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This Week’s New Music Has Taken ‘Control’ And Is The Only Thing ‘On My Mind’ | Fresh Music Friday

by Guest Contributor

EDX – ‘On My Mind’

On My Mind’ touches on the catchy and most beloved side of EDX’s vast production repertoire, as Switzerland’s most successful electronic artist shows off his endless studio credentials to deliver yet another club banger, exuding excellence. Also make sure to check out the official music video for ‘On My Mind’. 

Talla 2XLC – ‘The Oasis (Metta & Glyde Remix)’

The Oasis’ by Paragliders aka Oliver Lieb is considered as one of the foundational tracks in trance history. Talla 2XLC managed to update the original perfectly and in 2022 the saga continues with a techy remix by Metta & Glyde on Talla’s remake. For 8 satisfying minutes, their version has all their usual strong elements of bouncy basslines, thunderous drums and a long luscious breakdown with piano chords, female trance vocals and a huge original melody that explodes out of the box and makes you scream instantly.

Armin van Buuren x Sam Gray – ‘Human Touch (Remixes)’

Pushing his recent collab with Sam Gray into a club dimension, Armin van Buuren has fans erupting into cheer with the highly anticipated Club Mix of ‘Human Touch’. From the energetic demeanor and rousing melodies of the electronic music icon’s alternate version to the mellow, complementary rendition of fellow Dutchman JLV, this two-part remix pack is set to wow the crowd with every play. 

Dom Dolla x Mansionair – ‘Strangers (Will Clarke Remix)’

Dom Dolla asked me to get on a remix for him and when I listened to ‘Strangers’ I loved the vocals. Dom’s version is perfect as a dance floor slammer so I wanted to bring a different approach, a little more melodic and a more of a journey throughout the record.”

Will Clarke

Sean Mathews – ‘A Sign To Hope’

After touching down on A State Of Trance and Armada Captivating in 2017 and 2019, Sean Mathews turns to Who’s Afraid Of 138?! to unleash his melodic brilliance yet again. Uplifting, empowering and ready to rumble across worldwide dance floors, ‘A Sign To Hope’ assures the global Trance crowd that there’s a lot more to expect from the talented British producer.

Low Steppa – ‘Your Dreams’

Sporting an irresistible summer vibe, Low Steppa’s Your Dreams’ had got to be among the most uplifting cuts from the U.K. producer’s expansive discography. Flaunting expressive piano chords, radiant vocals and a beat that provides just the right amount of punch, this track will be the star of beach parties throughout the coming summer season. 

AVIRA – ‘Change My World (feat. Sam Martin)’

A deep and brooding cut that instantly heightens the senses, AVIRA and Sam Martin’sChange My World’ is a track to truly get lost in. Coupling AVIRA’s atmospheric production aesthetic with Sam Martin’s soaring and distinct vocal tones, this record is a sonic journey fans will remember forever.

Armada Music – ‘Chill Executive Officer (CEO), Vol. 14 [Selected by Maykel Piron]’

Cultivating dance music of the most soothing nature, volume 14 of the ‘Chill Executive Officer (CEO)’ album series offers just the right sonic blend for winding down from busy times. Including chill tracks from the likes of AÏA, Chicane, Eli & Fur, Joachim Pastor, Kidnap, Stereoclip and more, this eighteen-track selection makes a precious moment out of every second spent listening.

SNAILS – ‘Everybody Move’

“‘Everybody Move’ is a song that goes way back to the OG SNAILS sound growl. It’s been such fun playing with old basslines of mine that I owed my vomit squad a song like that. I love the movement of the bass and the sub and it’s been something that I feel gives such a unique grooviness to the style of music. The hybrid genre of the track blending heavy hip-hop drums with horn melody added on top of that weird “snaily” synthesizer really brought back SNAILS original style from when I started.” 


Darin Epsilon x Galestian – ‘RESET’

The Marbs led sublabel of Desert Hearts will be releasing a new EP, ‘RESET’, which features an original collaboration from Darin Epsilon and Galestian, as well as remix from Fur Coat and Evan Casey and Marbs. The project finds the outfit furthering its 2022 approach to broaden the sonic direction of Desert Hearts Black – exploring the far reaches of the expanding world of melodic house and techno.

