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This Week’s New Music Will Be ‘Your Light’ To Set You ‘Free’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

Claude VonStroke – ‘Freaks & Beaks Remixes’

“Just like our record label, this remix pack [‘Freaks & Beaks Remixes’] goes from thoughtful deep tracks to huge bangers and lots of places in between. There is something for all kinds of house music DJs in here.”

Claude VonStroke

Kryder – ‘Touching Skin’

Made in tandem with English producer Jay Robinson and Aussie songstress Nazzereene, ‘Touching Skin’ is Kryder’s next piano house bomb on Armada Music. Sporting silky vocals, thick bass and staccato-like chord stabs that rev up the groove, this track is the reason people continue clubbing till the first morning light.

Alesso x Zara Larsson – ‘Words (Remixes)’

Global phenomenon Alesso expands the sonic world of his hit single ‘Words’ featuring Swedish pop star Zara Larsson with a massive ‘Words’ remix package, out via 10:22PM / Astralwerks. The blazing EP boasts track reimaginings from Chapter & Verse, Sentinel, Arodes, and Majestic, plus Alesso’s very own VIP remix.

Mercurial Virus – ‘Ninmah’

ZYX Trance presents Mercurial Virus aka Darren Jones (well known for his D10 hard trance alias) with his stunning trance anthem — ‘Ninmah’. This track hits us with solid, driving beats, cracking kicks and aggressive basslines that incorporate a superb breakdown with opera style vocals, warm, sensitive, sensational piano chords and a synthy hook that bursts with energy during the massive climax. 

Fedde Le Grand – ‘Free’

Serving as a premier example of Fedde Le Grand’s immaculate production technique, ‘Free’ features a compelling ambiance paired alongside propelling bass and an alluring vocal cut. Playing on a continuous loop, Carlisle’s mesmerizing vocals take the vocal point, slowly building a rising tension before unleashing an infectious beat drop that oozes with uncontrollable groove. Crafted with the dancefloor in mind, the high octane production audibly boasts an enthralling ambiance, rife with a pulsating rhythm and intoxicating synth work. From start-to-finish, the sprightly offering infiltrates the ears, transporting listeners to a sonic soundscape. The certified club hit is sure to have dance music fans on their feet and on the dancefloor grooving in no time at all.

Mat Zo – ‘Colours (Fred Falke Remix)’

“I remember when ‘Colours’ came out, it sounded familiar and fresh at the same time. I wanted to retain that freshness while adding a touch of disco euphoria, 90s nostalgia – and a powerful baseline of course.”

Fred Falke

Tinashe x Snakehips – ‘Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight’

7 years after their single ‘All My Friends’ topped the charts globally, Tinashe and Snakehips have once again joined forces for new single ‘Who’s Gonna Love You Tonight’ — a full circle moment for both acts. 

Pablo Nouvelle – ‘Lovesongs & Sextapes’

A typical Pablo Nouvelle record, ‘Lovesongs & Sextapes’ is designed to dazzle. Using warm plucks, organic grooves and altered vocals to express a desire for meaningful relationships rather than superficial flings, this track will effortlessly charm its way into listeners’ hearts.

THEMBA – ‘Zombie (Herd Mix)’

Reprocessing parts from Fela Kuti & Afrika 70’s 1977 original, THEMBA’s Herd Mix of ‘Zombie’ instantly rouses the crowd with its jacked-up beats and iconic vocal shouts. Set for a spot on part two of THEMBA’s ‘Modern Africa’ album series, this track represents as much historic value as it is destined to become a modern-day dance floor staple.

Tensnake – ‘Fiesta Mágica’

Encouraging listeners to find a magical place of their own, Tensnake’sFiesta Mágica’ embodies the notion that everything is possible and limitations are non-existent. Spurred on by peppy piano chords, sun-kissed vocals and grooves perfect for dancing the night away, this track offers an escape to all your favorite places.

Don Peyote – ‘Kizuki’

“‘Kizuki’ was originally three, crazy Dubstep projects built with influence from different styles, i.e., Trap, Wave, Drum n’ Bass, all of that. I wanted to push the envelope further and really hone in on something special in this production, and you can feel that in the sounds!”

Don Peyote

Black Coffee x Ami Faku – ‘There’s Music In The Air’

Black Coffee has linked up with South African vocalist Ami Faku to reimagine legendary South African singer Letta Mbulu’s track ‘There’s Music In The Air’. Originally released in 1976, the single was one the most significant outputs of its time, symbolic of a time of struggle for freedom in apartheid South Africa.


LA-based producer, DJ, and label owner NGHTMRE has finally unleashed his proudest moment yet. May we present to you, ‘DRMVRSE’, the highly-anticipated audio-visual debut full-length album. 

Scorz – ‘Time To Waste / Circles’

Touching down on Armin van Buuren’s Armind label again, Brazilian producer Scorz delivers sonic magic in twofold. From the enchanting vocals and harmonies of ‘Time To Waste’ to the gliding synth pads and left-field atmosphere of ‘Circles’, this two-tap offering is best suited for infinite repeat mode.

Starkillers x Andrea Godin – ‘Alarma’

Starkillers and Andrea Godin set off the alarms with their new track, ‘Alarma’. This track screams with bold character, a sick vocal and blasts you with pure energy and is out via TerraTraxx

Golden Features – ‘Vigil’

A dark and meddlesome addition to Golden Features’ catalog, ‘Vigil’ is riddled with fluttering percussive accents, ominous vocals, and thumping basslines. Weaving his tale of sleep deprivation throughout, Golden Features continues to amaze with his unique ability to turn his personal torment into a mesmerizing and relatable earworm.

Ivy Lab – ‘Balaclava’

“‘Balaclava’ is the calling card for the whole project. It’s the centre ground amongst all the different cultural, emotional and sonic touchstones we’ve ended up navigating between across the LP. It’s sombre, uplifting, arrogant and needy all at the same time. She sings ‘I offer you my sweet devotion’ but I don’t think she really means it.”

Ivy Lab

GRiZ – ‘Your Light’

Continuing to show his lighter, more melodic side with the series, ‘Your Light’ harnesses GRiZ’s funk roots and minimalist sentiment. A stark contrast to this year’s previous dubstep-leaning releases, ‘Your Light’ flutters with airy guitar melodies, hazy vocal accents, and bright, bubbly synths before diving into a heady saxophone solo. ‘Your Light’ marks the first release off the latest edition of GRiZ’s iconic ‘Chasing The Golden Hour’ album series.

Giorgia Angiuli – ‘You Inspire Me’

Giorgia Angiuli’s You Inspire Me’ is where techno and old-school progressive collide. With evolving melodies, seductive vocals, hovering pads and enchanting harmonies, this release on Armada Electronic Elements ticks all the boxes of an underground staple track.

Will Joseph Cook x Tessa Violet – ‘Gummy’

Will Joseph Clark shares a collaboration with American viral pop sensation Tessa Violet on his single ‘Gummy’, taken from his third album ‘Every Single Thing’, released earlier this year via Bad Hotel / The Vertex.

*Featured image via Fedde Le Grand, GRiZ, Kryder and Giorgia Angiuli*

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