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The ‘Power’ Of This Week’s New Music Is A Real Life ‘Miracle’ | ICYMI Monday

by Guest Contributor

Mauro Picotto – ‘Back To Cali (Talla 2XLC Remix)

The trance scene will never be what it is today without the huge influence of the Italian maestro Mauro Picotto and his label BXR. One of his strongest tracks ‘Back To Cali’ from 2002 attacks the global dancefloors again in 2021 thanks to trance legend Talla 2XLC who adds his current full on straight to point hard uplifting sound to make the original relevant for the current trance movement. It has all the right elements and guarantee signature of Talla 2XLC to win your hearts and become an instant summer success at the download portals.

Armin van Buuren x Davina Michelle – ‘Hold On (Club Mix)’

Supercharging his recent collab with the incredibly talented Davina Michelle, Armin van Buuren applies his signature Club Mix treatment to the empowering ‘Hold On’. Overflowing with atmosphere and suspense, this Future Rave-inspired rendition is a sonic thrill that knows no equal.

DT8 Project – ‘Hold Me Till The End (Ferry Corsten Remix)’

Fourteen years after its initial release, DT8 Project’s Hold Me Till The End’ is getting the remix treatment from none other than Dutch Trance guru Ferry Corsten. Spearheaded by the classic vocals and sanguine chord progression, this contemporary rendition is where nostalgia meets dance music’s modern standard.

Mark Sixma pres. M6 – ‘Elements II (Mixed by Mark Sixma)’

Five years after setting the scene ablaze under his M6 alias with the first ‘Elements’ mix album, Mark Sixma delivers the second installment of the series [‘Elements II’]. Reflecting the calm and soothing characteristics of water as well as its phenomenal power through tracks such as ‘Aqua’, ‘Never Forgotten’, ‘Elemental’, ‘Crash’ and ‘Bad Dreams’, ‘Elements II’ is sure to catapult Trance fans onto the crest of the wave.

Cosmic Gate – ‘Vertigo’

Cosmic Gate’sVertigo’ tilts clubfloors into deep sonic trance, with underlying techno echoes spiked throughout. No towering highs or nadirs – just a DJ tool, master-crafted – start-through-finish – for maximum tension. Sleek and minimal, lean and linear, it’s hallmarked by floor-charging sub-riffs, big horns, bigger booms and a mass of warp. Built with a brilliantly tense and anticipatory sense, ‘Vertigo’ develops a Cosmic atmosphere unlike any before it.

Andrew Rayel x Robbie Seed – ‘Blue Roses (feat. MaryJo Lilac)’

After lighting up the world with the incredible ‘Stars Collide’, Andrew Rayel and Robbie Seed are sending the global Trance crowd into raptures again with another flawless offering. Featuring the angelic vocals of MaryJo Lilac on a powerful production packed with emotion and euphoria, ‘Blue Roses’ is the kind of record that gets you goosebumps all over.

Super8 & Tab x ANG – ‘Asylum (feat. MRKTS)’

Finnish duo Super8 & Tab deliver a top-tier track that’s sure to resonate with their fan base. With a splash of collaborative production magic from Mexican duo ANG and the vocals of MRKTS soaring over the uplifting melodies, ‘Asylum’ will have the minds of listeners reeling in no time.

Aimoon – ‘Radiance’

The proverbial light in the dark, Aimoon’s cloud-piercing debut single on A State Of Trance ticks all the boxes of an evergreen crowd favorite. Led by luminous melodies that keep getting brighter and brighter, ‘Radiance’ is that gorgeous track the entire Trance world will take a shine to.

Wax Motif – ‘Thank You (feat. Kaelyn Behr)’

Thank You’ speaks to the LA-based artist’s versatility within music, having produced a wide swath of sonics ranging from hip-hop to underground. He has established his wheelhouse in house music compositions like ‘Thank You’, but has ultimately cemented his roots with great success and notary in his own cultivated bass house subgenre, coined “night bass,” where Wax Motif soars as the phoenix above the rest.

Brando x Kiesza – ‘Out Of My League’

“‘Out Of My League’ is one of my favorite records I’ve made so far. It was created in such an organic way, and I feel like the tracks I make that way tend to be my best. Avedon, Cody and myself really wanted to work on a tropical themed dance song that took us back to the days of not being in quarantine and the feeling of sitting on the beach in Belize sipping margaritas under the Caribbean sun. By pure luck, Kiesza – who is Cody’s good friend – was in town and wanted to stop by the session just to say hi. But instead of that, she hopped on the record, wrote a second verse and added a ukulele, miraculously making the whole record even better by turning it into this amazing duet. I think our fans are going to love it, so I can’t wait to hear their feedback.”


SLANDER – ‘Love Is Gone (Alok Remix)’

SLANDER has released the third in a new series of ‘Love Is Gone’ remixes, with this one coming from Brazilian musician, DJ, and record producer Alok. Spotify’s #170 most listened-to artist in the world brings international appeal to the next ‘Love Is Gone’ remix.  Here find Dylan Matthews’ gorgeous vocal surrounded by a refreshed upbeat tempo and playful melody.

