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The ‘Message’ Of This Week’s New Music Will ‘Save U’ | New Tunes Tuesday

by Guest Contributor

HALIENE x Markus Schulz – ‘Metamorphosis x Butterfly’

“I have a lifelong obsession with butterflies. To me, they speak of transformation; where once we crawled on the ground, one day we will fly above in brilliant color. On the ‘HEAVENLY’ album I deal with pain and loss quite a lot and this song is the reminder that everything is temporary. For those we’ve lost, while you may have had to say goodbye for now, one day you will fly alongside them. While you may feel everything in your life has burned to the ground, she continues, just look at the butterfly. They go through a life-threatening process, and they come out the other side truly transformed, alive and able to fly. ‘Butterfly x Metamorphosis’ [with Markus Schulz] is the story of this transformation, and the euphoric release of ‘HEAVENLY’. A celebration that we can be anything we dream of, if we are willing to become who our dreams call us to be.”


David Guetta x Bebe Rexha – ‘I’m Good (Blue) [Cedric Gervais Remix]’

Celebrated DJ and producer Cedric Gervais has remixed the David Guetta and Bebe Rexha #1 hit  ‘I’m Good (Blue)’. A euphoric, big room take on ‘I’m Good (Blue)’, Cedric Gervais’ remix ups the dancefloor credentials. A world-conquering track, the original hit the top spot in the UK singles chart after being added to the A-list of  BBC Radio 1.

Malaa x DJ Snake x Yung Felix – ‘Deep’

Enigmatic, balaclava-clad producer Malaa connects with frequent collaborator DJ Snake and Dutch artist Yung Felix for a sweltering electronic tune titled ‘Deep’. The single is true to its name as a low, propulsive bassline underscores club-igniting house percussion and soulful vocal chops atop the mix. It’s a fitting output from three production masterminds joining forces and makes for an exciting teaser of Malaa’s long-awaited debut album: ‘Don Malaa’.

GRiZ – ‘Chasing The Golden Hour, Pt. 4’

A collection of vibrant major key synth-work and playful brass melodies, ‘Chasing The Golden Hour 4’ continues to showcase GRiZ’s lighter, more melodic side across nine dynamic tracks. Harnessing his funk roots and minimalist sentiment, each track ebbs and flows with an undeniable finesse. It’s through this series that GRiZ truly emphasizes the blues and jazz references that flutter throughout his catalog.

Lamorn – ‘Message’

“Throughout all the traveling I did last year I learned a lot about myself. It was not always easy, and I started struggling with anxiety. I was able to get it fairly under control with more experience and the right mindset though. ‘Message’ is a song I wrote to serve the purpose as a message to myself to keep that mindset. I hope it can do the same for someone going through something similar in the future.”


Francis Mercier x Like Mike – ‘Speed of Light (feat. Darla Jade)’

Acclaimed Haitian DJ/producer Francis Mercier joins forces with legendary Belgian producer Like Mike and UK songstress Darla Jade on ‘Speed of Light‘, an incendiary track poised to light up dancefloors and airwaves everywhere this fall.

juuku – ‘save u (feat. Ryan Nealon)’

Electronic music producer juuku is joining forces with singer-songwriter Ryan Nealon on ‘save u’, a heart-shattering single pulled from the official ‘Lost In Dreams 2022’ festival compilation. 

Egzod – ‘The Way Out (feat. Bertie Scott)’

Continuously dominating the dance music scene with power hits and fresh collaborations, Egzod once again astonishes fans with the new track, ‘The Way Out’ featuring skillful vocalist, Bertie Scott, via Spinnin’ Records

Wreckno – ‘EZ’

“‘EZ’ is without a doubt the hottest Wreckno track to date! It’s all about being the baddest version of yourself and channeling all of your inner hot bitch energy. I hope this track makes you wanna shake your ass as much as it does me!”


Luca Lush x Oski – ‘Gangsta’

Luca Lush and Oski join forces on their new collaboration ‘Gangsta’, a volatile, shapeshifting bass single slated for release on Bassrush Records

Chace – ‘Mariya’

Chinese electronic producer/singer-songwriter, Chace releases the brooding track ‘Mariya’ off his forthcoming debut album. ‘Mariya’ continues to tease the overall mysterious tone of the album. It contains a mood rendering and psychedelic inducing tonality. On ‘Mariya’ Chace does it all. He arranged the music, wrote the lyrics, and sang and produced it.

EVAN GIIA – ‘Momentum’

EVAN GIIA makes good on her promise to release a new “classic EG banger” with ‘Momentum’, out via Astralwerks. Produced by MEMBA, her longtime production partners, her new single is a rousing call to keep pushing forward in the face of obstacles.

*Featured image via juuku, Lamorn, HALIENE and Markus Schulz*

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