Felix Cartal x Elohim – ‘Nothing Good Comes Easy’

Felix Cartal’s new indie-dance track begins with a pulsating bass paired alongside a hushed vocal cut courtesy of Elohim. Her profound lyricism tells the story of two strained lovers striving to fight for the love they share with one another, perfectly brought to life through a plethora of hard-hitting bass drops. Emotionally charged throughout its entirety, it effectively pulls at the heartstrings of the listener leaving one wanting even more sonic magic from the inimitable duo. Overall, ‘Nothing Good Comes Easy’ is a prime release set to kick off the new year, and serves as a noteworthy standout track for both artists.

Luke Garcia – ‘Ecro’

Luke Garcia is a man who needs little introduction. Although 2022 will see him celebrate a decade in dance, he’s one of the few artists who arguably turned the pandemic to his advantage with a discography that went into overdrive; ‘Innervisions’, ‘Tau’, ‘Borders Of Light’ and ‘Sum Over Histories were all added to the enviable CV over the past 2 years and now the peerless run continues with the ‘Ecro’ EP on Renaissance.

GONE – ‘Control’

“I made this track [‘Control’] in a hurry the night before a live performance that I played at Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. It describes this inapprehensible feeling when you abandon yourself to an evil and mechanical techno beat.”


Feather x Sintra – ‘Let Go’

Let Go’ immediately invites listeners into a sultry, diaphanous sonic atmosphere with Luma’s emotive vocals taking the focal point. The breathtaking vocal cut is directly paired with propelling production sensibilities, providing an irresistibly addictive melody, exploding with a hooking beat. The captivating offering’s carefully crafted soundscape and Luma’s graceful vocals position the single for dominating the charts and taking over as a dancefloor pleaser. The flawless addition to Feather and Sintra’s discography serves as an alluring fusion of their respective signature sounds, proving their undeniable talent.

Karmacoda – ‘The Remixes’

The Remixes’ EP takes the deeply emotional ballads found within KARMACODA’s work and transforms them into rhythmic hits and rolling basslines that blur the line between retro and contemporary. With each track taking a startlingly different turn, we’re exposed to all the nuances of house music while maintaining the core passion that came with the original songs.

Lufthaus – ‘Sway’

“This project [‘Sway’] has been months in the making, keeping us busy in the studio throughout the pandemic, so we’re delighted to now be releasing the first single with Armada. We’ve purposely kept Lufthaus unrevealed, so we’re looking forward to releasing more music and revealing more material over the coming months.”


Mason Maynard – ‘Somethin’ For Tha Underground’

Manchester mainstay Mason Maynard makes a highly-anticipated return to Hot Creations this February. Providing the five-track ‘Somethin’ For Tha Underground’ EP, two leading vocalists feature on the release in the form of legendary MC talent General Levy and American singer-songwriter Hadiya George.

NAZAAR – ‘Shadows (feat. Louiejayxx)’

Shadows’ is NAZAAR’s collaboration with Texas-based duo Louiejayxx in the form of a heavy-hitting bass track that is certainly not for the faint of heart. Opening with cinematic and ominous notes underneath an eerie vocal riff, NAZAAR quickly ups the ante with stabbing synths and bone-shaking bass lines that endure for the rest of the track. ‘Shadows’ is named appropriately, conjuring images of dark and nefarious places in the twilight hours — you never know what is lurking just out of sight.

Will Joseph Cook – ‘Little Miss’

“I was with my friend Eric Radloff and I had just got a Nintendo Switch. We both love that world and I was rediscovering a lot of wii/gamecube beats. I had been doing this thing on social media where I would take classic Nintendo soundtracks and write melodies and lyrics to them. I wanted to do something with the same cute, jazz pop sound from those games. We were both just texting each other little ideas in that vibe. Eventually we landed on the chords and from there the entire song and lyrics came very quickly after. I had been away from my girlfriend for a good chunk of time, there was beautiful sunny weather outside – so I just walked around my garden and house, pulling words from what I felt around me.”

Will Joseph Cook on ‘Little Miss


Fresh off the release of their Fabled Records-released EP ‘RAVE GAME’, Asian-American EDM duo BEAUZ reveals the playfully trippy visuals for the single of the same name. Featuring previous collaborator NINEONE, the ‘RAVE GAME’ video is filled with neon colors, cats, candy, talking heads, and more.

*Featured image via EDX, Metta & Glyde, Will Clarke and GONE*

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