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The ‘Reality’ Is That This Week’s New Music Will Give You An ‘Afterglow’ | New Tunes Tuesday

by Guest Contributor

David Guetta x Bebe Rexha – ‘I’m Good (Blue)’

Global superstars David Guetta and Bebe Rexha join forces on anticipated new single ‘I’m Good (Blue)’, out on What A DJ licensed to What A Music / Parlophone. ‘I’m Good (Blue)’ combines Bebe’s soulful vocals with euphoric piano chords and infectious dancefloor energy. Rexha and Guetta first began working on this song five years ago, and after generating this serious online buzz it is finally now ready for an official release.

deadmau5 – ‘XYZ (NERO Remix)’

XYZ’ — the latest single from world-renowned electronic musician deadmau5 — has received a remix treatment from NERO. For their rendition, the U.K. trio trim down deadmau5’ fast tracking synths and driving beats instrumental to a five-minute edit incorporating sweeping and ethereal elements.

Siskin – ‘Nobody Loves Me’

Siskin once again manages to pull off the impressive feat of burying ‘Nobody Loves Me’s floor-ripe production power deep beneath the surface of the track. Only after multiple spins does the propulsion of its beats, subtly percussive loops, and surging bass fully penetrate its evocative upper atmospheres.

SLANDER – ‘Before Dawn’

“When we sat down to make the album one of the things that was most important to us was having the space to actually try something new. ‘Before Dawn’ is a new transformation and we are extremely excited to share it. In our opinion it is polar opposite to our typical sound and this is why we love it so much. We have been getting great reactions to it during our live sets, and we can’t wait to see where this new path takes us. Let’s enter the dark.. together.”


Jauz x Ship Wrek – ‘Reality’

Jauz and Ship Wrek team up for tech-house thumper ‘Reality’,  releasing via Spinnin’ Records/Musical Freedom. ‘Reality’ is the third single from Jauz’s upcoming ‘Block Party’ EP of high-energy tunes meant to be rinsed live.

Alan Fitzpatrick x Reset Robot – ‘Space Dust’

Almost solely constructed with ‘90s hardware, Alan Fitzpatrick and Reset Robot’s Space Dust’ is akin to ‘Lotus’ in both sound and provenance (Devon Analogue Studio). Driving the space theme home with tremor-like kick drums and an ever-evolving synth melody, the track wastes no time in bringing about sonic carnage of a cosmic magnitude.

Jean-Michel Jarre – ‘BRUTALISM’

Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre reveals his brand new single ‘BRUTALISM’. It is the first track to be taken from his 22nd studio album ‘OXYMORE’. ‘BRUTALISM’ is an unashamedly banging techno track that wouldn’t sound out of place at Berghain, the iconic Berlin club and the temple of the genre.

Map.ache – ‘IZA’

German DJ and producer Map.ache has dropped new single ‘IZA’, out on CircoLoco Records. A hypnotic deep house cut, ‘IZA’ pairs melancholic synths with plaintive vocals for a sound synonymous with the revered Giegling Collective

GRiZ x LSDREAM – ‘Funkonaut’

Multi-instrumentalist and producer GRiZ has teamed up with LSDREAM for their new collaboration ‘Funkonaut’. First teased last December at GRiZ’s inaugural Space Camp, ‘Funkonaut’ is one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year. A beautiful blend of GRiZ’s iconic funk-inspired sound and LSDREAM’s unique brand of space bass, ‘Funkonaut’ lives up to the hype surrounding its release.

KH (Four Tet) – ‘Looking At Your Pager (CLIPZ Remix)’

“I’ve always respected and loved Four Tet’s music, so to have the opportunity to remix something [‘Looking At Your Pager’] he’d done was a pleasure.”


Matroda – ‘Hazy’

Matroda dips back into moody waters on his latest single, ‘Hazy’, a tantalizing house track clocking in as his seventh appearance on the Insomniac Records catalog. 

Dante Klein – ‘La Musica’

With a Latin heat that will set the dancefloor alight, Dante Klein’sLa Musica’ is the perfect soundtrack for a summer of fun. Like the warm glow of the setting sun, it will evoke a moody atmosphere and have you on your feet in no time, whether you’re sipping cocktails at the beach club or simply feeling the sand between your toes.

Curtiba – ‘The Dice’

When Curtiba rolls ‘The Dice’, the world tends to listen, with David Guetta, Afrojack, Hardwell and the best ears online leading the applause for the Italian producer. Its hungover vocals, swigging from a glass half full, typify the track standing for life’s unpredictability as well as providing a slogan for ravers on a mission. The music itself is tech house sneaking and snaking on the low, cyclical with no small amount of scientific precision, featuring climactic builds and raising the stakes for the dancefloor with plenty of agility.

ISOxo x FrostTop – ‘Angels Landing’

ISOxo and FrostTop link up on their first joint release, ‘Angels Landing’, a transportive and cathartic single that disembarks as part of the eighth season of releases from NIGHTMODE.

Bob Moses x Kasablanca – ‘Afterglow’

“A few months back, we met up with the Kasablanca guys at our studio in LA. We’d just finished ‘The Silence in Between’ and didn’t have any plans to jump back into finishing new music so quickly. It was a very creative couple days and the end result was ‘Afterglow’. We’ve been testing it out it in our club sets over the last month to great reactions and we’re stoked to get it out into the world.”

Bob Moses

*Featured image via Jauz, Ship Wrek, Bob Moses and NERO*

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