Nitti Gritti – ‘Moshpit / Comin For Ya Neck’

Maintaining momentum through an onslaught of releases through the entirety of 2021, Nitti Gritti celebrates the release of his next heavy hitting double-single ‘Moshpit / Comin For Ya Neck’ featuring star studded collaborative contributions from DJ Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal), IVORY and JoeB. With both tracks packing quite the punch, both maintain distinguishing elements that highlight the best from their respective key collaborators.

Crystal Skies x Micah Martin – ‘We Got It’

Opening with driving guitar power chords paving the way for Micah Martin’s vocal lead, ‘We Got It’ weaves the assortment of electronic and alternative rock elements into a cohesive, dynamic delivery. Harnessing the key tenets of Crystal Skies signature sound, all angles of the track precede a suspenseful build that ultimately explodes into a breakdown of expansive, euphoric bass music.

Pandhora – ‘Euthymia (Lauren Mia Remix)’

Opening with glittering guitar melodies, Lauren Mia’s remix of ‘Euthymia’ directs the original mix to a driving delivery of progressive house that brims with character and dynamism. Through eclectic chords and steady bassline, the remix is a glistening addition to Lauren’s eclectic catalogue that spans the realms of both progressive house and ethereal, melodic techno.

Like Mike – ‘Lipstick’

Like Mike was inspired to write ‘Lipstick’ as a POV piece from a modern-day influencer, detailing who this woman could be and what her life might entail through an eclectic dance song.


Laden with driving percussive elements, ‘POWER’ kicks off with a mesmerizing chord progression fused with vocal interjections before turning the energy up a notch. Following an intense buildup, a deafening drop ensues and the track explodes with driving 808s and raucous energy. From start to finish, ‘POWER’ brings the heat as the tune perfectly exhibits the explosive styles of both SAYMYNAME and Softest Hard.

Zen Dub – ‘Enigma’

Zen Dub follows the success of his two earlier albums with the highly anticipated album ‘Enigma’. Aptly named, ‘Enigma’ is a collection of tracks that, like the artist, are hard to put in a box. Part electronic, part world-music, part meditative, the album pulls influences from Zen Dub’s world travels with a sound that distils the nature of adventure and exploration, both outwards and in.

Kito – ‘Steal My Clothes (LP Giobbi Remix)’

Boundary-breaking producer and Piano-House Queen LP Giobbi has created a darkly infectious, pulsating remix of Kito’s new single, ‘Steal My Clothes’ featuring Bea Miller, released via Astralwerks.

Saint Punk – ‘Ouroboros’

“The ‘Ouroboros’ to me represents a never ending cycle. Writing this album felt like Groundhog Day, waking up only to repeat the same events the day before. Some time has passed since I’ve written these songs though and the ouroboros also has come to represent new life for me. That’s how I choose to see it now. A neverending force of momentum, pushing and pulling, grinding against the grain, to be born into something worthy of the effort. Something with purpose. It’s everything I experienced and felt in 2020, from anger to sadness to euphoria, depression and more. It’s basically a journal put to music.”

Saint Punk

Matsu – ‘R U With Me’

Matsu has translated his shrewd mixing prowess into his production project. The bubbling beatmaker has unveiled his ‘R U With Me’ single to earmark his forthcoming debut EP of the same name via the label he runs alongside DJ Craze Slow Roast Records

Westend – ‘Life Of Sin (feat. Ranger Trucco)’

At the end of the week, Westend is returning to Insomniac Records with his latest creation, ‘Life of Sin’ featuring fast-rising sensation Ranger Trucco. ‘Life Of Sin’ is a dark, thrill-seeking tech house record telling the tale of an all-night jaunt of two ravers embracing their club addiction all the way through sunrise. The up-and-coming lyricst/producer Ranger Trucco flexes his vocal talents to chronicle the late-night shenanigans over a fiendish groove.

Maxi Meraki – ‘Insane World’

Enter the ‘Insane World’ of Belgium’s Maxi Meraki – actually it’s not as crazy as that, being a deep melodic roller, but the faintly somber vibe in deep concentration, provides ideal salvation for a recovering clubbing community. Ethereal vocals strike out to apply a short sharp shock to the system, an almost out of body experience adding to the calm travelling of synth projections and withdrawn piano harmonies. The comfortable drifting makes Meraki’s world an ideal chill-out target, while the unfolding low key drama demands the edge of your seat.

Mats Westbroek – ‘Miracle’

Built on an oasis of calm – the imagery of a lone hilltop saxophonist holding a model pose is immediate – the positive vibrations of ‘Miracle’ shimmer and smoulder with the sun in its sights. Mats Westbroek perfects the balance of chilled house to kick back to and suspending the dancefloor in a perfect moment. As the horns drift into vapour, gentle but sure pianos back warm keys, and nostalgia is paired with an understated assertion – spacious on top, with ample drive beneath. An essential dawn chorus.

*Featured image via Cosmic Gate, Wax Motif, Brando and Kiesza*

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