of Blackheath, just as the rest of the world went into lockdown. The pair opted for a pared-back setup of one synth, one laptop and a Moog Matriarch, attempting “not to over-clutter the music”. 

John Roberts – ‘Good Old Days’

“It was a dream to work with Babydaddy. He’s a great musician, as well as a producer and everything happened in a natural way. We both remember the East Village NYC in the 90’s and 00’s. There is a longing for that time that this song [‘Good Old Days’] hits on, as well as friends we’ve lost…a dreamy nostalgia.”

John Roberts

Two Friends – ‘Wish You Were Here (feat. John K)’

Featuring a vocal contribution from acclaimed songwriter and vocalist John K, ‘Wish You Were Here’ is an infectious installment to the Two Friends musical catalogue. The track dynamically weaves pop infused melodies with bouncing, dance fueled basslines to deliver a track sure to be on repeat.

Riotron – ‘Life Is What We’re Living (Mahalo Remix)’

Life Is What We’re Living’ is remixed by superstar DJ/producer Mahalo (who’s had two Billboard dance radio #1s), with an additional remix by electronic music icon Paul Oakenfold to follow this summer.

Philou Louzolo – ‘Senegal (AMÉMÉ Remix)

AMÉMÉ’s remix treatment of ‘Senegal’ electrifies Philou Louzolo’s already driving afro-fueled techno track. Maintaining close ties to other artists from the afro diaspora, his unique take on Philou’s single exemplifies his affinity to other artists in the African electronic space. 


“The ‘VISNS’ EP is more than just another project; it stands for a cause that’s greater than me. ‘VISNS’ is a body of work that’s supposed to help listeners dig deeper into their thoughts and make sense of the visions they have for themselves. In a dark time, I found my peace in writing music, stories with an audible addition to them. Each song on this EP is a story within itself, a story about the inner fight to find peace, the struggle with anger and fear, and the relief of finally letting go. ‘VISNS’ is a story about me finally finding myself and having absolute clarity about my future. 6 songs, 6 stories, 6 different feelings; that is what ‘VISNS’ is. I hope everyone who gives it a listen is able to feel what I felt when writing these songs and finds out just a little bit more about their own ‘VISNS’.”


Subjective – ‘American Gods (feat. Natalie Duncan)’

On ‘American Gods’, Subjective utilize present-day downtempo aesthetics and fuse them together with the 90s house-laden vocals of Natalie Duncan to create a track that perfectly sits across multiple decades. It embraces underground culture while remaining accessible to a wide audience, meaning it is undoubtedly set to become an album favourite amongst all.

Felix Jaehn x The Stickman Project – ‘Rain In Ibiza (feat. Calum Scott)’

Directly following his late February collaboration with TikTok trendsetters The Stickmen Project, ‘Rain In Ibiza (feat. Calum Scott)’, Felix Jaehn unleashes an official music video paired with the pulsating pop/dance anthem. Ushering listeners deeper into the track’s sonic journey through a visual experience, the three artists convey a riveting story using clips from the short film BELGICA, with creative direction from FNDM, the music and culture division of production powerhouse UNIT9.

*Featured image via Will Sparks, Ghastly, Ciaran McAuley and Alison Wonderland*

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